Steps On How to Find a Reliable Hair Vendor

It is an overwhelming approach when we try to imagine starting any business, and having everything fall into place. The feeling is the same as when it comes to starting a hair business.

When a person decides to venture into this industry, getting a reliable hair vendor should be at the top of their list. Virgin hair market is at its pick right now, and one should strive to gain as much as possible in the high-grossing industry.

According to PR Newswire, the industry is expected to be the leading in profit margins by 2023. Given the projected growth, the market will undoubtedly be saturated soon, and landing the right vendor might be the differentiator.

Once a person settles on a business idea, they face a problem with knowing where to start. There are a lot of things that one must think about, such as logo, product photographs, theme, and the blog. However, the first business of the day is sourcing for the best product (human hair) available.

Establishing the best vendor and developing a long-term professional relationship is key to the success of the business. To succeed in choosing a vendor, one must undertake a lengthy process that involves a lot of groundwork being done.

Evidently, a person venturing in hair extensions business is looking to make money and also succeed in writing a playbook. Choosing high-quality hair from the right vendor will catapult your position in life when you start earning from your business venture.

Choosing to work with the right vendor can save you tons of trouble in the long-run.  Here are the steps on how to find a reliable hair vendor.


Google has the answer to almost everything, but you can get professional help if you know how to harness the search engine. Billions of people globally rely on Google for the best info available.

So using the search engine can be very important in getting information on a hair vendor. Any hair that you need from Brazilian hair to virgin hair just Google it and all the information will be availed to you.

While browsing for this information, it is essential to try and compare the different vendors not only in terms of pricing but ratings from the clients who have bought from them.  Have a list and go for the vendor with the best rating.


These days, business moguls are taking advertisement to a more visual concept than print media. And YouTube gives such a platform where hair vendors can create a channel and advertise their products either personally or through social media influencers.

After Google, YouTube also has adequate information on anything you need. Just go to YouTube and search for hair vendors and a list of them will appear.

While on YouTube also don’t forget the comment section, it is the epitome of the needed affirmation from users who have used the vendor’s product.

You can get vendors of Indian hair to even Peruvian hair from YouTube. Most vendors leave their contacts that you can take the initiative to get more intrusive information directly from them.


Instagram has dramatically grown, and most hair vendors are using this social media platform to take the colossal marketing opportunity it can have.

Instagram is more of a brand builder, and since hair business is something marketable, vendors are all over Instagram, and you can never fail to get one. The Hashtag is the thing; just follow those hashtags, and an array of hair companies will pop out on your notification.

Scroll through the comments to get the feedback from the users or buyers of a certain hair brand. If it is positive, make an effort to DM the vendor to inquire more on shipping details and other important information. It is that easy right? Hashtag! Hair extensions, Hashtag virgin hair.

Also, check on the page of the vendor on how active it is. A hair vendor that is serious is supposed to update pictures and other hair types they are launching. How quick they respond to your DM also shows how organized and serious they are in this hair business.


Pinterest is also a place you can use to scrutinize the different hair vendors available there. The media platform has a lot of hair vendors at your disposal; you can look out for. The videos on the app are always clear and informative, so always check on them too.

Plus the hair models they use will give you an idea on how your clients will look like on the said hair brands. Do an intrusive search on the company information not only the hair, but the vendor’s background is important too.

During your search, if something attracts you, it is ok to inbox the vendor to ask more questions. Or you can alternatively talk to the people who claim to have done business with the said vendor.

Communication is key, and you can get more when you know how to communicate before you even think of making a purchase.

Some vendors can even advice you on how to go about it if you are a new buyer. The other step is always to order a small piece, or a sample of the said product use it before opting for large orders.


One last important step is to go for a vendor with a website. I mean it is a global village, and if you are serious about your business, it must be available in all avenues, including a website.

A website will give you more information that might not be eminent for sales as the Instagram or Facebook posts of the said product. There is a lot you can learn about the company from how their website is set up. You can also take a look at the domain name date or age.

Last thoughts

One thing you have to know is every vendor will advertise as the best some will even sponsor random people to give them a good rating. Nonetheless, if this is a niche you want to indulge on a large scale, due diligence is critical.