Side effects of contraceptive pills

In modern times every woman is conscious to have one or two children. So, pregnancy control contraceptive is at heavy demand in the market. You can enjoy your sensual life with no risk of being pregnant.

These birth control pills are safe to use, and you can enjoy your sexual life with no tension at all. But the constitution of everyone’s body is not the same. So, many women face few problems at the beginning but recovers from this signs gradually.

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Birth control pills & hair loss

So, it is good news that you are safe from unwanted pregnancy. Remember one thing. Motherhood is a difficult phase to handle so; you need a proper mental preparation.

When you take contraceptive pills you have chances of having heavy periods which are also painful. Due to regular consumption of these pills an endometrial lining forms. This also sheds during the periods of every month.

So, the heaviness of the period depends on the depth of the lining. If the lining is more the flow is more, if the lining is less the period flow is less. But slowly the heavy flow will reduce as you consume these pills for a long period.

Another initial side effect is the Libido. The testosterone is slashed away. The production of the testosterone is also lessened. The liver also pumps the hormone binding globulin in the body.

If you have taken the birth control pill for a long time then it will hamper the milk production process later, when you become a mother. Every woman has a dream of becoming a mother now or later.

So, when you are a mother and you have delivered a baby the contraceptive pills’ estrogens will hamper your milk production.  This increase in estrogens level decreases the percentage of milk production.

More about the Birth Control Pills

Do birth control pills cause acne?

So, this is a negative point of a birth control pill. Contraceptive pills are really dangerous for women who have diabetes. Now, researchers have said that cancer possibility is increasing due to use of long period pregnancy prevention pills.

Mainly cervical and breast cancer can occur due to this contraceptive pills. The oral contraceptive pills contain estrogens and progestin or have progestin only.  The birth control pills can be of different types. They are monophasic, biphasic and triphasic.

Monophasic pills are also known as mini pills which only contains progestin hormones. All women vary from each other. So these mini pills are mild which contains only progestin hormone.

This is used mainly by women who are breastfeeding and is incapable to tolerate the effect of the estrogens hormone. These birth control pills cover the uterus with a thick lining. So, the eggs are not released if the medicine is taken daily.

This type of pills can be taken if a patient has heart disease, blood clot, migraines and high blood pressure. But you need to be very careful about one thing that this has a lesser effectiveness than the combination pills.

The side effects include cyst in the ovary, headache, irregular menstrual bleeding, tenderness in the breast, acne, depression and can cause weight gain. The risk of ectopic always remains.

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Do birth control pills affect fertility?

The multiphase pills have both the estrogens and progestin hormone present in it. This is also known as triphasic, quadriphasic and biphasic. The multi phase pills have a rest of 7 days.

These hormones help in thickening of the cervical mucus and the thin wall to stop the release of the eggs, and hence stop unwanted pregnancy. This can give you the choice of the time you want your pregnancy, but have some dark side too.

High risk of heart attack, blood clots can happen. Some other problems are irregular bleeding, nausea, tenderness in breast, bloating etc. Birth control pills can relieve the mid cycle pain also.

The contraceptive pills stop the process of ovulation, so eggs are not present to be shredded. The experience of every woman is different for the usage of birth control pills.

Sometimes contraceptive pills help in giving relief for the heavy bleeding and the pain with it.  It also prevents anaemia to some extent. But one should surely consult the doctor before choosing the right pill.