How to lose weight with lemon and cucumber

Beat the heat with something that will not only leave you refreshed, but will also shed some weight! Lemon and cucumber are two amazing ingredients which can be combined or used individually for reducing weight. The classic recipe is known to detox your body and flush out toxins. They are amazing to taste, so you will have less to complain as well.

How to make lemon and cucumber drink?

Health benefits of lemon juice

This recipe will full one pitcher of cucumber and lemon water.


  • ½ lemon sliced thinly
  • ¼ cucumber thinly sliced
  • Water
  • Ice

Take a pitcher and then add the sliced lemon and cucumber. Add the water followed by ice and let it sit in the fridge for some time. Pour the drink in a large wine glass and then sip through. This recipe is more for relaxation as it helps boost immunity.

Benefits of this drink

  • When you quench your thirst, you add water to your body which keeps you hydrated. This is directly proportional to having the right body temperature, maintaining proper cardiovascular system and cleansing toxins well. This alternatively helps all of your organs to work better. Now when you add healthier substances, with water, you simply double up the effect. Cucumber has its own water content which keeps your body hydrated anyway. When you consume cucumber water added with lemon as well, it simply makes an amazing drink to keep you hydrated!
  • After you have got the initial benefit of hydration, one glass of cucumber water can help you reduce appetite. Overeating at times when you are not hungry makes you gain instant weight. It also leads to sluggishness and can get you natural cycle imbalanced. When you think you are hungry, that too at odd times, try to replace consuming solids with a glass of fresh lime and cucumber water. This might help you deal with the hunger better and also reduce the amount you’d have consumed initially. Save yourself from unwarranted meals for a week and see how your body boosts up!

Health benefits of cucumber

  • Both cucumber and lemon have antioxidant properties which detoxify the body and fight the free radicals. Help your body flush out toxins which leaves you with a hydrating effect. The catch about proper detoxification is that it has to be continued overtime. You cannot help your body stay clean without avoiding food which adds more toxins to your body. This way you are letting toxins in on one hand and out on the other. This will not reduce the toxin content, if not increase. Regular maintenance is the key to having a better body!

Lemon and cucumber can be used separately for obtaining the same results! Lemon can be consumed through salad toppings, plain lemon water, etc. On the other hand, cucumber can be made into salads, which you again add up with lemon dressing or simply have them raw. You can make cucumber soup and cucumber smoothies as well. This simply means that both these wonderful ingredients can be incorporated in different ways. When you have more options to try, you will not get bored of consuming these ingredients.

Try to include a glass of lemon water in your daily diet, so that you start feeling good every morning. A glass of lukewarm water can be added with lemon and a little bit of honey or cinnamon for better results. Drink it up and then consume breakfast. Include fruits and salads in your diet, which will have the usage of cucumber in either of them.

When you have decided to work on weight loss, it is very important to understand that weight loss isn’t that easy to obtain. Overweight people will have to work really hard in trying to reach a goal as fast as possible. When you want to alter beverages with healthier drinks like this, when you want to leave butter and bread and shift to salads instead, these have to be accompanied by the consumption of proper diet all through the day. This alternatively means that you must start some exercises and change small things which add up to a lot by the end of the day!