Tips for drinking water in summer

During summer when the temperature hits high there is fluid loss from the body. One feels thirsty too often and also gets dehydrated in the heat.  Exercises done in the heat leads to low blood sodium which dilutes the blood and can lead to serious diseases. Water is the best solution to quench thirst, prevent fluid loss after exercise and dehydration. It is difficult to live without water.

Water is life as we can’t stay without drinking water. Especially on a hot summer days this becomes a necessity. Summer is the season when we sweat too much due to humidity in the air. This brings sweat to us. Thus, we become exhausted very easily. Drinking water is a necessity in such a situation. You should stay hydrated during the summer. The individuals carrying on with workout on a regular basis also gets exhausted.

They need to replenish their water inside their body with normal water or juices. Also consuming juicy fruits will keep them stay healthy.

Tips for drinking water during summers

Get creative

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If you don’t like drinking normal water and you are bored you can try different ways of making your water taste different by adding salts and fresh lemon juice. You can even go with sipping on herbal tea; this will mineralize the water and also make it tasty for you to drink.

Track your urine

If you want to know how much hydrated or dehydrated you are you should check your urine color. If you find your urine dark yellow then definitely you are dehydrated. So, the first step to avoid this is to drink quality water and have proper sleep.

Set a timer

One easy way to keep one hydrated is to set a timer of 1 hour or so and after every one-hour drink at least 6-8 ounces of water. You should always drink slowly and not fast.

Add minerals

In order to hydrate better you should always add raw sea salt to your water because of its more absorption capacity it will create a proper balance to keep you hydrated and will be giving you more natural energy.

Loss of water

The body loses water daily in the normal processes like passing of urine, in chemical reactions, sweating and a small amount while exhaling.  It is essential to maintain the total balance of water. Shortage of water in the body tends to slow down the updating process of the body and the metabolites fail to discharge the impurities. The poisonous substances will remain in the body and cell will be left unclean. They will soon get polluted and will be destroyed. Loss of water can result in serious tiredness and cardiovascular problems.  Loss of water is possible while exercising, when the temperature is very high and the weather is hot. The need of water differs from person to person depending on the speed of sweating, temperature of the environment, the clothes worn and the humidity in the atmosphere.

Tips for drinking water

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It is advisable to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Drinking water early in the morning helps to clear the stomach and intestines. Water should be taken slowly and at short intervals when the weather is hot. The internal organs of the body must be adapted to the temperature of the body by keeping a mouthful of water for some time. Water should not be taken two hours before sleeping as it leads to the puffiness of the eyes.  Fruits and vegetables containing water must be taken regularly.  It is essential to carry water when going out in the heat. Flavours can be added to water to increase the intake of water. Always fix an amount of water and other liquids that must be taken during summer and met the target daily.

Stay hydrated

Water must always be taken before and after doing exercises and playing vigorous games. Alcohol must not be taken a day before a long vigorous exercise to prevent dehydration. Five cups of raw fruits and vegetables must be taken daily to supply the optimum amount of nutrients to the body. In cases of loss of sodium during games and exercise, intake of salt must be increased.

After strenuous exercise it is necessary to take more protein and carbohydrates to build and repair the muscles to keep the body hydrated. Low fat chocolate milk will fulfil this requirement. Soups and vegetable juices that contain salt and potassium also help to replace the loss of sodium and fluids. Dried fruits and nut mixtures along with water are good supplement of food during long hikes. They are rich in sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and contain high calories.

Importance of water in the body

The body is made up of two thirds of water. Water is an essential element in our life and is most effective for the health of the body. Water detoxifies the body. Water is the solvent for many nutrients

Water helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent the premature formation of wrinkles. It also helps to maintain the body temperature, especially after exercising in the heat. Water maintains the proper circulation of the blood in the body. It carries away the heat from the internal organs to prevent serious problems like heat stroke. It also lubricates the joints, protects the spinal cord and many other delicate tissues.

It is advised by experts that fruits and cold drinks must be replaced by water. Fruits do give instant energy but they can be harmful to the body. Most fruits contain high calories and lead to weight gain. Fruits and fruit juices tend to increase the level of glucose in the blood and urine which can cause certain diseases like diabetes. Coffee tea and soda are liquids which contain caffeine. These are more of diuretics that lead to loss of water instead of being an agent for hydrating the body. The intake of these items must be minimized especially during the summer.

Tips for drinking water in summer

Prevent thirst

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If you are thirsty, don’t suppress your thirst due to work pressure. Even you should not delay water drinking process. Immediately drink water whenever you are thirsty. This will keep you highly satisfied. You can easily quench your thirst whenever you require.

Carry a water bottle

People in all season have to go out and work. It is not possible to sit at home just because it is hot outside. But, you can always get some protection. Carry a water bottle with you whenever you are out for your office or you are shopping household goods. Even when you are travelling, just carry a water bottle and drink water frequently.

Juicy fruits

If you are not in a habit of drinking water vigorously, the juicy fruits will replace it. Yes, the fruits like, orange, lemon, apple grapes etc will keep your hydrated during summer and also the vitamins content in it will help you to stay healthy and sound in all season.

Healthy soups with vegetables

In order to replenish water inside your body, liquid food can also work. Some people are very fond of soups. If you are among them, you can definitely have such soups on a daily basis along with your meals to replenish water inside your body. This can also help you stay hydrated for a long time. Try this today and see the result. The nutrients in vegetables included in soups also have wonderful benefit for your body.