Why women craving for sugar?

It is quite common to find carving for sugar among women. But, many people are unaware of its real reasons. The reasons for women’s carving sugar may vary. The reasons can also be biological in some cases. You can now research and find out variety of reasons for sugar carving.

Sugar carving is a peculiar phenomenon viewed in many ladies where they have unlimited desire for sugar consumption. As per the recent report, it has been found that the problem of carving for sugar is seen among the ladies.

There can be various reasons for the same. Some ladies have inclination towards sweet dishes and thus end up with the sugar carving phenomenon.

Sometimes it has also been absorbed that women with too much of stress in life has craving for sugar. A pregnant woman can also have craving for sugar with the mood swing procedure. Let us find out more reasons for women craving for sugar.

Reasons of women carving sugar


Disadvantages of using more sugar

Sometimes if a person is craving for sweets, it would probably depend on the diet. People following diet chart of low carb or low fat for a long time, body will become resistant to insulin.

When such situation takes place, the body will simply send signal to the brain and the brain will ask the person to consume sweets even after the body has plenty of sugar. Thus, you must be very cautious when you are using an appetite suppressant.

The side effect of appetite suppressant can even cause sugar carving for women. The effort which you are putting to reduce your weight will go into veil.

With the carving of sugar, people will consume food items with more glucose. You might be eating less, but due to the consumption of sugar deposit of fat in your body will increase.


You must be surprised to know the fact that, even stress can give rise to carving for sugar. Whenever you get inadequate sleep due to work pressure, you must suffer from adrenal fatigue. This fatigue and stress in your body can give rise to carving for sugar.

It is true that, for energy in your body, sugar is quite essential. This glucose or sugar sends energy to your body. This energy is needed whenever a person is very exhausted. Body will also need to carve for it when it lacks enough energy.

But, it is important to get a control over the consumption of excess sugar. If you can have enough sleep at night, this would help you in getting stress free life. Automatically, craving for sugar will be reduced.


If you are suffering from constant craving for sugar in diet, it can also relate to genes. According to the researchers, most of the people with constant craving for sugar has some history with their ancestor. It means that, their genes have the same problem which is reflected in the present generation.

The glucose generation type 2 also helps in regulation of food intake in the body. The conclusion was drawn by the research that, irrespective of the factors like age, health condition etc, and people consumes sweeter due to genetic factors.

Connection with estrogen

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Ladies have a strong drive for sex as they have higher estrogen level in their body. This has been proved when an experiment ran among male and female rat. Even female have preference for high sugar food. The fluctuation of hormonal level also makes them carve for sugar.

Periodic cycle in women

As we all know that women have to go through menstruation every month, this is also a reason behind which women has craving for sugar?  The research has found out that during the menstruation period they have more craving for sugar.

The periodic cycle in women is a very natural phenomenon which every woman must go through. The carving for sugar is also as natural as that.

Stress in women

Even due to stress people suffers from variety of problems. But this can be a reason for sugar carving too. In such a situation sugar carving is a very usual phenomenon.

But, this is not at all harmful. You can easily get back in proper set of mood with sugar carving. This is the reason why women love to have Cadbury or a chocolate on a usual way.

Tension free

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Even during tension many ladies have a tendency of having craved for sugar. Even in this stage people have a craving for sugar. Also the researchers have found that after consuming sweets, the tension from your mind will be totally free. You can now come forward and get this fact from the experts.

Since, craving for sweet may not be very good for health, you must find out ways to reduce this craving. You can now get many ways through which craving for sweets can be reduced.

You must combine equal amount of exercise with the technique of relaxation so that you can easily manage your stress. If you skip meals this would again give rise to craving for sugar. Thus, you must visit the dietician and get equal quantity of food and exercise.