How to lose stubborn belly fat and get in shape?

Are you worried your trendy clothes no more fitting you or tired of that weighing machine showing you the same old weight figure?

Belly fat is always in your mind – right from picking up clothes to colors to hide your real you.

Your body is what you eat and what you are.

This article on how to lose stubborn belly fat to get in shape should definitely surface the minute mistakes we contribute to get that fat settled deep down in our abdomens and stomach.

Sagging stomachs are a serious no-no – I have myself starved hard to get that belly fat out my body. I always looked for quick fixes and would like to share few to help you lose few inches in less than a month.

Let me take you a way deep in to the topic – visceral fat (stomach fat) – can create chaos to your hormone system resulting diabetes type 2, heart diseases and other metabolic syndromes.

The subcutaneous fat accumulates in your thighs and hips. It’s not that easy though but need to keep few tips and tricks locked into your brain for the win.

Loose stubborn belly fat and get in shape

Drink warm – Not just green teas – you need more!!

Best foods to cut the fat from body

Start drinking warm water in the morning as you wake up and use a therm flask for the rest of the day.

The warm water session ultimately works to clean those pipes within in your stomach and eventually melts fat settled down in the gut.

Warm water works like an incentive to cut that belly fat session without having to do much.

Walking and working-out tips

Cutting off that fat sitting in your belly is so easy with the 30-min walk every morning empty stomach. Wake up early, drink some warm water and clean your gut and out for a walk.

This no matter what, will help you in a big way with big results. Start your working out session with just 5 effective workouts. Exercise every alternative day with specific yoga postures that works most on your belly fat.

Working out on different and many exercises may not give that rub on your fat sticking to your belly. Stick to 5 yoga postures/exercises for a week and keep changing them every week. You learn more eventually losing more.

Play smart with foods

Don’t all of a sudden cut on sugars, carbohydrates, and fats disturbing your insulin-glucose levels thus increasing your food cravings all day. Stop starving or dieting they tend to disturb your hormones.

Stop cutting on foods instead add powerful foods that will help you burn excess calories.

  • Have loads of honey and Jagger if you have sweet tooth and do not want to cut sweets from your diet – say no to sugar. Honey and Jagger would speed up the belly fat melting process.
  • RICE with bran – unpolished rice like parboiled or brown rice is loaded with good carbs, proteins and nutrients. So no more compromising on rice. Include a lot in your lunch and try to eat your lunch in between 12 pm – 2 pm for easy digestion.
  • No Trans fat; as they tend to expel loads of calories even if you work-out everyday the calories are so much in excess they eventually tend to settle as fat in your belly leading to saggy big tummies.
  • Include more protein in your plate. 50% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fibre and vitamins, 10% fats.

Healthy digestive track

Healthy tips to reduce weight fast

Make sure the roads between your food passages starting from mouth to excretion are clean.

The cleaner is your gut – more the bowel movements – the healthier you are. If this works then you no more have to follow strict diet rules and work-out like an animal. Work smart – cut off belly bat from roots with these super foods:

  • Cabbage, cauliflower and bottle gourd everyday would do the trick.
  • Turmeric works best to slay that stuck belly fat. Add a teaspoon full to your curries.
  • Black pepper works wonders.
  • Add cumin to your curries to increase your fat burning metabolic rate
  • Ginger tea

It is your belly guys make sure you keep it as clean and simple as possible. Don’t mess up with digestive tract with clogging and indigestible snacks, chips, beverages and carbonated drinks and foods.