SPF for hair? – Yes it is important

Sun Protection Factor has become an essential element in our daily skin care and makeup products, particularly because of the increased level of depletion of the protective Ozone layer.

Depletion of this layer has facilitated passage of harmful sun rays into the earth; hence your skin and every other part that is exposed to the sun rays needs coverage.

Using SPF on the skin is something that majority of the wise people in India has accepted, but SPF for the hairs is still a new concept. However, the time has arrived when people should start realizing that just like their skin their hairs also needs protection from harmful sun rays.

Just like it is vital to use a sunscreen with adequate SPF on your skin before going out to the sun to save it from sun damage, using a UV protective product on your hairs is equally important, for the same reason.

Is it necessary only for colored hairs?

This is a very common question that comes up in the mind of most of the people, when they are suggested to use a sunscreen factor on their hairs. If you are donning colored hairs, keep in mind that the UV ray is working as the primary cause to dull your hair color.

So, the sun protection is necessary only for the colored hairs? The fact does not lie that way. Even for hairs that are not colored, extreme exposure to sun rays can be highly damaging. It can dry out the hairs, resulting into hair fall.

UV rays are also capable to bleach your hairs, which can result into premature hair greying. Thinning of hairs can also be triggered due to exposure to the sun.

So, it is not only your skin that needs protection, it is also your hairs that need coverage and no matter if you have put on colors on your hairs or not, using SPF on your hairs can be effective to control hair damage caused due to sun rays.

When I need to use it?

Just like your SPF lotion for the skin, you can use the hair care product with sun protection factor every time you go out to the sun.

When you are planning to be on the beach for the whole day or in an exposed area where you will get the sun for long time, using a hair care product that gives protection from sun damage is necessary.

You can always get the coverage by using a hat or a scarf, but if that is not very feasible, using a protective sun coverage product on your hairs is important.

What is the difference between sunscreen for hairs and sunscreen for the skin?

Well, as far as the concept is concerned there is no difference between the two. The both types of sunscreens are formulated with the objective to provide coverage against harmful sun rays. However, the difference lies in their formulation.

The sunscreens for the skin cannot be ideally used on the hairs due to their textures and there is also huge difference between the needs of your hairs and your skin.

Many top-notch manufacturers of the hair care products that provide sunscreen protection name the sunscreen factor as keratin protection factor, because that seems to be most expressive about the purpose of the product.

How to choose the right SPF/KPF product for your hairs?

There are some products that are formulated just for giving your hairs UV protection and shine; and at the same time there are products that will clean or condition your hairs and will also give it coverage against harmful sun rays.

The concept is very similar to that of the SPF used on the skin. There are sunscreens that primarily protect your skin from sun rays; and there are also other products including the BB creams and foundations and concealers that give sun coverage along with other particular functions.

So, just as you choose your SPF for skin depending on the time of exposure to the sun, you also need to pick your UV protection product for hair depending on the length of time you are planning to spend under the sun.

If you have colored your hairs, going for a UV protective element rich shampoo, conditioner and finally following up with a UV protective gel or mist is best suggested. At the same time, for people who are already experiencing sun damage on their hairs opting for maximum protection is vital.

But, if there is no sign of sun damage on your hairs, you can easily opt for a hair serum or spray that can offer sufficient UV coverage, every time you go out to spend long hours under the sun.

Currently a number of hair care products with UV protection factors are available in India. Here is a list that will help you to pick the product that you need,

L’Oreal Paris EverPure UV Protect Spray Rosemary Mint

L'Oreal Paris EverPure UV Protect Spray Rosemary Mint

This anti-fade system from L’Oreal Paris comes with strong UVA and UVB filters, which ensures that your hairs are completely protected from the harmful sunrays no matter how long you spend under the sun. It is a lightweight formulation which does not weighs your hair down and it is free from sulfate and hence will not impact your hairs adversely in any way.

Professionnel Expert Serie – Solar Sublime Mexoryl S.O UV-Protect Balm

Professionnel Expert Serie - Solar Sublime Mexoryl S.O UV-Protect Balm

This moisturizing formula contains UV filter that protects the hair fibers from exposure to sun. It nourishes the sun damaged hairs and restores the natural moisture level eradicating the damaging effects of the sun rays. It softens the hairs and leaves them shiny and lightly scented without weighing them down. The protective balm needs to be applied to the washed and towel dried hairs.

TRESemme Climate Control Finishing Spray

TRESemme Climate Control Finishing Spray

This hair spray is formulated with climate control complex which gives your hairs the always needed coverage against UV rays, humidity, wind as well as static electricity. This unique formula comes with keratin and UV inhibitor which ensures that your hairs are covered from the damaging sun rays. It makes your hairs healthy and vibrant.

PhytoPhytoplage Protective Beach Spray – Maximum Sun Protection

PhytoPhytoplage Protective Beach Spray - Maximum Sun Protection

This protective and hydrating hair spray is formulated with UV filter and anti-UVB polymer which ensures maximum coverage against sun damage. It comes with olive oil extracts which helps in moisturizing your hairs and also protects them. This product is ideal for color treated hairs and it leaves hairs shiny, healthy and supple.

Kerastase Soleil Huile Celeste Shimmering Protective Care Unisex Spray by Kerastase

Kerastase Soleil Huile Celeste Shimmering Protective Care Unisex Spray by Kerastase

This protective care spray does not only keep your hairs protected from the harmful rays of the sun but also adds a beautiful shimmering effect to them. It enhances the luminosity of your hairs through its macadamia oil enriched formula. It gives protection against both UVA and UVB rays and is a perfect product for sensitive and damaged hairs.

Rene Furterer Sun Care Protective Summer Fluid (Waterproof, KPF 90)

Rene Furterer Sun Care Protective Summer Fluid (Waterproof, KPF 90)

This protective fluid has been formulated with Keratin Protection Factor of 90 to offer a persistent protection to your hairs. This product effectively blocks out the UV rays and gives maximum care to your hairs. The product is formulated with sesame oil which protects hairs from dryness. The pray is completely non-greasy and it does not weigh down your hairs.

Keune Care Line Color Brillianz Conditioner

Keune Care Line Color Brillianz Conditioner

This nourishing conditioner formula is perfect for color treated hairs. It regulates the natural balance of moisture in the hairs and also provides it broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It combines Sun Flower Seed extract which neutralizes the free radicals and prevents the hair color from fading. The product gives you silky smooth and shiny hairs.

Banana Boat QuikDri Sport Body & Scalp Spray Sunscreen Spf 30

Banana Boat QuikDri Sport Body & Scalp Spray Sunscreen Spf 30

This body and scalp sunscreen is hypoallergenic and oil free and can efficiently work as your one stop sun protection solution for your body and scalp. This product is ultra-sweat proof and dries out within fraction of second. It is water resistant and unscented.

Keune Design Shaping Fibres

Keune Design Shaping Fibres

This formula not only keeps any hairstyle in shape while giving it flexibility but also offers effective sun protection. It comes with DLP2 which gives double protection against UV rays.  Apart from that it also combines orange fruit complex for protecting hair and pro vitamin B5. It will leave your hairs radiant without adding any weight to them.