How to lose weight with lemon and green tea

A few natural elements that we use in a daily basis, can’t makeup for the level of benefit, you get only from green tea and lemon. Green tea has time and again been proved to be one of the healthiest drinks possible. Green tea boosts metabolism and fights numerous diseases. It is one of the strongest elements to curb your fat content and when it is added with lemon, the power doubles up dramatically!

Weight loss with green tea

How to lose weight with green tea

Studies have proven that having 4-5 cups of green tea a day reduce 4.6% of body weight within 1 month. Other studies have proved that 2-4 cups can reduce 50 extra calories which equal to about 3 kg every year. A study had confirmed that the combination of caffeine and green tea improve the weight loss process a little more for the overweight and moderately obese people.

The special component of polyphenols, which are present in green tea, can burn down fat even when you are at rest and you sip through a cup of tea! These are also known to block conversion of calories into fat content. Green tea is also known to attack fat through amino acid contain of L-theanine. There is a calming effect in this component which reduces stress and soothes down the nervous system. It is directly related to a hormone which links the fat storage around our belly and cuts down on fat.

How does lemon add to the goodness of green tea?

A university research had found that adding citrus extract or vitamin C to green tea, improves the antioxidant content by 5 times in the body. The best part about consuming these together is that the effects are same with both hot and cold tea. Thus, when you are double up with two ingredients, and they both serve you to reduce weight, you have an added advantage!

The mixture of lemon and green tea boosts the antioxidant content and is healthier than most drinks you can think of. It can be one of the best drinks for summertime, since it soothes your stomach too.

Healthy tips to reduce weight fast

Adding these two in your diet will help you reduce weight drastically, but you have to make sure about the other alterations you make in your life. Every soft drink that you drink adds up to around 200-500 calories and are not the best ways to increase calorie content. Avoid drinks which make you fat and consume a better diet. Starting off the consumption of health drinks which is not accompanied by alteration in food and exercising, will not give you any benefit. This is why you should start when you are sure that you will stick to it. This also includes sticking to and through exercising and healthier eating.

Facts on lemon and green tea consumption

  • Get your ingredients from the food store. Opt for natural or organic tea and fresh lemons. You could also opt for whole grain lemons from the grocers to store the juice.
  • Skip your morning coffee, rather, have it replaced with green tea and lemon. Coffee is usually accompanied with milk or cream, which increases the calorie content.
  • Make green tea and add lemon extract to it. Simply squeeze half a lemon into the tea. Epigallocatechin is an antioxidant which boosts the metabolism, and it is found in the right amount after both of these are added together! This improves the weight loss process and makes it more effective.
  • Stop the consumption of all sugary beverages because if you reduce calorie by one cup of green tea, you increase it 3 times with sugary beverages. This alternatively means that your efforts will go in vain if you don’t alter other aspects of weight loss.
  • Try to make ice, tea so that the lemon infused tea gets cold and you can have it without sweetening! Both the elements have pleasant flavors, so you will not complain about the taste.
  • Try to consume this every morning, especially half an hour before breakfast. A study had stated that people reduced about 75 calories to their body, after having the drink, and then their regular meal. So having the drink and then having you meal will add fewer calories to your body.