How to lose weight with lemon and warm water

Drinking warm water added with lemon, every morning, reduces palpable weight. This has been stated and proved by professional nutritionists. This fact works for real and is not a myth, but it can only workout when you have other alterations in your lifestyle along with it. It addition to the properties which provoke the weight loss process, lemon water is known to reduce the toxins of your our body. This quickly cleans out the internal dirt and adds energy. Having lemon water in the morning activates the detoxifying process of your body, and that in turn works like a natural cleanser. This works in proportion, which is why the more water you drink the weight loss process speeds up.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

Health benefits of lemon juice

  • There are quite noticeable differences after drinking lemon water, and that has been proved time and again. The reason is pretty easy to understand too! First of all, the blend of lemon in warm water brings in natural elements which don’t have additives or preservatives. This is the healthiest form of drink you can give to your body, rather than buying soft drinks and sodas. Lemon is natural and has no calorie, on the other hand, it helps in cutting down of the calories, and aids to the weight loss process. The natural juices you make with fruits have calories in them but you can add lemon water for a year and get no calorie added! The absence of calories and breaking down of fat cells makes weight loss possible, with this easy blend of lemon and water.
  • Lemon and water are known to help you cleanse your body better. If you colon isn’t cleaned there will always be a lingering waste which builds up over time. This can lead to worst conditions like colon cancer! The buildup of waste is known to add more weight to your body. Drinking the magical potion of lemon and water every morning, can smooth your bowels. Thus, you are sure to lose some weight by removing the lingering waste. Lemon water balances the digestive system. It reduces the possibilities of diarrhea and constipation and promotes bowel functions.
  • Another benefit towards weight loss and this drink is the fact that it reduces hunger pretty well. There is pectin fiber in this drink which helps you curb your appetite. If you have tried beverages like coffee and tea, to curb your appetite, switch over to lemon water and see the difference. You also don’t add any amount of calorie, which you would with any sort of beverage. Thus, with this property of cleansing your colon, lemon water reduces hunger pangs and reduces weight!


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It is important to drink this remedy every morning, in an empty stomach. This is the best way to extract the favors it will do to you.

Get up in the morning and go to your kitchen. Take a fresh lemon and then cut it in two. Squeeze out the juice and then add lukewarm water, which is warm enough for consumption. Brush your teeth after consuming this, since lemon needs proper mouth cleansing to be followed. You should not eat anything for the next 30 minutes if not more!


  • It is very important to realize that the process towards weight loss will be slow.
  • It has to be added up with more activities, to give you faster and longer lasting results.
  • It is important that you do not eat anything within the given time after consumption, because the remedy will not be that effective.
  • Keep fresh lemons so that they are as acidic as they should be. This promotes the reason you are consuming it for. The fresher the lemon, the healthier it will be.
  • Try to exercise at home, after you have consumed that drink. This will speed up the weight loss process.
  • You need to understand that without alteration in what you eat and how you exercise, there will be less or more effect with this lemon water remedy.
  • Try to add honey or cinnamon with this remedy for doubling up the effect!