Tips for painless forms of hair removal at home

Every lady wishes to have a very soft and hair free skin. Most ladies have less hair in their body as well as face whereas others are fed up about their hairy skin. Today, there are varieties of ways through which hair can be removed from the skin completely.

Some processes are painful but others are painless. You can also go for the permanent hair removal today with innovative technology in the field of health and beauty.

You can use hair removing cream which is readily available in the market. Some people prefer laser therapy of hair removing which requires electricity.

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Removal of hair is not only restricted to the purpose of looks and presentation, rather it also serves the purpose of personal hygiene. Sweat with dirt and oil is accumulated in your armpits which remain inside.

But, when you raise your hands, sweat along with foul smell is discovered. This is sometimes hidden under your hairs that remain in your underarms.

If you do not remove hair under your arms, this can give rise to serious problems of dirt deposition. If you don’t trust the hair removal creams and other methods available in the market, the best way will be to try out some home tips which are free from pain.

Painless hair removal tips at home

Papaya remedy

You can now get a great way of removal of your unwanted hair from your body through the natural ingredient named papaya.

This will break the hair follicles with the restriction over development of hair. Along with removal of hair, you can also get smooth and improved surface of hair.

Method- For this you need to take raw papaya glue of 1-2 teaspoon and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. First of all you have to cut the pieces of crude papaya crush it to form glue form. Now add the turmeric powder and mix it really well. Now put the glue over the surface of your skin where you need to remove hair. Keep the glue for a period of 15 minutes and wash it.

Chickpea flour mask

Chick flour is one of the major kitchen ingredients that is a part of Indian subcontinent.  Soon it was proved to be a wonderful ingredient that is used for removing unwanted hair from the skin layers of individuals. You can now get hair free face and hands without any pain and side effects.

Methods- For making the mask you need to take half dish of chick flour, fresh cream (1 teaspoon) and also ½ dish of fresh cream. First of all you need to take chicpea flour in a container and add the ingredients like cream, milk and turmeric. Mix it really well so that it forms a wonderful glue. Now apply this glue in the surface of your skin where hair growth is visible. Leave this over your skin for a period of 60 minutes. Now rub the flour over your skin slowly and view the removal of your hair smoothly from your skin.

Lemon, honey and sugar

Sugar and lemon combined together can be used to remove hair from the skin in variety of ways. You can either get a hair removal pack or a homemade wax with these ingredients.

Directions- For this process, you need to have 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice , Honey (1 teaspoon) and cornstarch or plain flour.

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You need to combine both sugar and lemon juice and keep in a separator. Now heat the mixture so that you get smooth glue out of it. You can also mix water if you see the glue is getting excessively thick. Now let the mixture get cool down and come to the room temperature.

Now, you need to dust your skin with corn starch or plain flour. Now apply the mixture so formed with a spoon or a spatula. Now cover the portion with the waxing strips and make an inverse effect to the bearing of hair development.

Egg mask

You can also use the egg mask with egg white, corn flour and sugar. All ingredients in the container and beat it well. Apply it over your skin layer with hair growth and then pull egg veil firmly to remove unwanted hair.

Hair removal is a wonderful consideration when you really wish to stay clean and attractive. Women have unwanted hairs in their underarms, hands, legs and pubic areas. Getting rid of those unwanted hair can help you get attractive looks. People visits expensive parlors and get rid of those unwanted hair around.

But the cost of those services might be really high. All you have to do is get some home remedies. Yes, it is now possible to remove your unwanted hair just by staying at home. Even those remedies will be painless. Let us explore such home remedies.

Tips for painless forms of hair removal at home

Rose water with alum

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To avail this remedy, all you have to do is take a bowl and take a spoon of alum powder with rose water. Now, mix both the ingredients really well and dip cotton ball in the solution. Now apply the cotton ball over the affected area where you wish to remove the unwanted hair.

Let the solution get dry over your skin tone. Once it is dry, apply it again and let it dry. Now, wash it away and apply a moisturizer over the skin. Do this 2 times in a week and get the result.

Oatmeal and banana

Another painless method of hair removal from the skin is through the combination of oatmeal and banana. You have to mash banana and keep it in a bowl and add a teaspoon of oatmeal in it.

Mix both the ingredients and apply over your skin where you have unwanted hair. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water. This needs to be applied for 2-3 days in a week and see how well your skin appears.

Onion and basil

You have to take a medium size onion. You also need to take 10 basil leaves. Take them in a grinder and make a paste. Now apply this paste over the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.

Once it has become dry remove it with water. You have to do this several times in a month and stay away from unwanted hair easily and naturally.