How to wear adhesive bra

Adhesive bras are basically the sticky bras with adhesive embossed on their cup to support your boobs and stay firm for quite a long period. The front clasp helps in keeping your breasts together.

And you can flaunt some raunchy and scintillating dresses with such bras on. Hey, no straps to worry about the pop-up and you can reveal that wild side with your bulging cleavage.

Here’s how you can wear the adhesive bra with sexy backless dresses and be a head turner effortlessly.

Clean and dry

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Make sure your breasts are clean and dry before putting on the adhesive bra. Sweaty base can slip your adhesive bra and makeup for an uncomfortable experience if you’re planning to step out for a fancy soiree. So, pat your boobs dry and sprinkle some talc to feel fresh and clean.

Put the adhesive bra on

Ensure that the adhesive bra is carefully removed from the package and peel away the stickers from the cups o try them on your breasts. Also, you must read what kind of adhesives are being used by the bra manufacturers.

You will find such details on the package itself and it will help you give an insight on whether or not your breasts support such adhesives.

Do not moisturize your boobs before wearing adhesive bra

This is perhaps the killer mistake almost every woman makes when wearing adhesive bra for the first time. Keep in mind that such bras come with its own sticky adhesive coating on either side of the cups.

To avoid wardrobe malfunctions and discomfort of bra sliding through your breasts, moisturize your boobs post wearing adhesive bra.

Ditch the itch

There are times when you find an extremely fashionable and fancy dress, however, you pick up just any adhesive bra to go with it.

There are several brands in the market that cheat women customers at large by banking their trust on cheap quality that comes with low cost.

Trial and error policy works here, but we would suggest you to always read before you make your purchase. If irritation and itch continues post wearing adhesive bra, ditch it.

Find your perfect angle

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To rock the glam evening, it is important to feel comfortable in your skin. To ensure this, you must feel every inch of the adhesive bra with your hands and hence, put it at a perfect angle to define the shape and flaunt your cleavage.

The front clasp allows you to detach each cup and fit them perfectly at a time. So, don’t rush, right angle is important to achieve or else your breasts will sag.

Don’t peel it away hastily

We know the feeling of liberating your breasts and letting them breathe. However, it is not ideal to peel the covers of your cup suddenly.

Clasp it open, and remove each cup gently to use it again. Don’t forget to wash the adhesive bra once you undress. It must be hand-washed sine they are quite delicate and needs gentle care and handling.