Does plucking white hair spread more white hair?

The victims of grey hair are multiplying day by day, be it young or old. The worst part is that there are too many websites and health cares providing myths about such concerns. People, especially the younger groups, at times start losing their natural hair color due to various reasons.

These concerns are then followed by numerous questions which are often unanswered or are replied with confused statistics. We have some of the myths cleared for you so that you can differentiate between what you’ve heard, and what is actually true.

Does plucking white hair make more grow back?

How to reduce white hairs

Is removing white hair cause more to grow back? What happens if you pluck the white / grey hair? This is probably the most widespread myth about grey hair, which people believe in.

It is both funny and saddening because we tend to rely on such verdicts and let the grey strands be as they are.

Reasons to stop plucking white hair / Gray hair

When you see a grey hair you would immediately want to cut it off. A lot of people believe that when one grey hair is plucked, two more grow up from the same root.

Cosmetic scientists have proven that when you pluck a grey hair there is no possibility to have new grey hair strands grown in the same place.

They also stated that lucky people get the blackest hair possible by plucking white hairs. This is because of the melanogenesis process, here the follicles produce more pigments for frequent change of hair color, and it gets you back the natural color hair again.

Grey hair myths – Hair can turn grey overnight

Stress and panic can be reasons for graying of hair, but it is a gradual process which can be both prevented and treated.

But there are people who believe that someone who goes through a bad experience at a particular time can end up having grey strands of hair the next morning! It is nothing but superstition and hair specialists have second to that.

Washing hair everyday prevents graying

This has also been an ancient myth which has brought to us through folktales. There are no scientific approvals to such a statement. Washing your hair everyday doesn’t clean all the oil, dirt and germs from your hair either.

Extreme dyeing leads to premature growth of grey hair

Hair color or hair dye will make your hair turn grey or white faster? This is another popular myth which is untrue.

I am sure you might be familiar with this, as even our parents do not approve of extreme dying of hair. Well, dying your hair excessively might damage your hair but that is not related to graying of hair.

Real causes of premature graying of hair at young age

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What are the reasons behind growth of gray hair or white hair? Well enough of the myths! It’s time we look into some serious matters because these are the probable reasons of premature graying and needs more attention than illogical myths:

  • Melanin pigment deficiency: melanin pigments retain our natural hair color. Thus, its deficiency could be a probable reason for premature graying. Have a healthier diet and include supplements of protein and vitamins to balance the melanin content in your body.
  • Stress: this is common in today’s world. It is a problematic disorder which has happy therapies to heal! You need to meditate, do what makes you happy, take breaks and if possible holidays too. Calmer mind and happier souls make lifestyles healthier.
  • Genetic disorder: this should be assumed and prevented. These are toughest to heal permanently but the consistent usage of good remedies would surely maintain healthier hair color.
  • Excessive usage of chemical products: make sure that the products you use for your hair are healthy enough. Excessive dying of hair might not be a reason enough, but excessive chemical usage through these products and even from the shampoos and conditioners could lead you to premature graying. If you style your hair regularly, make sure to take enough care to retain the color and texture.
  • Medication reaction: make sure that you know about all the side effects of medications you ought to go through. If your physician tells you that a particular medication could bring premature graying, ask him what he suggests and start preventing your hair with proper care.
  • Other factors: some more factors would include unhealthy consumption of junk food, along with regular smoking and drinking. Sedentary lifestyles also break the normal stages of our life cycle and make some weird causes in our appearance, such as this!