Makeup tips for dusky skin – dark skin makeup tips

People with dusky skin are little jealous about the fair skin which they have not inherited. Rather they always envy people with white skin tone. Even while putting on makeup they need to think about the tips and procedure that will suite them the best. This task is entirely done by the makeup artist who has been working with experience to give a perfect look to ladies.

But, today technology has become so advanced that people with dusky skin can easily make themselves beautiful with the wonderful makeup. There are some very simple and effective makeup tips that will even make the ladies with dark skin tone look attractive.

When the world woke up with the extraordinary face of the ramp beauty with whitish complexion, the demand for models with dusky skin has increased. They have a peculiar type of makeup and the facial layout through which people can be attracted.

If you have the dusky skin and are looking for the types of makeup tool kits and how to use them. Then here are the steps explained in a simple way to enhance your looks.

Choosing for the right skin shades and colors for the dusky skin will bring great attraction to your tone.Is your tone is dusky think you are lucky, dusky skin tone people are less affected by acne and its related problems.

On the other hand any kind of  makeup shades and attire will look great on you. Turning yourself extraordinary can be done with the help of perfect make-up.

If your skin is dusky, you are lucky again as you can choose many make-up options. But one thing you need to know about is: Using the shades in the perfect combination with the help of tips.

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When people have admitted the fact that even dark ladies can be beautiful, they have made the attempt of bringing the beauty back to its profound identity.

The shades of makeup for dusky people will be quite different as compared to that of fair ladies. Since all types of makeup and colors are not for them, they need to be really choosy about the type of makeup.


While choosing the foundation dusky skin people need to choose the one Match the foundation which is close to their complexion. Similar to a liquid foundation or a cream coloured foundation.

Never hang with louder, dark shades will not match you. Avoid the heavy base of foundation and also the light shades which will show your dark skin as exaggerate. A foundation near to your skin always makes the skin to look even.

The individuals with dusky skin tone should also have smooth finish. Foundation is a wonderful option to make your face smooth and beautiful in the first go.

Choice of right color foundation is an important consideration over here. Some of the foundation can also make your skin tone pale and ashen. The complementing the skin undertone will be an important consideration when it is about the foundation.

If you want to create an enhancement in your dark skin tone, the light color must be chosen to highlight the same. There is variety of foundation that has a cream base as well. You can choose among such variety.

Use of concealer

Types of makeup foundations

Every individual may not have a similar skin tone; rather there might be uneven skin tone. The concealer helps in a wonderful way to make the skin tone uniform.

If there is any type of discoloration of the skin, this can be removed with the help of a concealer. Since you have a dark skin tone, in order to make the dark skin tone neutralize, go for a bright color such as red or orange. But, it is also important to set it light with the use of the loose powder.


Dusky skin texture person better not to jump from the powder application.  In the case of oily skin apply translucent powder with the  help of a large powder brush.

Blush to simple

For blushing, light, simple and cool colors are good for the dusky skin. Go for pink, dark orange and coral kind of blushes, these will be a great choice.

Few persons feel like their blush is going off, if you are that category then apply a cream based blush before going for actual blush.

For the people with the dark complexion of skin, the light colors cannot go well. Thus go for the dark colors. If you are going to highlight your cheeks, go for pink or dark orange blush.

You need to test whether the shade of the blush is showing over the skin or not. If you can see this is not creating effect, go for the crème blush. Since the individuals with dusky skin have already the brown shade, you should certainly avoid the types of brown shade over the skin tone.

Colors to lip

The best lip shades that suits for dusky skin tone are wine, red, plu, brown and burgundy. Stay far from the pale colors they really don’t add you charm. For the extra shine add lip gloss over the lip color.

Eye shadow

How to apply eyeshadow

Dusky skin complexion people have more number of choices while it comes to eye shadow colors. They can prefer navy blue, copper, bronze, brown etc. Simply try a metallic golden shade with the help of some dark shade base, it will make your eyeshadow to look great.


Shaping in the thin way is exceptional for the dusky skin. Ensure the eyebrows are shaped well which helps the eyes to look deeper.

The shape of your eyes must be highlighted when you are going to create a makeup. You should also go for the bright color eye shadow as the smoky eyes looks really beautiful with the individuals who have darker or dusky skin tone.

Some of the eye shadows that will suite them the best include burgundy, copper, dark purple and green. You can also choose the color according to the dress that you are wearing.


If your skin complexion is dusky, black or blue colored eyeliners are good option to select. In making the eyes attractive and highlighted thick lines play a major role. Avoid applying kajal.

Nail coloring

As like the makeup shades, dusky skin tone people better not to choose a dark color while applying to nails. Use colors such as shiny bronze, cool green and purple etc, these will match to your dusky skin texture.

Hair coloring

While going to hair coloring follow the same restrictions as dark shades. For the  dusky skin tone cherry, garnet and burgundy colors will suits precise.


Lipstick is an important part of the facial makeup which makes the lips highlighted. Even over here the choice of the lipstick color will be an important consideration.

If you want to create a glam to the looks of individual with dusky skin, go for the burgundy shade or that of the maroon color. The brown color shade with dark tinge will also be really attractive.

The glossy lip color will be much more attractive as compared to the matte finish variety of lip color. If your lip color is not so glossy, it will be preferable to apply a lip gloss over the matte lipstick.

You must try to create a natural look while applying the makeup. It becomes really unnatural and artificial when too much white compact or foundation is applied over a lady who has dusky skin tone.

You can speak to a makeup artist in order to know the actual tips for a natural look when makeup is applied on an individual with dusky skin tone. Ladies would absolutely look like a diva in a ramp or a party when the natural look makeup tips is followed.

Whether the fair skin lady applies makeup or not it might not make much different to her skin tone. However, there will be correction over spots, uneven skin etc. But, lady with dusky skin has to go a long way to stay beautiful.

The makeup tips for dusky skin people will be quite different as compared to ladies with fairs skin tone. The components such as base makeup, liners, eye shadow, blush and much more must be chosen and applied keeping in mind about the dark skin tone. This article will discuss few tips on it.

Base makeup tip

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When you are starting the process of makeup, the most important part will be the base. This is the foundation on which the whole makeup of the dusky skin people will stand.

When you are applying the foundation, choose the color that goes with your skin tone. Apply it over your forehead, cheeks other portions to make it even.

Highlights to skin

If you want to make your dusky face lighter in appearance, it is better to use a lighter tone highlights over your under eye area, cheeks and nose. These are the portions where reflection will fall and the whole face will get a natural finish. Also apply dark color bronzer around the line of your face that is darker tone than your face.

Blending concealer and highlights

Now you can use the blender within your makeup brush and blend the portions where you have applied light highlights and dark color bronzer. Once the blending is done, you can see a different look of your face.

Loose face powder and blush

Apply blush which is not too light but has a darker finish such as maroon or dark gold. Now use the loose powder to give a natural look to your face after applying the blush.

Your skin tone will become absolutely even with your loose face powder and the foundation makeup applied. You also need to use a good eye shadow and liner to eye light your eyes after this.