Healthy diet tips for summer

The summer season especially in India is the period when the temperature raises much above the normal temperature. It is a heat wave accompanied by dry and hazy winds. The heat in the atmosphere affects the human body in many ways. One must take care of one’s health during this season.  During this season there is loss of water in the body through perspiration and urination. There are chances of the body getting dehydrated as there is loss of salts from the body. It is necessary to maintain the water-sodium balance in the body by compensating the loss of water.

Some of the best foods during the summer

Chilled Soups

Top best healthiest foods

It helps in keeping the body cool during the summer season. These can be made of fresh vegetables like cucumber, carrot, lettuce, mint and spinach.


This is the fruit of the summer season. It is filled with water and helps in quenching the thirst as well as in compensating for the water loss in summer.

Grilled Veggies

It is an ideal plate for the meals in summer.  The dish can include asparagus, brinjal, carrots, cauliflower, beans and other fresh vegetables. The dish is semi cooked with minimum spices and so hare light to digest in summer.

Tomatoes and peppers

Peppers are a good addition to the summer diet. They cool the body and compensate the water loss from the body in summer. Continue reading below…


All colorful berries including blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries contain antioxidants that help in preventing the damage of cells. They are easily digestible in the summer season.


Top best estrogen rich foods

This is rich in calcium and protein.  It helps in digestion and keeps the stomach cool. Whey and fruit smoothies are filling and help in strengthening the bones.

Sweet corn

Fresh sweet corn is best food in summer. Lutein and zeaxanthin presents in corn acts as natural sunglasses. These antioxidants help in lower the risk of age related macular degeneration.

Tart cherries

Cherries consist of health benefits. Drinking of tart cherry juice can help you out from better night sleep and quell post workout pain. Tart cherries may help in slim down and get leaner.


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Salads are for smarties

Salads are healthy for your body. Eating too many salads during summer is great idea. Concentrate on the type of dressing and quantity of dressing you use in salads. Lemon and olive oil is going to be a lot healthier than using creamy for dressing.

Food Items to be avoided in summer

Since the weather is hot it is advisable that hot meals should be avoided. The food should be eaten cold or when it is at room temperature. Excess ghee butter vegetables oils and spices should be avoided as they increase thirst.  Food should be cooked with minimum spices and less oil. Fried items need to be avoided in summer. Hot drinks like tea, coffee should be substituted with fruit juices, lemon drinks, iced tea, cold coffee etc. Consumption of eggs, meat,fish, and dry fruits should be limited.  

Special tips for summer food

Best summer health care tips

  • Water should be taken in plenty during the summer season because the greatest danger is sun stroke during summer when there is no water in the body. Water from an earthen pot is believed to quench the thirst and prevents the repeated desire for water. On the other hand iced water gives immediate relief but increases thirst more often.
  • Juice made from Sattoopowder keeps the body cool and quenches the thirst.
  • Fresh, clean and pure sugarcane juice kills heat and thirst.
  • Raw mango juice (piano) is an excellent drink in summer, which prevents a person from getting heat stroke.
  • Tamarind juice with salt sugar and black pepper and lemon juice with salt and sugar should be taken regularly to avoid the symptoms of heat stroke.
  • Cook the meat and poultry at a high temperature. Disease causing bacteria like listeria, salmonella and e.coli are killed in that high temperature.
  • Avoid fried foods and also foods with chemical additives like colas, chocolate, coffee and alcohol during summer.

Summer is a season when we feel too much exhausted. Also we are not comfortable consuming all types of food. Stomach upset can be a reason behind the heat and unhealthy weather condition. Health diet tips can easily save you from such critical problems. You can also speak to the nutritionist to get vivid idea about the diet to be consumed during summer. This article will speak about some of the summer diet tips. Also ladies are very cautious about their diet as they have to stay fit. The summer diet plans in this article will keep you healthy and fit.

Diet tips for summer

Cold coffee

Best diet tips for women

Since heat can affect you internally during summer, it’s better to keep your body cool by the way you consume. Cold coffee as a beverage works absolutely well when you are willing to stay refreshed during summer. This can be taken as summer healthy diet that will keep you refreshed.


Corn is also a healthy diet which is consumed by many ladies and gents during summer. It acts as a natural sunglass, when you go out in sun and the rays affect you. Macular pigment will be formed with the consumption of this corn in your diet that will restrict these rays to penetrate your skin.


It is always preferable to consume the foods that are juicy in nature when you are facing the heat in summer. Raspberries are wonderful fruits that are loaded with vitamins. This will keep you fit with its weight losing capability. It will also fulfill the gap of water intake. Generally ladies do not wish to drink water even if they are thirstily. But, they don’t have objection in having juicy fruits.


Another juicy fruit that helps keeping you fine throughout this summer is blueberries. Summer will also penetrate the pollutants inside your body. The best way to take these out is through the antioxidants. The blue berries as a fruit has antioxidant properties that help all oxidants from your skin layer. Try to consume blueberries as much as possible as this will keep you hydrated with its juices.