Makeup and dressing tips for job interview

Facing a job interview can be fun if you can handle it in the right way. However, probably, you will not agree with me if you are going to be in your first job interview. The first job interview seems scary to most of us, but in reality it is nothing more than presenting yourself, your qualities and thoughts in the right way. When you are going for a job interview, your dress and your makeup actually has a lot to say. A perfect dress coupled with a perfect makeup can help you feel more confident which does really matter in every interview you might ever face in your life.  Apart from that, the way you present yourself also speaks a lot about your personality and nature and hence getting that perfect appearance for an interview is vital. Here are some makeup and dressingtips for you that can give you the perfect interview look to win your dream job

Makeup tips

Types of makeup foundations

Keeping it light and natural and yet perfect should be your mantra for aninterview day makeup. You should not try out anything new with your makeup when you are going for a job interview. Always take more time to complete every part of the makeup with perfection; because that is what matters most.


The foundation is vital for evening out your skin tone. However, you should not put up a heavy coverage foundation that can give you a party look on the day of your job interview. Use a light foundation that only evens out your skin tone and add a natural glow.  If you have a naturally beautiful skin without much skin imperfections, you can even skip the foundation all together and opt for a BB or CC cream instead to get a very natural look.


Concealer is surely one of the most efficient products for any makeup enthusiast who knows how to use it. Use a light coverage concealer that matches perfectly with your skin tone and use it to hide any unwanted spots or marks on the skin. If you have dark circles, using the concealer properly around the eyes, without adding up heavy layers, is vital to get that fresh look.


You can actually go completely without eyeshadow if you feel confident. Otherwise, opt only for a light dose of natural or nude shades and never add up any heavy or bright colors. The glitters and shimmers are also a strict no.


How to look beautiful without makeup

Do not use your liquid eyeliner on the day of your interview even if you are a pro at it. Forget any colorful eyeliner. Use a dark black eye pencil to make a thin line over your eyes.


Wear a light coat of black mascara and this will make your eyes prominent and lively. However, do not overdo it because you are not looking for a dramatic look here. Just a single brush of good mascara will be sufficient.


Adding a light tone of a nude color blush above your foundation or BB cream can give your skin a healthy glow making you look fresh. However, if you do not use a blush normally, and you are not confident about it, better skip it. If you are confident about using a blush then go for a very light tinge of powder based or lightly creamy blush.


Use only nude and pastel colors on your lips when you are going for a job interview. You need not to line your lips separately; just fill in the lips perfectly with a natural color that matches nicely with your skin tone.  Also opt for a matt finish lipstick and not for a gloss.

Dressing tips

The right attire for an interview often depends on the particular industry in which you are going for the interview. So, check out if the company has any particular dress code. If you do not find anything like that, which is most expected, opt for being slightly overdressed rather than showing up looking casual.  Keep in mind that your attire on your interview adds to your interpersonal skills and it can help you to make a perfect image in a new environment. Whatever you decide to wear on your job interview it should be a proper fit on you; not a very loose or a very skinny one. The dress should be in a good condition, clean and well pressed.

  • If you are comfortable and confident in suite, there can be nothing better than opting for a two-piece matching suite that you have already used before. Navy, black and dark gray are the most preferred colors. Always make sure that the suite is clean, well pressed, there are no loose threads or tags hanging.
  • If you are not comfortable in suits or if you feel the place where you are going for the interview is not the right place to be in a suite, the other choice you have is to opt for a light colored, full sleeve formal shirt with a formal trouser.
  • If you feel more comfortable in Indian dresses, go for a salwar suite made of silk or cotton with a formal fit. Never opt for anything flashy or gorgeous. The color you pick can be shades of pastel or white. If you opt for dark colors it is safer to go for navy or black. The dupatta of your salwar suite must be pleated and pinned well to give the total dress a formal look.
  • Amongst Indian dresses, a saree can also be a perfect one for an interview, if you can carry it properly. Pick a light silk or cotton saree in nude colors without much added decoration. The saree must be devoid of any flashy adornments. Wear the saree in a formal way, pleat and pin it properly.

Once you have put on the right dress for the interview, wear a formal and comfortable shoe that goes perfectly with your attire. Ensure that the shoe is clean, shiny and in proper condition. Go for a formal looking traditional style watch and not any flashy wrist band kind of thing.

Tips to choose the right accessories for a job interview

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We women love our accessories, but when it comes to a job interview, it is really important to keep your accessories to bare minimum. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices,

  • When you are looking out for something to wear on your ears before going out on a job interview, the best choice for you is always studs. If you can put on single pearl studs it is best. If you do not have them, then just look out for any stud that is simple and is not flashy. Rings or danglers are never the right option for job interviewers as they look absolutely informal.
  • It is best to not to wear anything on your neck when you are going for a job interview. In case you are habituated with wearing some kind of chains like mangal sutra or lockets of gods, then take the best measure to conceal it with your clothes. Statement chains are a strict no for job interview.
  • Do not put on any bangle or wrist band on your hands when you are going for an interview. Opt for a simple formal watch with a plain leather belt or a metal chain. The color and look of the watch should be formal and not colorful or funky.
  • Next are the shoes. The shoes play a very important role in the way you present yourself in a job interview. A confident walk into the interview room can always help you make a great impression and the right shoe can be the best way to get that perfect walk. Put on a formal shoe with a bit of heal. If you are comfortable in stilettoes, opt for them. Ensure that your shoes are in the right condition and they are perfectly clean and shiny.