Sara ali khan weight loss diet and workout secrets

Sara Ali Khan is the chubby kid that we saw in Kareena and Saif’s wedding. From the over weighed girl to the most talked about of B-town, the journey has not been a cake walk to her. But the studious Columbia girl always wanted to step in Bollywood since childhood. Here are essential revelations about her weight loss journey for you:

Sara Ali Khan’s PCOS disorder and motivation

Sara Ali Khan’s PCOS disorder and motivation

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For years, Sara suffered from a hormonal disorder called PCOS where one begins to gain weight, grow bald and have hair growth on body. She was a 96 kg girl and it wasn’t easy to lose 30. Before starting Kedarnath or signing Singham, the nawab daughter was asked to tone her body and increase the energy levels to match with Ranveer and Sushant. Her passion for Bollywood inspired her to lose and look the gorgeous she is!

Sara Ali Khan’s diet chart and secrets

Sara Ali Khan’s diet chart and secrets

Having PCOS is a hindrance to weight loss. Sara had to follow a listed diet to bring the best result on her. Sara has always kept her plan simple and home cooked hygienic food. She has eaten at intervals regularly instead of starving.

Here is how it goes:

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  1. Pre-breakfast: Sara’s pre-breakfast, early morning has been a glass of warm water to cleanse the digestive track. If it is a workout day, she prefers having turmeric with spinach and hot water as a source of minerals and antioxidants.
  2. Breakfast: Sara’s breakfast is an egg-white along with a bread toast or 2 medium idlis. For a change she would have egg scrambled toast. Eggs and chicken was her all day diet while losing weight.
  3. Lunch: Her lunch consists of boiled vegetables, raw chopped salad, fibre-rich fruits, boiled dal and one no ghee chapati. The pack of minerals and vitamins has worked as a strength builder for her.
  4. Snacks: Snacks has a small quantity of semolina soaked in grilled vegetables for the workout requirement. Some days are only nuts- cashews, almonds and pistas.
  5. Munchies: When she feels hungry or has anxiety, she would munch nuts or freshly cut cucumbers as her go through. Cucumbers having major content to be water, hydrate and satiate hunger needs.
  6. Dinner: Sara’s dinner is a bowl full of vegetables. Some days grilled and others boiled. Boiled eggs and chicken is also a part. As PCOS demands lot of mineral intake, green leafy boils are a must intake.
  7. Pre-workout: Usually, she takes a bowl of fruit mix with boiled oats or muesli as a pre-workout intake portion. Rich in fatty acids, the bowl is also a nutrient balancer.
  8. Post-workout: Legumes loaded salad bowl with tofu or milk shake/ yogurt.

Sara Ali Khan’s workout regimes for weight loss

Sara Ali Khan’s workout regimes for weight loss

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Being a hormonal disease prey, she knows it well that it needs extra effort apart from diet to maintain the desirable body shape. Wherein, workout has played a vital forefront role for Sara Ali Khan.

  • Treadmill running as fast as she can while listening to hindi songs.
  • Stretching and jogging as a part of warm up.
  • Playing sports with certain other celebs to gain strength.
  • Dedicating a day to pilates workout under her trainer Namrata Purohit
  • Yoga
  • Triceps and dumbbell raises.
  • Crunches and biceps
  • Ab and hip pushups.
  • Aerobics and strength gain boot camp training

She feels mixture of exercises helps her not getting bored. Pilates under Namrata Purohit and boot camp training for aerobics and endurance building under Cindy Jordian are her majors. Boot camp is an intense training which involves lunges, pushups, pull ups, crunches, along with sprints and drills, etc.

Sara Ali Khan fitness tips and trails

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  • Eat plain and simple. Avoid fast food and other forms of sugar.
  • Do not exceed the amount of protein intake as it does no good.
  • Not to skip meals in tempt to lose weight as it reverses the cause.
  • Portion size should be small and precise to balance hunger and nutrient ratio.
  • To avoid all sort of cheat meals and intake of refined flours.
  • Find ways to satiate your taste buds with permutations and combinations of healthy fibre rich foods.
  • Don’t give up while working towards the goal and seek help from your instructor as and when needed.