Hidden dangers in artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are quite harmful for individuals in all age groups. Some people cherish the benefit of artificial sweetener as they provides sweetness without increasing calorie intake. But, there are many controversies related to this issue. There was a thought that, artificial sweetener discovered back in the year 1878 causes cancer. But, thorough research is carried on and at the end of the year 2013, the declaration came from the European food safety organization that, the sweetener does not causes cancer and is safe for intake. Even after that there were many facts and figures related with the artificial sweetener.

Harmful effects of the artificial sweetener

Trick for taste bud

As compared to the natural sweeteners, the artificial sweeteners are much sweeter. Even the diet sugar, sucralose and other brand such as Splenda are 600 times sweeter than those of natural ones. Even the Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than those of normal table sugar. Since your taste buds are exposed to such a high level of sweetening effect, coming back to natural way of sweetening will be a great problem. Even your taste buds will be less receptive to the sweetness of natural fruits. You will be obsessed to consume more of highly sweet artificial products.

A mess for hormones

Hormones are really essential in each and every step of body functioning. If our body hormones do not work properly, the whole procedure of our body function will be disrupted. When an individual tastes a sweet food item, body releases insulin even if the food has zero calories. This will even give rise to blood sugar spikes. People develop craving for the sweet products. If you are consuming artificial sweetener in a regular basis, this will prevent production of GLP-1 in your diet. This is the only hormone that controls level of blood sugar in body.

A trick to gut

According to one of the renowned PhD professor, Susan Swithers, guts of individual gets confused when an individual consumes zero calorie products with super sweet variations. A signal is sent to the gut that some high calorie is on the way. Gut anticipates and assumes it to be high calorie product. But since those are not having high calorie, the expectation of gut does not meet. Naturally, gut is unable to utilize the food efficiency, which in turn affects the hunger symptoms of the body.

Over eating

The high sweetening affects the caloric intake of human body. Since the food items having high calorie are very sweet and are quite dense in the consistency. But, the artificial sweetener are having thinner consistency by are very high in sweetness. This is how people increases intake and develops calories unknowingly.


Top natural sweeteners & sugar substitutes

According to the number of studies, diabetic patient are increasing in every single minute around the world. Today, people have become so much heath conscious that they will only go for calorie free items. The no calorie drink can also give rise to diabetic in an individual. Some people also suffer from overweight.

Genetically modified

Artificial sweeteners are one of the ways of including genetically modified crops in food. Some of the artificial sweeteners are made from the corn, sugar beets as well as Soy. These three crops are genetically altered.

Pollution to water

According to the researchers dealing with pollution awareness, artificial products are effective in spreading environmental pollution. A Swedish researcher has also detected pollutants in municipal water suppliers due to the spread of artificial sweetening products.