What are the causes and effects of depression in women?

Depression is not about a single size that fits people with all age as well as the gender. Depression is suffered when the goals are not achieved. People suffering from depression might have their patterns and symptoms different. Also you can find the pattern of depression in female quite different from those of men. There are many factors which are probably responsible for the unique depressive picture of women. One of the responsible features is the reproduction hormone. Also the social pressure on female is one of the reasons behind the stress that gives rise to depression. If you can gather knowledge about these stresses, getting a solution will also be possible.Symptoms of depression

Depression is a feeling which makes an individual unhappy. They don’t get energetic to work be in a social gather. Even their favorite actor becomes a reason of irritation when an individual feel depressed. The reasons behind depression can be many. You just need to find out your cause when depression bothers you too much. Once the root cause is realize, the solution can be easily found out. The psychiatrist can help you out of the situation due to which you are getting depressed. You can also go to the counselor to sort the problem out.

Causes of depression in women

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Genes and mentality of women are quite different as compared to men. Not all women suffer from depression for same cause. There are various factors that grab each woman in causing depression. Some of the causes are:

Infertility and pregnancy

Hormonal changes take place in every woman when she suffers from infertility. Even during pregnancy women gets variety of hormonal changes. Women also have a high risk of miscarriage at an advanced stage of pregnancy. This will be one of the issues that gives rise of depression in women.

Health problems

Many ladies also suffer from variety of healthy problems. Some of the health problems include psychological illness, effect of dieting, disability, quitting smoking, etc. Since the physical health of the lady does not remain healthy, she is quite likely to suffer from mental illness which gives rise to depression once again.


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Every lady suffers from a peculiar type of mental state during the stage of menopause. This is the time when the lady stops the menstrual cycle completely. She loses the ability of giving birth to a child. The reproductive organ also comes across changes when the stage of menopause arises in a female personality. If women have past history of depression, the situation will crop up once again in the individual.

Body image issue

When the lady steps in the age of adolescence, depression in gender difference arise. Also the sex difference in an individual during puberty plays a great role in getting depression. Dissatisfaction of the body also gives rise to increase in depression.  Sexual development in girls during the stage of puberty is an important factor responsible for depression.

Excess stress

People taking work load more than their capacity are likely to get stressed. As compared to men, women at work place or home are quite likely to be stressed out and become depressed. According to the researchers, stress hormones produced by women are more than those of men.

Women getting depressed due to one or the other reasons always think negative. Positive thoughts are seen to have evacuated from their mind.

Know and understand depression in women

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Depression is one of the serious mental conditions in an individual especially women that can easily effect various areas of an individual’s life. Since you are involved with various categories of life such as relationships, social life, self worth and career, depression is likely to affect all these parts of your life. Women are more likely to develop depression in life as compared to men. Some women may not even know that they are suffering from depression. Conditions like guilt, tired, sad, upset are the symptoms of depression.

But the specialists in medical science say that depression is curable. There are pills or any other safe ways that helps in removing depression from the mind of individual.

Symptoms of depression

How would you understand that you are suffering from depression? You can now easily find it out by having a look at various signs and symptoms. Women complaining about :

  • Strong feeling of guilt
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Lack of energy
  • Fatigue
  • Weight changes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of concentration
  • Thought of death
  • Suicidal thought

are quite likely to suffer from depression. You must see a doctor and discuss all these factors with him that gives rise to depression in human being especially ladies.

Causes of depression


Some people have repeated night mares which creates the reason for depression. There might be an incident in the life of an individual which she cannot forget ever. Even if the individual feels that he forgot, but in her subconscious mind she might be thinking about it. This gives rise to nightmare and depression.

Body image system during puberty

When your child grows up and gets into the stage of adolescence, there can be variety of changes in his or her mental and physical appearance. The hormonal changes also can take place in such a situation. This comes with the realization of emergence of sex difference. It is very common in girls when they suffer from body dissatisfaction during their puberty.

Relationship problem

Every now and then you must have been hearing about the break up between two couples or divorce between the married couples. This relationship problem can also give rise to depression in individuals. It can be due to imbalance between the personal and professional life.

Effects of depression in women

Excessive weight loss

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An individual who have been trying to lose weight may not be successful easily without exercise and diet. But, may depressed individuals might lose their weight suddenly. This is one of the greatest effect of depression on people of all age.


We have been listening to suicide attempt of teen age girls and boys. Even we can hear about adults getting into 40 years of age suffering from variety of critical issues. They also commit suicide due to depression. This effect is really life taking.