How to overcome tiredness & fatigue

Fatigue refers to a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and listlessness due to various reasons. Fatigue may be of physical kind, mental kind and both in some cases.

The person who is under the problem fatigue may feels tough to explain his symptoms. So, let us see various reasons, symptoms and solution for fatigue.

It is true that people are no more getting energetic after completing a task. There was a time when people used to do 10 tasks together. But, at the same time they remain as energetic as they used to be before completing the particular set of task.

There can be variety of issues related to the same. Some people lack proper nutrition in their body that aids them boosting the energy level. In this article we are going to find out variety of reasons due to which tiredness can take place. Also, we can find out the solution of it.

Not having enough sleep

Better position to sleep right

Staying in the bed for many hours doesn’t comes under the count of sleeping for that hours. Lack of good night sleep is a major reason for the fatigue and low at concentration.


Fix a schedule for sleeping and reach exactly your bed at that time. Prohibit the usage of cell phones, television, laptops, music systems and other entertaining systems in your bed room.

Though you always roll on the bed for hours and hours but not getting the good sleep indicates some sleeping disorder and it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Sleep apnea

Few people think they are having good sleep for more than required hours but when they fall under sleep apnea it results as fatigue. Because sleep apnea stops the breathing of a person frequently and it makes him to wake up in each breath-break moment.


Due to the overweight and excessive smoking habit, sleep apnea may results. So dust off your shoes and try doing workout, quit to smoke is another ideal way to deal with the sleep apnea problem.

Consider right and balanced food

Top healthiest foods

Eating low amount of food due to the hustle bustle life has become a common problem among many people. Choosing the right food and eating the sufficient amount helps to retain the sugar levels in a normal range, which will help you to come out from laziness and tiredness.


Never skip breakfast, it effects your whole day. Include your diet with protein based and complex carbohydrates based food items for the sustainable energy.


Women are more prone with anemia when compared to men. The loss of blood in the menstrual period results for the deficiency of iron, by which there is no proper transfer of oxygen to the tissues and organs.


Consume iron supplements to treat the iron deficiency resulted anemia. Apart from supplements food items which will provide rich iron amounts includes beans, cereals, lean meat, shellfish, liver and so on.


Now-a-days depression has become a major pusher of fatigue. Depression is not just an emotional disorder but it contributes for many physical problems including fatigue, loss of appetite, headache and some more.


Home treatment for depression

If you suspect you have been under depression for more than a couple of weeks then consult your doctor. It can be well treated by psychotherapy or medication.

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection mostly comes with its associated burning pain and sense of urgency. But the infection some times may also symbols for fatigue problem.


Antibiotics are the best solution to cure the UTI problems.

Reasons of heavy tiredness or fatigue

Underactive thyroid

If an individual have very little thyroid hormone in their body, then he is said to have suffering from the under active thyroid problem. As a result of which people become highly tired.

Other consequences of this physical condition are pain in muscles and gaining weight. You can find it mostly in women. But, men also do suffer from this issue once they gain age.

Glandular fever

It is quite obvious to mention that all types of fever make an individual weak and feeble. But Glandular fever is one among its kind that takes place due to viral infection.

People suffering from this fever become too much tired, fatigue and weak. You also get affected with the issue of swollen glands and sore throat.

Too much exposure to sun

Best tips for your relaxation

Most of the people have to go ahead with their official schedule. For that they have to travel during the day where the sunlight exposure is the most. Some people take protection such as umbrella, sun glass etc but others don’t. The excessive sun exposure makes us too weak and we hardly get energy after reaching office.

Solution for fatigue or tiredness


Sometimes when you have nothing to do in the morning, you keep on sleeping. This is the way of spoiling your own healthy. You can only stay fit and free from all types of tiredness if you can go ahead with the exercise on a regular basis.

Nutrition rich diet

One of the most important reasons of getting tiredness and fatigue will be wrong choice of food item.

You might not be having adequate amount of nutrition in your diet that will make your strong both from inside and outside. It is the time for you to follow the diet chart from the dietitian and go ahead with intake of nutrition diet.