How to prevent and remove skin spoilers?

There are many culprits that spoil the skin and its texture and these include pollution, dust, etc. When these spoilers are removed by following some home remedies, you can easily prevent them from affecting the skin. Here are some ways to prevent the factors that affect the skin.

Not just the surrounded pollution and striking sun rays are the main culprits of various skin problems. Along with those there are many other spoilers of the skin for instance sugar.

The free radical molecules which get birth by the pollution show the ultimate negative effects on our skin.

Due to the process of glycation these free radical molecules also develop internally as well. This glycation process makes the collagen fibers to lose their elasticity by which they tend to become weak which in turn leads to breakage.

Ways to fight with skin spoilers


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The regular consumption of rich antioxidant foods helps to combat with the free radical molecules which are taking wreak havoc on the skin. Choose to have the colorful veggies and fruits in your diet plate.

Especially move on with the leafy greens like spinach, fruits like blackberries, blueberries and dark berries, veggies sweet potato and carrots that gives you the desired quantity of anthocyanins which are called as strong antioxidants.


Trying fruit masks on the skin is yet another simple way to reverse the skin problems. Take one avocado and mash it into paste. Apply this paste directly on your skin and retain it for few minutes. Rinse off.

This is a moisturizing pack and helps to lock moisture in the skin. Certain oils present in the avocado acts like emollient and the vital vitamin, vitamin E also has the moisturizing properties too.


A lotion or cream rating with more than SPF of 15 is your skin savior from many sun striking cases. It is ideal to carry a sunscreen bottle when you are stepping out from the home. Apply it one hour before to walk out and reapply it for every two hours.

Quit smoking

The role of damaging the skin is very big when it comes to smoking. It turns the blood vessels in the outer skin layers to narrow, which it eventually leads to lowering of blood flow.

This way, there will be reduction in the flow of oxygen. The loss of skin elasticity and damage of collagen are also the key problems of smoking. So it is highly recommended to quit your smoking habit if you really fond of your skin.

Healthy and balanced diet

Having the balanced and healthy diet contributes great for the skin care. It is too vital to have a healthy diet in your life to meet the ideal skin. Go with skin friendly food items must included with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C fights with the aging signs and check to have the foods that are low in refined or processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.


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Though your day is making you to involve in the most busy and stressful hours, staying relaxed and stress free helps for the promotion of healthy skin. Stress hormones are like skin enemies.

So it is necessary to take your mind to the peaceful pace. Handle your stress through many ways whether it could be stress relaxation exercise or yoga.

Combat the irritants

When you use chemical based creams and moisturizers, they are most likely to cause red, irritated skin in those who are most susceptible to them. Some chemicals may cause dermatitis and other skin problems.

You may, therefore, have to stop using these chemical based creams and moisturizers if you want perfectly healthy skin.

This is because people with more sensitive skin are likely to get more skin problems as compared to the others. Truth be said, there are more than 3,000 irritants in this world that can cause skin problems.

Stop drinking alcohol

When you drink alcohol, your body starts getting dehydrated. This will leave the skin looking tired and older. Drink plenty of water if you do not want your skin to be dehydrated.

When you drink alcohol, make sure that you drink within the recommended limits. It is better that you take non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juices, soda, etc. instead of alcohol which will not dehydrate your skin.

Keep your skin clean

When you wash the skin, it can help prevent infections and smells. However, make sure you do not wash your skin too much since it can result in the natural oils on the skin getting washed away. Use mild bath oils or soaps rather than using the harsh ones.

Moisturize your skin so that you can prevent it from drying. When you keep your skin clean, you can keep away the irritants as well as the spoilers.

If you have dry skin, make sure you use moisturizers that have been prepared from herbs. Do not use chemical based moisturizers since they can irritate and spoil the skin.

People, who work in jobs, where they have to constantly come in contact with the variegated chemical based detergents, have to make sure they visit a doctor with regards to the skin problems they are having so that they can help prevent them from ruining the skin.

Do not wear makeup to bed

After a late night out, the first thing you would want to do is to go to sleep directly. However, when you go to sleep directly after your party without removing your makeup, your skin would age faster.

The pollution and the dirt from exposure to the outside air all day can add to the skin problems such as breakouts due to dirt build-up when the face is left unwashed.

As makeup clogs the pores, it prevents the production of sebum in the skin (a lubricant that protects your skin and moisturizes it). Use a face cleaning towelette when you are out of town before you can go to sleep.

Remove acne

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Acne is also another factor that can damage your skin. Make sure you remove the acne by keeping your skin clean all the time. You can take cabbage juice or the juice of any other vegetable in order to fight acne. Avoid taking in fried foods that cause in an acne breakout.

Do not take in white bread or sugar rich foods that can result in the breakout of acne. These foods can not only cause diabetes, but they can also result in damage to the skin.

Take in zinc

Zinc can not only help prevent scarring, but it can also heal the tissues in your body. Take about 50 milligrams of zinc everyday.

However, make sure that you do not exceed 100 milligrams of zinc. You could also take zinc in other forms.Liver, mushrooms, and some seafood provide dietary zinc.

Do not buy too many makeup products

Do not invest in too many makeup products at one time since you would not know which one caused damage to your skin.

Beauty hauls may be the best, but when you try to purchase a new product every time for your skin, it may result in damage to the skin. So, make sure you buy only one product at a time instead of buying 10.