Parineeti chopra weight loss diet and workout secrets

Bindaas Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra is a vivacious lady, armed with a good foreign education, lovely charm and exemplary acting skills. Not so long ago, she was a foodie without a care for her weight gain, for that matter her chubby looks became evident. Then she followed a weight-loss program and became trimmer and sexier again. Here are Parineeti Chopra’s weight loss diet and workout secrets for you:

Way to achieve weight loss, the Parineeti way

Way to achieve weight loss, the Parineeti way

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Losing your body weight is not as easy as putting on. Parineeti realized this in a harder way, as she had to lose those ugly pounds, working around her shooting schedule. For six months, she was on a stringent diet plan that excluded all sugary, high-carbs, and fatty food items. Her diet plan included a strict food plan made up of limited food portions, focused exercise regime, and fixed sleeping and waking hours. She had to will herself to change her lifestyle, from an ‘anytime and anything eater’ to that frugal diet plan follower.

Parineeti’s Diet Plan

Parineeti’s Diet Plan

For the first few weeks, it was tough on her, as the craving for the food she loved was huge. If her craving got better of her sometimes, then she had to burn them out the next day by devoting more time at the gym. At the onset of her diet plan, she was put on light food and was not allowed to eat after 8 PM. Her dinner and sleeping time had a minimum gap of 2 hours.

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For all the health-conscious people, we know how you’d love to know this stringent diet plan, and so we bring it for you:

  • After waking up: 1 glass of warm water with lime juice
  • Breakfast: 1 glass of fat-free milk, brown bread with peanut butter, and two egg whites
  • Lunch: Leafy vegetables, green salad, brown rice, dal, and roti
  • Post-Lunch: Green tea or fat-free yogurt
  • Dinner: Low fat veggies, light meal, a glass of fat-free milk, and a chocolate shake occasionally
  • Between meals she could take few fruits that kept her hunger at bay.

The diet plan was tough initially, but her resolve was unshakeable. More than the diet plan, the gym routine that followed was tougher, but this routine helped her turn into the diva that she is. She followed her exercise routine under the guidance of the experts. This became the turning point of her weight-loss program.

Parineeti’s Workout Regime

Parineeti’s Workout Regime

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Parineeti had never been athletic and usually stayed away from the gym. However, under her personal trainer’s well-defined workout regime, she brought herself to workouts including activities like cardio, swimming, weight training, horse riding, body conditioning through martial art Kalaripayattu (of Kerala), and Yoga. She starts her day with jogging that accelerates calorie burning and facilitate weight loss eventually. To make her workout regime more interesting and fun, she started taking dance classes, which not only helped her make the work-out more interesting, but also improved her dancing skills.

Meditation: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Her work-out regime also included meditation to boost up her mental strength. After all, only a firm mind can endure such a grueling regimen.

The workout regimes in a nutshell:

  • Stretch
  • Wrist, Ankle, Arm, Shoulder, Neck rotations – 1 set of 10 reps each (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  • Standing Side, Spot and Explosive forward lunges – 5 minutes, 1 set of 10 reps each
  • Jumping jacks
  • Burpees
  • Full squat
  • Crunches
  • Triceps dips
  • Pushups Plank

Tips that Parineeti got

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  • Slow metabolism was her issue for gaining weight quickly. She took water of overnight soaked fenugreek seeds in the morning, this helped her to regularize metabolism.
  • She included more of dietary fiber and other nutrients in her diet.
  • She avoided ketchup and all kinds of sauces.

Parineeti achieved great results with hard work and silenced her critics, now she is more sought after than ever.

Parineeti’s advice

Everybody dreams of that perfect body, but it is essential to understand, what it takes to achieve it. Quoting her own example, Parineeti has few words of advice for her followers and to those who find her weight-loss journey quite impressive. She says, “Don’t follow celebrities blindly”, while in pursuit of losing body weight. She believes, everyone has his or her own body structure and similar procedure is not possible. She advices to eat and workout right with the help of professionals.