How to show big lips smaller / thinner without surgery?

The lips are an important feature of women’s beauty. Having sexier lips is the dream of every woman and it marks the benchmark of woman’s sexiness. However, not all women are blessed with charming little lips.

Worried about the size of your lips?

Women having full, pouty lips are found sexy, but not all pouty and big lips are attractive. There are women who are born with natural big lips and some get it from some kind of accident. A perfect proportion of lips are must for the sexiness of a woman and it should be in proportion with your face.

If you have lips, which are bigger than average then you may feel your beauty being compromised and it may also affect your health. In such cases, women seek for different ways to get their lips smaller, be it through surgery or through natural remedies.

Tips to remove wrinkles on lips

There are many people who think that their lips are too thick and then there are those who feel they are too thin. Frankly, there is no such problem if you have big lips. The only issue is with the community that opines that little lips makes a woman look sexier which in turn affects the thinking of the women with big lips, even if they are perfect. In such situations women seek for a doctor’s help or grandma’s secrets to make their lips thin or small.

The lip reduction surgery – A mistake to get small lips

If you are thinking to visit a specialist doctor for lip reduction surgery, then you are making the biggest mistake. Doctors will obviously tell you to undergo lip reduction surgery as they want to make more money. However, you should first always find other natural ways of doing it and only then make a decision.

The drawbacks of lip reduction surgery

There are many disadvantages of undergoing a lip reduction surgery and before you decide to undergo one, you should look at the following drawbacks.

  • The cost of lip reduction surgery is very expensive and not all can afford to undergo it. On an average, this surgery requires you to shell put a minimum of $1500 and a maximum of $5000.
  • Incurring such lump sum money is feasible when you know that the surgery is perfect and has no side effects. However, the lip reduction surgery involves a lot health related risks like bleeding may increase, you may suffer from infection to asymmetry and in certain severe cases people have been diagnosed with paralysis of lips.
  • If you undergo lip reduction surgery, then you may not be able to work or socialize as it restricts you to go out for 2 weeks at the minimum.

The grandma’s secret of lip reduction

Best tips for dry lips

Before making a decision to undergo lip reduction secret you may want to try your hand at the grandma’s secrets. Here is how you can naturally reduce the size of your lips and do as you desire.

Requirements for natural lip reduction

What you need to naturally make your lips thin and small area light colored lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss; makeup; knowledge of properly applying makeup and choosing the colors that suit your skin tone.

How to naturally reduce your lip size?

Here are the instructions to naturally reduce the size of your lips.

  • You should not make use of dark colored lipsticks as they make your lips even bigger. Use lipstick or gloss colors that are natural or nude in shade. Also make sure you use of matt lipstick which doesn’t have shine as lipsticks and gloss with shimmer make your lips bigger.
  • When you are applying foundation to your face, apply some on your lips too. After doing so, you should color the area of your lips which will make them look smaller.
  • Using a lip liner that is light in color will help you make your lips appear smaller. You shall outline your lips and fill it with neutral or natural shades of lipstick or gloss. The colors that are helpful are peaches, pink and light brown colors. Make sure you stay away from the dark colors like red, mauve or dark brown.
  • You can also try to highlight the other features of your face by making use of eyeliner, nice colored blushes and dramatic eye shades. This will help your face stand out without highlighting your lips.