Fall makeup essentials and tips

This fall brings you some interesting beauty trends. You will find cherry red lipsticks are out and the burgundy lips are the one that will look better on you. The nails are not bleeding with the blood red polish but you must have the deep dark red color on your nails.

If you see someone with slicked back head of hairs then you must understand that person has got a lot of fashion consciousness. You can also try the fashion accessories for your hair and it is the ear muff that can also act as hairline de-frizzier.

The eyeliner has got its duty too and you can draw a thin line along the upper lashes. This is not the cat eye you are used to but a much thinner mark that you can apply with black pencil. Flick it upwards and make it a bit thicker to make it perfect.

You can also go for nude nail polishes. The hair can be made up in braid to look stunning and fashionable. The grunge waves are also back into action. The hair with strands in different direction can make the look just perfect.

The bare makeup matte skin is also a change from the previous looks. The non greasy gel moisturizer will work for such looks and the foundation above it is the way you can makeup your face. Make sure to eliminate shine.

Some of the essentials for the fall

No show foundation

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This foundation is good for keeping your face out of shine. The matt look is the trend and this foundation can help you with it. Test the foundation on your jawline and take the one which is barely seen on your face.

Now when you have it, you can apply the foundation after cleansing the face properly. Moisturize your face with a little lotion and then dab your face with drops of this foundation like polka dots. Blend the dots and you are ready for the show.


This is good for keeping away dark marks around the eyes and other small marks on your face. The proper application can give your face a blemish free soft look.

This is non greasy and you can dab it on the black marks. Then spread with your finger and allow it to start working. Then blend the edges with the foundation. Use feather touch strokes of your fingers to blend the concealer.

Natural blush

The blush will give you a light shade of wearing blush and this should not have shimmer. Use a brush for applying this on your cheeks. The apples of cheeks are the right place. You should not find out where the color starts and where it ends. This will be the right kind of application.

Eyelash curler

This is for curling your lashes. You must make sure that you do not curl the lashes after putting on mascara. Place them near to the base and then press on for few seconds. Now they are curled and you can apply mascara so that they remain in the curled position for a longer period.


Applying mascara on your lashes will keep it curled upwards. You must apply the wand upwards and wiggle it backward and forward while going upwards. This makes sure you apply the mascara on each of the lashes.

Eyeliner pencils

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The using of soft pencils on your eyes will be helpful. You must check if the product says it is ophthalmologist tested. Hold onto your upper lid lash line gently and then apply the pencil to place dots on the lashes. Then blend the dots to get a smoky effect.

Highlighter for effects all over

This must be a cream highlighter that can lift the brows or slim down the nose. These should be in soft shades like peach, soft nude or pink.

Nude lipsticks

These nude shades are not brown neither are shades of pink but they are completely free of any color. The lips must be moisturized with a good lip balm if you have chapped lips. Apply this color for the nude effect where you do not show off any trace of makeup.

Eye shadows

These should have the color that barely shows on your face. They must be few shades darker than your facial skin tone.

If you have fair skin then it should be in lighter shades of pink and the dark skinned should go for light brown or taupe grey shades. Blend the shadows with the pencil lines in swift and light strokes of your fingers.

There are different brushes required for applying these makeup essentials. You must go for a brush set that will have all types of brushes for applying different types of contents.

Make sure you clean the brushes and keep them soft and fluffy. The metal part should not get damaged by water or moisture. Go for the new look and get the appreciation from your friends and colleagues.