Potassium rich food sources – Signs of potassium deficiency

Certain mineral and vitamins are essential for the growth and development of our body. Potassium is also one among such minerals that needs to stay within our body adequately. The diet routine of people is really typical. Some people have a habit of in taking sodium in volume as compared to potassium.

Excessive amount of sodium in your diet should be removed as this gives rise to the risk of high blood pressure. If you can restrict the consumption of sodium in your diet, it will be easier for you to stay away from any type of heart diseases.

On the other hand potassium is a wonderful mineral that protects your body and blood vessels from oxidative damage. But, even the intake of potassium in large volume is not very favorable. You need to have it as per the suggestion of your physician.

Potassium is one of the essential mineral for our body. Potassium involved in the functioning of the muscles and heart. We are going to find out the deficiency of potassium. Also the health benefits of potassium will be discussed in this article.

Why potassium required for us

Biotin rich foods

Our body required 2500 mg of potassium every day. Potassium play a main role in blood pressure, bone health, heart functioning and muscles functioning. If you deficient of potassium you have to face the any above mentioned problem.

Symptoms of potassium deficiency

Since all types of minerals are required to stay in your body in adequate quantity, deficiency of any one can give rise to some signs and symptoms. If you have very less or no potassium in your body following are the symptom through which you can get its signs.

  • Excess sweating along with dehydration
  • Numbness and tingling of hand and legs
  • Irregularity of heartbeat or palpitation
  • Tiredness and weakness in body frequently
  • Hallucinations or imaginary signs
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Frequency of thirst feeling
  • Good amount of urine every time and increase in urine frequency
  • Low blood pressure
  • Tendency of fainting
  • Depression for a longer period of time

Due to low potassium you have to face the eating disorder, libido, dihedral, other muscle related problems etc.

Potassium rich foods

Bananas are the best sources of the potassium .They contain high levels of potassium in them. There are other potassium sources other than bananas. Below are the some of potassium rich foods.

Tomatoes,bananas,honeydew melons,milk,orange,spinach,curd,beans,prunes,dates,potatoes,apricots,raisins,cantaloupe are the some foods rich in potassium.

Take the potassium diet in the food make you healthy with good potassium mineral content in the body which increases the muscles functioning well. Take other minerals like Zinc and sodium  in the diet they are also good for your health.

Beet leaves

Beet leaves

Health benefits of fiber rich foods

People generally consume beetroot and the leave part that develops over the ground are thrown to garbage dumping station.

But, you might not be aware that these beetroot leaves are an exclusive source of potassium which might be little bitter in taste but benefits your health like a wonder. This also contains good amount of antioxidants whether you consume it raw or cooked.



Yogurt can be made at home or can be purchased from any of the sweet shop and consumed for getting adequate quantity of potassium in diet. It is a low fat milk source with tangy taste.

While getting yogurt you must remember to get it original which will be sour in taste. There are sweeter variety of yogurt in the market which is not very healthy and the content of potassium will not be really high.

You can now consume yogurt simply just like you are having cup ice cream. Alternatively you can add it to your salad or punch it with bread to make a sandwich.



You can get Prunes in fruit shop where cherries, dried plumps and other dried fruits are available. You can consume it regularly along with your other diet schedule in order to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Since this has good amount of potassium, giving strength to your teeth and bones will be possible. Trial have been conducted between two woman among which one consumes dried apples where as other was eating prunes.

It has been observed that individual who consumed prunes have stronger bones than the one who consumed prunes.



Molasses is a healthy solution which looks like honey and is known as an alternative to sugar. It is healthier than that of sugar which contains potassium in good quantity.

Individual with deficiency of calcium and iron can easily get a good substitute with the consumption of Molasses. It is a healthy food solution which is sweeter in taste and has variety of health benefits.



Best mineral rich foods

You can find two types of soybeans in the market. One is unprocessed and is in the raw form whereas the other one is processed and packed. Both are good for health but the unprocessed variety of soybean is much more beneficial than those of processed one.

If you can consume half cup of cooked soybean, it will include 500 mg of potassium which is actually required for your body.

White beans

White beans

Though white beans are a rare variety of vegetable, you can now get it in super malls and big vegetables market. You can either boil it or add salt before consuming or can add white beans in vegetable curries you are preparing.

Benefits of potassium

Brain health

Potassium rich food is essential for individual of all age group. It is due to the reason that the potassium is essential for your brain. Housewives need to keep a track on everything that is happening at home.

School going kids needs to remember their lesions and the office going folks need to concentrate on their task. For this entire different task, the brain needs to be really sharp. You need to have food rich in potassium to boost your memory.

Maintain fluid balance

Our body requires adequate quantity of fluid to maintain balance. If this is disrupted variety of negative health condition will be observed. Potassium is such an ingredient that will easily maintain fluid balance within your body.

You need to have food rich in potassium each day as this will help to maintain perfect equation within your body. This will also create a path for the electrolytes within your bloodstream.

Reducing stress

Stress has become a common factor these days. Due to workload and tension you can get a lot of stress. This is the time for you to get a remedy of stress. Some of the expert would prescribe meditation. But some food also helps reducing your stress.

Potassium is one among the good ingredient that will remove stress from your mind. You need to have potassium rich food as those helps in reducing your stress level.

Increase body metabolism

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If you wish to stay healthy, boosting body metabolism is really important. If you don’t have enough metabolisms, this will make you feel lethargic.

Also the energy level will be effectively increased with better metabolism. Adequate quantity of potassium in diet will help you gain metabolism in your body. This is much effective if you wish to take part in sport event.