30 day pre grooming tips for bridegroom

The preparation starts thirty days prior the wedding ceremony. The occasion is special and you have to take the best care to look after yourself. It is important that you look the best on that special occasion where there would be people to appreciate your look and comment on your vibrancy. In fact, you can do lots of things to help yourself stay in the best of appearance and in the way you are sure to appear so smart and dynamic.

To look the best on the wedding days is the heart’s aspiration. Thus, you have lots of preparations to make so that you can easily steal the show on the occasion.

Taking special care of the nails

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Please look after your nails before the day of wedding. This is necessary. You can call for a man-icure for the purpose. With the sort of manicured nails you can have a better boosting of the personality. Now, you are confident to take close up snaps as you don’t have the fear that the imperfections would be caught by the camera. You can go the salon for the reason of proper nail care before the wedding day. In case you are conscious about your look and you don’t prefer to miss out on anything, you would always wish your nails to be taken the right care at the right time.

The right wedding haircut for you

Please make sure not to have an unworthy haircut for the day of wedding. You should put on with something that would make you appear smart and neat. You can easily visit a unisex parlour where you can easily visit the talented hairdresser and the person would be able to suggest you with the apt haircut. Now, your hair is styled in a way to go well with your look and personality. The haircut should also match with your facial features.

Taking the right care of the skin is important

It is important that once the date of your marriage gets fixed you should settle for a daily skin care regime. You skin is in need of perfect toning, cleansing and moisturizing. You should start this a few weeks before the wedding day. You can even go for a facial treatment few days before the wedding. This is essential for that glowing and fresh appearance. This way your skin is made to get rid of the dead cells and now you would have no more unnecessary skin dryness. Please shave well on the morning of the marriage day or you can even go for a trimming of the moustache or the goatee or even the special cut beard. This is time you should visit a salon for the purpose as this is not the time you should be casual with your grooming.

Accessories do matter

You should also be serious in matters of choosing the right accessories to wear. In case you don’t prefer wearing a watch you can arrange for a band or a bracelet for the wrist. This will help you appear smarter when taking a close up photograph. In case the groom is wearing a belt this should be in match with the colour of the shoe. The shoes on the day should be absolutely clean and shiny. This is sure to add to your smartness and dynamism. In case you want to have a classy look make sure to wear a vest of neutral colour, and the tie you wear should have the hit of the colour of the vest.

Dealing with the teeth

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It is even important to have clean and shiny teeth on that special wedding day. When you smile the yellow tinge should not show. You need to think about using teeth whitening so that you can easily remove off the wine and the coffee stains. This is the time you should fix an appointment with the dentist and get the teeth bleached and cleaned in the right way. You can even by the products and treat the teeth yourself at home. This will help you achieve the desired brightness. Just make sure to take the treatment a fortnight before the day of marriage. In case there is unexpected teeth sensitivity you should consult a dentist at the earliest. However, everything should take place much before the wedding day s that you do not have to handle the discomfort on the concerned day.