Breast cancer risk on increase in skirt size

Women with increase in their skirt size in their middle age should be warned about the risk of cancer- says researchers.

Just after stepping in mid 20’s if ladies starts increasing their skirt size in every decade, they are quite likely suffer from breast cancer after their stage of menopause- commented by researchers at University college London. They also said that, it will be quite easy to track gaining weight of individual just after watching the skirt size right from mid 20’s.

Women who are younger than their BMI can remember their skirt size well. According to the statement of Prof Usha Menon (department of women’s cancer), in BBC News, weight gain can be monitored really well if there is a chance of skirt size increase confirmation. The same would be the prediction of risk associated with breast cancer in older women.

Breast cancer has been a serious health issue a decade ago. But today the time has change. People are getting more advanced medical treatment with improvement in medical science. Even the breast cancer treatment has improved. The researchers from various parts of the world are concentrating on the breast cancer treatment. Even few groups are successful getting fruitful result. The breast cancer is no more an incurable disease. You can get some tips to totally remove breast cancer from your body. Some precautionary action is required. The facts on breast cancer risk when skirt size increases are important to note. Let us find this more.

Changes in lifestyle

Study was conducted to check whether breast cancer is associated with increase in skirt size among more than 90,000 women within the age range of 50-60 years living in England. It has been reflected that more than 1090 women develops breast cancer in the study of 3 years. According to the researchers, there was the risk of increasing 33% of breast cancer for women in their post menopausal age. If the skirt size grows twice in same period, the risk of getting breast cancer is not less than 77%.

Simon Vincent commented on the research being associated with breakthrough breast cancer. He said, 40% of breast cancer in women can be prevented with the help of changes in lifestyle. If you can maintain healthy weight by staying active regularly, breast cancer can be prevented.

The study also highlights a very easy way of checking and monitoring the weight gain mechanism. If the skirt size keep on increasing when they are younger than BMI, cancer is quite likely to take place.

Check out limitations

Best ways to prevent breast cancer

The study so conducted with the link of breast cancer with an increase in skirt size has their limitations. The study will be effective only if women can say exact skirt sixe in their 20s.

But, the study so conducted provided very easy and simple message about the risk associated with the disease named obesity.

According to a representative of cancer research in UK, Tom stansfeld, the study may not be reliable as it is very usual for women to increase their dress size over years. Thus, most of the women may not be able to remember their waist size few years back.

According to an evidence, In order to reduce the risk of breast cancer after menopause, every lady must maintain a very healthy diet routine along with regular exercise. If you remain physically active, cutting down of alcohol from your body will be quite easy.

Just after menopause, keeping a healthy weight will be necessary as it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Increase in skirt size will be a good indication, women must also know about their overweight.

Effect of increase in skirt size

Cancer prevention tips

The skirt size of a lady is depended to find out whether the lady is affected with the breast cancer or not. If a lady is caught with the problem of breast cancer at the initial stage, keeping a watch on the skirt size is important. If the skirt size is consistent throughout, there is a good chance that the lady is not affected much with the cancer. But, women with post menopausal age with increase in skirt size have a risk of breast cancer. It is important to check out the skirt size and keep a track on it on a regular basis.

Obesity and cancer

There is a good link between the breast cancer and skirt size. Research has been conducted to find out compatibility between cancer and the weight of women. There is a good chance of getting breast cancer for all those ladies who are between the age 40 to 59 years. These ladies have a good tendency of increasing their skit size. It means the waistline gets increase due to hormonal secretion. But, after the women crosses 60 years of age, they will have a great tendency of reducing their body. Thus, the chances become maximum for them with increase in waits line. It is really important to have a check on diet and go ahead with regular check up process for all those with the problem of obesity later in 40’s of their age.