Pegan diet guide & how to follow it

Pegan diet is the amalgamation of two different styles of foods. It is a diet that includes paleo and veganism. This particular diet instigates the curiosity amongst the health conscious masses. There are numerous benefits associated with pegan diet however, not many are familiar with it. So here is the complete pegan diet guide and how to follow it.

What is pegan diet?

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The pegan diet rents ideals from both paleo diet and veganism. Lean meat, vegetable, fruits, nuts, some oils, etc., are few food items you may include in your paleo diet. While going on this diet, you must refrain from having legumes, dairy products, processed food items, grains, etc.

Although pegan diets combine animal based food with plant based foods, the proportion of veggies and fruits is supposed to be higher as compared to animal products.

In addition, added sugars, gluten and other junkies are a big no-no in order to get most out of your pegan diet.

Pros of Pegan Diet

  1. Higher ratios of veggies and fruits help in losing unnecessary weight.
  2. Pegan diets helps in reducing inflammation problems.
  3. It also prevents diseases and promotes heart health.

Cons of Pegan Diet

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  1. Legumes are very healthy in general and limiting them will prevent your body from getting all the important nutrients essential for proper health.
  2. Dairy products are also avoided in pegan diet. Refraining from dairy products for a long time might trouble your body in getting calcium which again is important for body growth.
  3. This diet requires many efforts as it is not as simple as any other diet, which makes it impossible to take up for a shorter duration of time.

How to follow it?

There are certain rules and regulations attributed to pegan diet and following them is quintessential.

Eat loads of plants

Vegetables and fruits should constitute more than half of your meal since the whole idea behind the pegan diet is to detox your body and induce healthy nutrients in it.

Clean eating will not only help you maintain your body but will rejuvenate your skin too. Try involving seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet chart. Variety of fruits will keep your interest intake.

Opt for animal protein

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There should be adequate amount of high-quality animal protein in your meal. These high-quality protein foods are eggs, beef, lean meat, olive oil, etc. Since they have their own benefits attached to them, cutting them off will deprive your body from protein rich edibles.

Be patient

Pegan diet is for long run. You won’t see much result in shorter durations of time. It will take time for your body to get used to of and project desired results. So, be patient, keep up the good work and don’t lose hope. It will happen.

Choose proportions wisely

The proportions play a vital role here. Before diving into such dieting schedule you must consult your nutritionist and decide whether or not this particular diet and proportions are perfect for your body or not.

Say no to junkies

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Gluten shouldn’t be in your menu if you want to opt for pegan diet. Gluten based products increase the fat in the body and causes you to put extra weight which is completely unhealthy. Therefore, refraining from eating whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, brown rice etc. will add up to your health even more.

Prepare your meal on your own

Try preparing your meals on your own; it will help you understand your body well. Also, making food for yourself will assure you that you’ve been eating clean lately since it’s all in front of your eyes.

One more reason to cook at home will help you save loads of money, since the food items essential to eat in pegan diet are way too costly.  There are many pegan diet recipes available on the internet. They are easy, delicious and completely in your budget.


They might take a toll on you at times but not surrendering to your desires and firmly sticking to the plan is what you ought to do.

Replacing some food items with their healthier version can solve much of your problem, such as replacing your regular milk with goat milk which is easier to digest or opting for coconut yogurt or vegan cheese will also do for you.