What is the right age for pregnancy?

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In previous days women used to get pregnant at a very young age say around the age of 20 to 25 years. There are also examples where women get pregnant at the age of 18 to 19 years. You must have heard about women giving birth to 10 to 12 babies. Since they start delivering their first child at a very young age, it becomes quite possible for them to withstand multiple pregnancies. But, getting pregnant at a very young age is not even good for health. Even it is a cause of increased in population. Today, people cannot even think about having more than 1 or two babies. The maximum they can go to the extent of 3 babies. Even the age of getting pregnant has increased due to rate of literacy and business in schedule.

Complications during pregnancy

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Women with older age say around 35 to 40 years gets a lot of complications while giving birth to the baby. Even the chances of getting pregnant becomes lower when the age of the lady increases as the fertility rate becomes quite low as compared to the ladies between the age of 25 to 30 years. Several journals have been published worldwide to report the child bearing age of the lady. Even the age plays an important role in reducing and increasing complications during the pregnancy period of a lady.

The researchers at the royal college of Obstetrician and gynecologists have conducted research to maximize the chance of fertility in women even if the age limit is higher at the time of pregnancy. In many cases it has been proved that the number of mothers with the age range of 40 years have given birth to 27,000 babies in the last year.

Perfect age with life cycle of fertility

The perfect age of women to get pregnant is dependent on the life circle of fertility. According to the doctors, the secured age of getting pregnant is within the age range of 20 to 35 years.  Women who have crossed 35 years of age will face trouble 6 times more than those which the pregnancy with 10 years younger ages.

It has been viewed that, it takes more than a year for a woman with age limit more than 35 years to get pregnant. Even, the researchers have found out that woman with an age range of late 30s and early 40s face a lot of complications such as:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Pre- eclampsia

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Thus, it becomes really difficult for them to have a child in a normal deliver procedure. Those ladies generally have caesarean child.  You can now find some interesting statistics with regards to male fertility and its influence on female pregnancy. Along with female, male fertility also starts declining after 25 years of age. Thus, a male with the age range of 40 years takes 2 long years to get his partner pregnant. Thus, every woman must be aware of the facts related to surrounding fertility which will provide information about what is the perfect time to get a baby.

Getting healthy babies at the perfect age

When the child bearing female becomes aged to give birth to the baby, it does not only affect the mother, rather the health of your baby also gets affected. Today, the average age of women getting pregnant is between 30 to 40 years. Since women have become quite careerist, they provide more emphasis to their career than family. Thus, planning a baby also gets late.  It is ideal for every lady to get pregnant when they are under 35 years of age.

You can now get a healthy baby when complication during the pregnancy is less. Even the older women suffer from life risks at the time of delivery. Proper support from the very beginning must be provided by the doctor as well as family members at such age. The facts about fertility are very important to know as people hardly have such mind to understand its importance. Awareness about the perfect age of the lady to be pregnant must be inculcated today through forums and reviews. Health care facilities are also providing good scope for women and couples to know the perfect age to bear healthy and sound baby.


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Pros and cons at different ages of pregnancy

Pregnancy at ages 20 – 24

At this stage, these are most fertile years and your periods are regular. Most of the women have regular periods and some of them are ovulatory. But, it doesn’t depend upon you to conceive exactly when you want to. The average women at the age of 20 – 24 years old has a 20 percent chance each moth of getting pregnant. If they have unprotected intercourse, then there may be chances to get pregnant.


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Your blood pressure will probably check at each prenatal appointment, even though most women in their 20’s have only a small risk of hypertension during pregnancy.  But most of the women at this age are likely to be pressurized more on her marriage than in other parts of her life, like her job, adding a third person into her life which is difficult to accept the mix up.

Risk factors

Miscarriage is the most common risk factor during these ages. This is because your eggs are still relatively young, your baby is much less likely to be born with a birth defect such as Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. Infants there may be disorder that are born to women in their 20s just because those in this age group have more babies and women past 35 years are offered screening tests that may elect to terminate a pregnancy in which the fetus has a birth defect.

Pregnancy at ages 25 – 29

During this age, pregnancy is somewhat risky, but you can continue if you exercise and maintain a balanced diet. It also helps you to get body back in shape and more quickly than a less fit woman might. Your 20s are more likely to be at optimal fitness and make delivery and postpartum weight loss easier. Long term health issues like breast cancer and ovarian cancer can be decreased during the 20s. The hormonal changes during ovulation can stimulate the ovaries and breasts every month. It can raise the risk of cancers.

Risk factors

During this period you’re more likely to work life,  your married and relationship with your husband may can handle the changes. There are 10 percent miscarriages slightly higher than for women five years younger. There is a chance of delivering a baby with Down syndrome that are 1 in 1250 and there’s a 1 in 476 chance of having a baby with any chromosomal abnormality.

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