The disadvantages of using more sugar in your diet

You must have heard that sugar is harmful for your health. But, did you know in what ways sugar harms your skin? Normally there are two different types of sugar in the market. One is simple and the other one is complex variety of sugar. If you are consuming the complex sugar, there will be no chance of health hazards as the complex variety of sugar will take long time to break down.

Thus, it is going to be a healthier substitute for your body. But the simple sugar is having many health hazards as those can be broken down by your body quite easily. The energy level becomes high and down.

Sugar is not a natural ingredient totally though it has been extracted from sugar cane extracts, it also have some side effects on its excess consumption. Today people are complaining about the weight gains which might be an effect of lifestyle changes and fast food. But, sugar also plays an important role in making you gaining weight.  It might not effect too much if you consume little sugar in tea or anything else everyday. But, the excess sugar can give rise to variety of healthy problems which starts from weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

A pair of various kinds of sugar exist: simple in addition to complicated. Complicated sugar takes for a longer time for your entire body to break up and is also more healthy for your entire body. This manner is found in pure glucose such as complete grains in addition to fruits. However, simple sugar is divided by your entire body rapidly in addition to causes electricity pros and cons.

This kind of sugar contains processed in addition to highly processed sugar seen in dining room table sugar in addition to combined with many puddings. Eating an excess of simple sugar comes with many medical problems.

Immunity system health

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Eating too much simple sugar may negatively have an impact on ones defense mechanisms for about 5 hrs as soon as you take it, based on  Too much sugar obstructs ones defense mechanisms via working properly in addition to decreases the power involving white-colored our blood tissues to deal with bacterias. In contrast, complicated glucose don’t have these side effects.


Most people features encountered electricity surges in addition to dips immediately after feeding on simple glucose, since they are usually divided rapidly in your body. Although not all people gets the identical reaction to sugar, sugar-sensitive individuals include drastic “sugar highs” via adrenaline surges immediately after feeding on sugar in addition to “sugar lows” regarding reduced blood sugar levels. These kind of side effects can bring about behaviour troubles, issues paying attention in addition to problems mastering.

Blood pressure

A lot like taking in too much salt, an excess of sugar can bring about higher our blood stress with males, using the United states Cardiovascular system Connection. These kind of answers are regarding fructose, any type of sugar seen in dining room table sugar in addition to combined with many solutions, and so are not really in connection with another kind of sugar: carbs and glucose. Nonetheless, higher our blood stress via sugar occurred with males taking in far more fructose compared to sum seen in the conventional United states eating habits.

Oral health

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It’s no real surprise that will sugar negatively impacts ones oral health. If the sugar you eat blends using plaque, it produces the acidity which could lead to enamel weathering with time, using the United states Dentistry Connection. The ADA suggests feeding on a lesser number of foods using added in sugar, such as desserts, to remember to brush ones enamel two times everyday in order to floss routinely.


Contrary to public opinion, sugar won’t right lead to diabetes, claims the actual United states Dietetic Connection. Nonetheless, extreme sugar, much like additional poor ways of eating, may circuitously produce diabetes. Eating an excess of foods high in unhealthy calories, such as many foods which might be furthermore high in sugar, may mean you can gain pounds. This particular bodyweight gain may boost ones odds of establishing diabetes.

Promotes inflammation

It is a part of immune response, is not always bad. But consuming sugary foods can fuel excessive, inappropriate inflammation that serves no purpose. It promotes disease and aging.


Foods which contain sugar also contain rich calories and high fat content. These factors can contribute to weight gain. This leads to obesity. Sugar is generally associated with weight gain and obesity.


Check the nutrition labels to determine how much sugar is present in the food you eat.

Negative effects of using more sugar in diet

Chronic diseases

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Once you have increase in the blood sugar level, even your insulin level will increase if you are consuming sugar constantly. A hormone that is produced by your pancreas with the rise in blood sugar level in your body is known as insulin. It might be good to consume unpolished sugar than that of refined sugar as consumption of refined sugar will give rise to more insulin production which will once again give rise to variety of chronic problems.  Also there will be a risk of heart disease, cancer etc.

Weight gain

Even if you exercise and stay on tough diet, if you are consuming excess sugar in your diet in some or the other ways, this can easily be converted into triglyceride due to which you can see flab over the waist portion of your body. These fats are also seen to have well deposition over your thigh as well as hips.  It is better to avoid the sugary beverages as the liquid will make you crave for it more than your expectation. If you really wish to consume fruit juice, just extract juice from the juicy fruits such as lemon, orange etc, add some salt and saccharine and consume it easily.


People have been suffering from acne and have used variety of cosmetics as well as home remedies to stop it. But, they might not be aware of the real cause behind acne. Research has found out that acne breakouts are the result of consumption of excess sugar.  Even the spikes in sugar are developed ideally with an affect of acne breakouts. It is better not to consume excessive sugar or else you can suffer from painful condition of acne breakouts. As sugar is considered as hi glycemic diet, Oil sebum is produced due to this sugar in refined form in diet.

Heart disease

As soon as you are affected by heart disease, you might not get enough scope to survive for long. Even a silent heart attack at night while you are sleeping may give rise to variety of complications. There are cases when people end their life just after getting a single heart attack. People have a misconception that only fatty layer can cause heart problems. But, always fat may not be a reason behind it. Rather, sugar also contributes in making your heart unhealthy. It all adds high amount of triglycerides in your body and gives rise to low level of HDL.  It is better to have less than 5% of sugar in diet than those who consume around 15-20% of regular sugar in diet. Due to high level of HDL in your body you can even get hardening of arteries. Due to this condition, there is a chance that you can have heart attack, strokes and other types of heart disease.


It is true that you can have boost of your mood on a temporary basis if you consume sugar suddenly. But, it is also affects in the process of triggering your body in the process of releasing feel good hormone serotonin. But, excess of sugar consumption such that you are overloading your body with sugar will not be good for your health as well. Research has made a correlation between consumption of sugar and the annual rate of depression in individuals.  You can also be hospitalized for one or the other cause if you are consuming heavy sugar regularly for the period of 2 years. This will also give rise to your blood sugar level and fluctuations in your blood pressure level will be achieved.

Alternatives of sugar

Sugar is not the only ingredient to bring sweetness to your dishes and fluids. There are also various natural alternatives which might not be harmful as sugar. Let us find out some among the sugar alternatives.


Honey is a natural ingredient which is naturally extracted from bee hives. You can get it naturally with no side effects. You can easily use honey in place of sugar when you are willing to make some juices, sweat meals etc.


Health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

It is a byproduct extracted from sugar cane naturally available in the sugar cane plant. It is also rich in variety of nutrients extracted from sugar with no side effects.


You can also get a sweet product which is extracted from the leaves of warm climate stevia rebaudiana plant.  This can be very well used as an alternative to sugar.

Brown rice syrup

The brown rice can be cooked at home and then is exposed to enzyme. Since it has no fructose it will be ideal to consume for people with any age and every physical condition.  You can use it in your diet without worrying about its side effects or harm to people suffering from various critical disease.

Cons for using sugar in diet


Hypertension is an issue that is been suffered by individuals who remains tensed for a long time. The tension that takes place related to job and family issue can give rise to hypertension. You need to stay away from the sugar in order to stay away from the issue of hypertension. This is the time for you to stay confined with some of the health hazards. Consuming sugar in meals will increase hypertension.

Tooth decay

Sugar can also be prone to bacterial reaction. If the food that includes the sugar particles gets inside your tooth, it can give rise to the attack of bacteria inside your tooth. As a result you can be affected by the tooth decay. The plaque and bacteria will also be associated with your teeth which will give rise to tooth decay. Kids are often asked to avoid chocolates as this can lead to the tooth decay. Sugar in food also affects your teeth in the same way.

Increase in cholesterol

Sugar can give rise to the fat layer in your body. Thus, you can get affected with the thick layer of cholesterol which is really not good for your health. It has been observed that most of the people who have high consumption of sugar can be widely affected with the high level of cholesterol in their body. Thus, it is really important to get control over sugar intake.