How to treat depression after a breakup

If you have been through a breakup recently and now you are suffering from a depression, there is no reason to feel alone. Most of the people go through this phase of life after a long standing emotional relationship has come to an abrupt end. Our relationships are really important to us because they give meaning to our life, but breakups are only normal and though it might be challenging to come over it, it is not impossible. If you were serious about a relationship from which you had to suddenly come off, it is quite usual to feel devastated. Everything in life might seem to become meaningless for the time, but believe us, it is only too normal and just your normal psychological reaction to the loss.

A breakup not only ends a relationship, it also draws a closure to the good memories that you have shared with the person in the past. Coping up with a breakup is not easy, but going into serious depression for it, is certainly not the wise way. However, when it comes to the matters of heart, hardly any of us behave wise. So, if you are suffering from depression after your breakup, read on to know how you can treat it.

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Going to the psychiatrist, opting for the antidepressants might be effective to give you quick relief from the depression, but you can treat it on your own as well. Some changes in your thought process and lifestyle can easily help you to look at the better side of the breakup as well as the other things of life that are not less important than the person you lost, in anyway. So, it is best to first start with these and if you find that you are not feeling any better than the first week after breakup even after a month or if you find that your depression is hampering your professional life and other relations, you should take the assistance of a doctor to get the depression treated.Going into depression after a break up is only normal. So, do not feel alone and be more understanding towards your own needs.

Look at the brighter sides of the breakup

Breakups are painful but they also come with some good sides. If a person is breaking up from a close relation with you, it certainly means that he is not interested to share the rest of his life with you. This thought might be hurting but in reality this decision has saved you from living your life with a person who will not be there for you when you will need him the most. It is always better to live alone instead of being with someone who will not feel for you and only use you in his needs.

Human beings get involved in relationships because they bring mental pleasure and comfort. A breakup simply means that the relationship was not anymore able to bring pleasure to the life of at least one of the parties involved. Quarrelling regularly, not trusting each other, misbehaving, all comes from loss of pleasure from the relationship and it is always better to put a stop to such a relationship than dragging it.

A chance of a new beginning

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A breakup gives you the chance to begin your life afresh. It teaches you how to handle and maintain your relationships and makes it possible for you to not to make the same mistakes with your future partner. You might be really hurt now because you feel that you have lost the best person you could ever have in your life, but you never know what destiny might have in store for you. You can always get a better person than your last partner in life and a breakup only gives you the scope to check out what life has in its store for you.

More time to focus on your career

It might sound harsh, but you know your breakup can actually be the best thing for your career. Often we become so much focused on our relationships that our hard earned career takes a back seat. A breakup means you can now give your full concentration to what you have earned and what you deserve in your career. Always keep in mind that your career will never wake up one fine morning and say that he wants to leave you.

Talk your heart out

Shutting up your feelings and sorrows in your hurt is the worst thing you can do to yourself after a breakup. For treating the post break up depression talking your heart out to someone you can really trust is the best way to go. Talking helps and no matter how much a bad idea it may seem at first, talking out your thoughts and feelings after a break up to someone who is supportive is the best thing that you can do. If you do not have that one friend in your life with whom you can share these things, make the pen and paper your friend and pour down your heart on it. Believe us even writing down all your sorrow and pain can actually be highly helpful to treat the post-breakup depression.

Spend more time with friends

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It is the best time to start re-bonding with your friends. Spending more time with your friends and staying in the group will not let you feel alone which is a common feeling faced by many after a breakup. Loneliness and depression has a close relation. After a breakup you might feel like being alone is the only way to get healed, but in reality it will only exaggerate the problem. So, start spending more time with friends and family so that there is no gap in your life.

Spend quality time with yourself

While spending time with friends and family can be really helpful to come out of the post breakup depression, spending quality time with yourself is also important. However, make sure when you are spending time with yourself, you are not actually spending time with his memories, but your own thoughts and dreams. Reading books that you like, listening to the music of your choice, pampering yourself with a spa session or a bubble bath all can be great ways to spend time with yourself and to feel better.

Get your daily dose of exercise

Do you know exercising regularly can be one of the best ways to come out of any type of depression? Exercising increases the level of serotonin, the feel good hormone in the brain which naturally stimulates the mood and banishes depression. So, even if you do not feel like doing anything right after your breakup, get involved in regular exercising within a week. It will not only keep you physically fit and more confident about yourself but also mentally happy. If you do not like going to the gymnasium and going out for jogging or doing freehand exercise at home does not seem to be a good idea, join a swimming class. It will give you all the benefits.

Focus on what you eat

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What you eat has a great impact on how you feel. One of the first signs of depression is that people stop to take healthy diet. Either they start eating very less or they start eating extreme junk. In order to fight the post breakup depression it is really important that you take a balanced and nutritional diet. Include foods like green vegetables, nuts, seeds, peas, broccoli and fatty fishes in your daily diet. Vegetables are rich in colorful antioxidants that can have a positive impact on your mental health. Fatty fishes, nuts and seeds are filled with Omega 3 fatty acids which have proven effect on lifting the mood. Whole grains like oatmeal and sprouts that contain folic acid can also be good for a better mood.

Get involved into some creative activities that you enjoy

Joining a new activity right after the breakup might not be such a good idea, but joining an activity that you enjoy after a month or so of the breakup can be a very good way to come out of the depression. You can easily take upa drama class, dance class, a music class or learning something new. Exploring your creative self in different ways will make it much easier for you to deal with the breakup. Getting involved in new activities and exploring the other aspects of life can always make you feel better and can be most helpful to get rid of the post breakup depression.

A dream trip can help

Once you have healed considerably but yet you are not able to get complete hold on your feelings, a change of scene can be a good idea. Going out on a vacation of your dreams can fill you up with energy and excitement that will make it much easier to forget the past and to deal with the depression. However, you should not plan for a trip alone unless you have healed considerably after the break up.

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The above changes in your life can be highly effective to get rid of the post breakup depression, but you should opt for medical help if you do not start feeling better even after 2 months of the breakup as in that case it might take a turn for clinical depression which needs serious and immediate treatment. Also take immediate help from doctor if the depression seems to affect your professional life. Your doctor might prescribe you psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or medications to cure the depression.