Birth control pills & hair loss

Birth Control Pills are known to be helpful for women but what if they become a reason of distress? A sexually active woman has consumed or consumes birth control pills, even though some of which come with no side effects but we heard some women lose hair, find thinning hair or falling hair.

These Birth Control Pills are so effective that even though they stop taking the pills they see the side effect taking place. That’s why we have researched all the possible reasons that cause the Hair loss because of Birth Control Pills and ways you can treat it.

How birth control pills work?

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Birth Control Pills are known to prevent pregnancy as they contain female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, whose presence if increased will release the mature egg from the ovaries, which is the process of ovulation.

They harden the mucus around the cervix so that the sperm doesn’t flows to the egg and even if an egg gets fertilizer it usually doesn’t grows anymore.

Generally, there aren’t any side effects as caused by the Birth Control Pills but when we see the depth then only we find that yes there are which isn’t just limited to Hair loss but also other effects such as-

  • Irregular Periods
  • Nausea
  • Breast tenderness or soreness
  • Mood Swings
  • Weight gain or loss

Hair loss control vitamins

Apart from this, even women have been suffering from Cancer, high blood pressure, decreasing sex drive and no chance of further pregnancy if they have been taking the pills too much or very frequently.

Where earlier hair loss happened occasionally, these days it has become more like a disease which every young woman has developed. Birth Control Pills on top of it make it all the more worse.

How do they cause hair loss?

Women who lose hair when they start or stop consuming birth control pills is only because of the reason that they are sensitive to the hormones that a pill usually contains, also women who have a family history of baldness.

With hair shedding in a number of 50-100 in a day, growing in a quantity more to the shedding amount is also required. As the hair grows stage wise, more like a cycle so the birth control pills change the growing stage to the stage where the growth stops too soon and between which a woman loses more hair.

If it’s the family history then baldness increases even further more because of the Birth Control Pills. Somewhere between losing little amount of air to losing too much, the Birth Control Pill shows its side effect.

How to stop hair loss caused by contraceptive pills?

Lovable vegetables for hair growth

Usually hair loss stops after a point of time; if you have been consuming Birth Control Pills in a routine then as soon as your body becomes habituated to it the hair loss frequency will slow down and then gradually stop.

If you have stopped consuming Birth Control Pills then it may take some time for your body to adapt to the change and slowly your hair loss will decrease and then stop at a point of time.

All you need to do is invest some time in pampering your hair, so that your stays healthy as that too accounts for minimization of hair loss.

Take enough carbs

While facing hormonal problems, it is necessary to take proper carbohydrates in your diet. When your hypothalamus feels you are starving due to a low carb diet, it reduces the process of ovulation and hormone secretion.

This results in hair loss in women. So when you are on the pills, you must remember to eat right and have the right amount of carbs in your diet.

Do not forget taking zinc

Hair loss can be seriously reduced by increasing the zinc content in your diet. Zinc stimulates hair growth in women and also reduces the level of androgen and promotes ovulation.

It keeps the balance of hormones normal and provides you healthy hair growth by reducing its falling. Birth control pills deplete the zinc deposit in the body.

Therefore, if you are taking birth control pills, load your plate with more of zinc. Oysters, lamb, wheat germ, spinach, nuts, chicken, mushroom and pumpkin seeds contain loads of zinc.

Take high protein and biotin rich food

The best way to stop androgenic hair loss is to prevent the use of birth control pills because it disrupts your hormonal levels.

But you can also promote your hair growth instead by having a diet containing meat, eggs, leafy green vegetables, salmon, tuna and nuts because they give you daily dose of proteins and biotin needed by the body for healthy hair growth.

Doctor’s consultation

Even after too much of time has passed ever since you started having or stopped having Birth Control Pills and still your hair loss didn’t slow down or stop then it is time you consult a doctor at the earliest.

He or She will prescribe you medicines that will boost the growing stage of your hair and the hair follicles will grow quickly.

Change the pill

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If you have been using birth control pills from a long time and it still doesn’t get along with your hair loss or growth then we suggest that you should try changing your birth control pill.

You can better opt for pills that have been prescribed by your doctor and approve no hair loss or pills that have low-androgen provided you discuss the risk or side effects if any prior with a doctor.

Use wide tooth comb

Comb your hair down with wide tooth combs so that the tangles can be combed without the need to pull down your comb too hard which further results in hair breakage. Be gentle while doing so as your hair deserves all your love and patience.

Don’t wash your hair frequently

Don’t wash your hair too often because at this point of time you need to keep the scalp nourished and healthy as far as possible.

Washing your hair with shampoo way too much also washes away the natural oils off your scalp. If it’s important then use a shampoo or conditioner that has a mild and nourishing formula.

Stop hair styling treatments

During this stage it is better if you stay away from different types of hair treatments like highlights, curling or straightening. Because even normally they are not so good for the health of your hair if done on a daily basis.

When your hair is already undergoing excessive hair loss you need to be very precautions on your hair habits. Don’t even use blow dryers, use natural way of drying your hair.

Consume healthy food

Eat healthy food because that’s what is most required to keep the scalp healthy and your hair grows back healthier. Eat food items that are high in progestin, estrogen and progesterone because in that way these hormones will increase in the body preventing sperms from entering into the egg or causing fertilization.

Always practice any habit or change one which affects your birth control intake by consulting your gynecologist as these pills come with risk, and taking risk just for the sake of hair loss which sooner or later can be treated can turn into something more serious.