Home spa recipes and tips

Spa at home is not an easy task to be done. However, you can really settle for different things in order to have the most exotic spa experience. In the way you can even save money with the perfect spa recipes at home. These are some of the best recipes you can have to feel so fresh and nourished.

Many people love to dwell in the spa environment not just due to the services the spa is providing but also due to the environment and hygiene they are showing off. Of course it make you feel relaxed and takes away your stress, if you know the basic spa tips that could be tried at home then how would you feel like!

DIY home spa tips

Rose room freshener

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The one most thing that gives you the relaxing feel in the spa ambiance is slight and mind relaxing aroma. It takes big part in attracting us and making feel happy. Roses can help you to get that fragrance. Take few rose petals and boil them along with the water on a vessel. Let it cool down and strain the solution from it. That is! Your homemade rose aromatic room freshener is ready.

Moisturizing face mask

If you feel like moisture lost on the skin’s uppermost layer epidermis then apply a mask to rejuvenate your skin cells and also to push moisture into it. Prepare this pack by mixing curd, aloe vera, sweetener and  blending cream. Apply over your skin and retain it for some time to let it get dried. Rinse off and pat it dry to get a shiny and fresh looking skin.

After shower lotion

Pour your body lotion in a bowl and keep it over the heater. After done with your hot shower apply this warm lotion on your body entirely. It is beneficial and effective for any skin type.

Hot oil

Warm the coconut oil and massage it with your fingertips on the scalp for few minutes. This way you are helping your hair for the proper growth, miniaturization and conditioning. The regular hot oil massage also helps to get the lustrous hair.


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Take a lemon slice and rub it over the dark and dry skin areas like knees and hands to lighten them and also to make these areas soften.

Praline scrub

Get a praline scrub and use it on the dry skin to remove those flakes and dead skin. Apply it on the skin and massage gently in the circular motion. Rinse off once done with massaging. What you will find is soft and smooth skin after the completion of shower.

Care for hands

Prepare a simple mixture with tea tree oil, lavender, cream and olives by crushing and blending them in a mixer. Spread this mixture on your hands completely and provide warmth to it. Let it sit for some time and then rinse off with normal water. Giving warmth helps the mixture to penetrate into the skin.

That bathroom

Yet another way to dwell in that spa environment is through changing the environment of your bathroom. Switch off the lights and turn on the humidifier, curtains are to be drawn and prepare it like a dark room. Now lit a candle from Devon Wick that is wafting soothing aroma on the bathroom, also add few drops of any distressing oil into your bath tub.

Refresh yourself

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The ultimate reason one visit spa is to avail refreshment. Leave your bathroom open for 30 minutes at the highest degree. Dip a cotton cloth in the warm water and sprinkle some relaxing oil on it. At the end, go to the shower along with that cloth. Wear it on your face and get relaxed from the soothing smell.

The avocado spa mask

You can have the exact spa treatment with the avocado facial mask. This is an extremely moisturizing mask and it can at bet nourish the dry skin and make the skin texture just perfect.

Ingredients and process

To make the same you need to peel the avocado well and you should also remove the seeds from the fruit. You also need two teaspoon of sweet almond oil and you can even collect virgin olive oil. First you have to smash the avocado well. Then you have to add oil to the fruit. Now take the mixture to be applied on all parts of the face and then you should retain the same for fifteen to twenty minutes. Now it is time that you rinse the same with lukewarm water and then you have to pat the face completely dry. In fact, you should use a soft towel to dry the face.

The chocolate spa magic

In case you want the best spa treatment for the skin you can take to the perfect chocolate facial mask. This is something to make the skin feel so soft and smooth. As part of the mask you have honey and cream and this helps in moisturizing the skin. You even have oatmeal which helps in removing the dead cells. With this you are sure to have the most aromatic spa experience in life.

Ingredients and process

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To make the mask you need one third cup of cocoa. You also need three tablespoons of heavy variety of cream. You requite two teaspoons of cottage cheese and one fourth cup of honey. You should mix all the ingredients well and make the paste smooth to be applied on the face. With the mask on the face you should relax at least for ten minutes and then you should wash of the same using warm water.

The oatmeal spa facial mask

You have the most gentle oatmeal spa mask. This is the best solution for the oily skin. You should prepare the same for one time usage and the solution should be mixed soon after it is being prepared.

Ingredients and process

To make the mask you need one tablespoon of honey. You need one egg yolk. And you also need four tablespoon of fine oatmeal. First you have to form a proper mixture of the honey and egg yolk. Both should be mixed well in a small bowl. You have to stir the mixture very slowly and this way the oatmeal gets perfectly blended to form the soft and smooth paste. You should make sure to apply the smooth mask on the neck and the face area and this should be retained for at least fifteen minutes. Then it is time that you remove the paste with lukewarm water and then you can pat dry using a towel.

The best apple solution for the skin

Apples are known for their nutritional qualities. The fruit has 85% of water and they are rich in vitamin A and potassium. Apples also contain Vitamin C. The malic acid content of the apple is so beneficial. Apples also come with all the exfoliating enzymes and this way the dead skin cells and the dirt can be completely removed.

Ingredients and process

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To make the spa mask you need to collect the following ingredients. You should collect two tablespoons of brown sugar. You should also arrange for two tablespoons of granulated sugar. You should take one tablespoon of fresh and nourishing apple puree or you can even arrange for applesauce. You should also take little amount of cinnamon. All the ingredients should be collected at one place and they should be mixed appositely. The solution should be applied to all parts of the skin before taking shower. The apple solution should be applied in circular motions and for this you can make use of a washcloth. The apple scrub should be applied on the especially dry areas. After bath you should apply moisture on the skin.

Your spa session at home should start with soaking your body in warm water and end with moisturizing your skin with a moisturizing mask. Here is a step by step guideline for a complete body spa that you can easily do at home,

Prepare the water and soak

Add 2 full cups of bathing salt with some fragrant essential oil in your bathing tub and fill it with warm but not hot water.In case you are just back from outside or you are not feeling very clean, it is best to first use a handmade natural soap on your skin before soaking in the tub. The scrub to be used in the next step will remove the dead cells and open the clogged pores, but it will not certainly kill the germs that effectively. So, if you have been sweating or have been out in the pollution it is best to first use a mild soap to get cleaned.

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Check the final temperature of the water and soak your body in it at least for 10 minutes before you start with the next step. Soaking yourself in warm bathing salt added water will help relaxing your senses and will also hydrate your skin making it easier to get rid of the old dead cells from the skin surface.

The scrub recipe

After soaking yourself in the tub, the next step should be to start with scrubbing. You need to prepare this scrub before you start with the spa. Here is a perfect spa scrub recipe,

Things that you will need

Sugar – 4 tablespoons

Honey – 5 spoons

Fresh orange peel – 2 spoons

Almond paste – 1 spoon

Olive oil – As required

Mix all the ingredients together except the olive oil. Add the olive oil at last in a quantity so that all the ingredients of the scrub are coated properly with the honey and the oil and your spa scrub is ready.

How to use it

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Start using the scrub from your body first and not from your face. When you will prepare the scrub the sugar granules will be much bigger which is ideal for the comparatively thicker skin of the body, but might be harsh for the sensitive facial skin. Use the scrub on your hands, legs and body in light but firm circular motion focusing a particular area at a particular time. At last, use the scrub on your face because by then, the sugar granules of the scrub must have become more roundish. You can add a bit of water to the scrub as well before using it on your face. Once you have scrubbed properly, leave on for 10 minutes and the wash off with mild warm water by rubbing your skin with your hands.

The pack recipe

Now comes the spa pack, here we will use a mixed fruit pack which is known for adding glow to the skin. You should keep this pack prepared and ready before you start with the spa.

Things that you will need

Ripe Banana (not over ripe) – 1

Apple – 1/2

Cucumber – 1/2

Tomato – 1

Green grapes – 10

Brandy – 2 spoons

Fuller’s earth – 5 spoons or more

Homemade salt scrubs for body care

Collect all the ingredients and wash all the fruits in running water, do not peel the skin. Crush all the fruits together in a clean mixer grinder to make a smooth paste. Take this mixture in a glass bowl and add the brandy. Now add sufficient amount of fuller’s earth to reach the right consistency of the pack and your spa pack is ready.

How to use

Once the pack is ready, apply it lavishly onto your face and body and leave on at least for 20 minutes. Finally wet your hands and rub your skin with the pack lightly to remove it and then wash off with excess water. Pat yourself dry with a soft towel.