Hot day make-up tips for oily skin

During summer people becomes really irritated due to the sweat dripping from the nosetip, forehead and throughout your neck.  Retaining makeup on the face becomes really difficult. This becomes worse for individuals who have oily skin. Even if you put a makeup, sliding down of the face will be really depressing.

People belonging to the profession of show business such as celebrities, fashion models, actresses etc would be in a great trouble as they need to have proper makeup throughout the day whether they are inside the set or outside. Being a public figure, it is not possible for them to remain without makeup.  But today there are some important makeup tips due to which you can remain fresh and beautiful with makeup even if you are struggling with oily skin on a hot summer day.

Whatever the skin tone you have maintaining it in healthy and attractive scores more points. Oily skin tone women in the case of make-up in the summer season need to follow perfect steps, going with a wrong notion never retrieves their hidden beauty. Let us see some of the summer makeup tips for the oily skin

Summer brings a lot of moisture in air with high rate of perspiration. People with oily skin tone already have tendency to sweat much with secretion of oil from the skin pores. It becomes really awkward for them to attend a party by putting makeup on face during a hot summer day. The makeup tends to wash away with excessive oil secretion. Hot day makeup tips will help you get sweat free makeup for a long time.  You need to have a healthy makeup routine.

Summer day make-up tips for oily skin

Cleansing routine

Best makeup ideas for oily face

In the summer season, people will face more than problems with their oily skin as the skin tends to become more oily. But with the steps on right choice will correct you and ditch out the problems.  Cleansing plays one of the major role, though we know that cleansing has wide importance we neglect it probably. It is always good to start up with the good cleansing routine. It is one of the important tip to you in the summer, use a good cleansing and toning product. Use it in gentle way so that it don’t prompt for the more oil.

Oil less moisturiser

Including the oily skin, every skin texture needs moisturiser. Pick a product that is specially made for oily skin so that you don’t need to apply extra oil. Look for the moisturiser that is free from oil.


Primer has a big role in the summer oily skin make-up. Applying primer makes the make-up to live long. Always apply the primer before the eye shadow and make-up application. Don’t skip to apply a little for the  eyelids in order to keep the eye makeup for more than hours.


Powder is the best buddy to oily skin tone women. Though you use it for the entire year its importance enhances in the summer season. Similar to the primer it also helps the make-up to stand for long hours. Choose your powder in such a way that is formulated oil free.

Blotting paper

Oily skin care tips

Make-up doesn’t end with the application, it is needed to maintain in a nurturing way. The care will increases for the oily skin tone in the summer. Due to the heat in the summer, make-up might be disturbed, in such times touch up with the powder is necessary. But if you don’t tend to carry a powder compact, try to bag the blotting paper. It will provide the ease to your make-up and takes only some space from your bag.


Sweating and feeling the heat are the most common things we encounter in the summer. They make the oily skin type to look worse. In such situation take the help of spritz, spritz the face by using a mineral spray to set yourself cool down. Don’t fear about your make-up, it don’t ruins. Well, even it set the make-up.


If you are facing the problems with the oily skin deep in the summer, never opt for the products with a shimmer or that gives shiny look.  If you do so, you will become the own spoiler of your looks and it seems in the way which you don’t want to look like. Applying lip gloss is not a mistake as the lips won’t turn oily.

Oil free facial cream

If you are following a healthy skin care routine of your skin, moisturizing your skin is an important step. Just after cleaning your face, you must apply a moisturizing cream but without oil. You can now get variety of oil free moisturizers in the market. Get the one which actually suites your skin tone.

Cut down eye makeup

 Summer skin care tips for oily skin

You should always go for a strategy to cut too much makeup. Eye makeup is the region where you can get too much of oiliness and tendency of washing away with excessive oil and sweat. Thus, it is always better to cut down the eye makeup. In this connection you must avoid using concealers to avoid priming lids.

Makeup that stays long

It is important to get the variety of makeup that stays for a long time. It is better to avail the branded makeup as that stays for a long time. Go for the makeup variety that is waterproof or water resistant in nature. The long wear makeup will stay for a long time.

Non stick variety

You can now go ahead choosing the non stick variety of makeup rather than the oily and normal variety as it will stay for a long time without creating oiliness over your skin tone. The light cream will be really amazing on the face of individuals who have typically oily skin tone. The non sticky and oil free formula is really amazing for the individual who have extremely oily skin tone. Try this today and see the difference.

Steps for hot day makeup for oily skin

De chapping lips

Excess of oil must have been accumulated over your lips and the dirt and sweat might have added an extra. You must be really concerned about removal of dead skin and extra dirt with carbon. In order to exfoliate, put some sugar over your lips and slowly rub with your fingers. If you don’t want to go for natural ways, take a bit of scrubber and apply it over your lips. Remove it with water after 5 minutes.

Avoid powder

Types of makeup foundations

Most of the people were portrayed with the fact that powder makes you away from sweat giving a refreshing look during summer. But, research has found out that powder only helps to make the person sweat more. Thus, avoid powdery substance while putting makeup during summer.

Skin exfoliation

Just after lips, this is the turn for your lips to get exfoliate. You can get variety of scrubs available in the market. You must choose a branded product and go ahead with exfoliation. There are exfoliates for oily skin tone as well as dry skin tone. You must choose the one for oily skin tone as yours is the oily skin. This is the process which removes the carbon deposits over your skin right from its deep layer.

Use cleanser

You must not skip any step while caring your skin during the summer and thus using the cleanser over your skin will be another important step. You must use cleaners that will clean your skin properly and remove oils from it right from its root. Once you get out in the morning, you can see the sweat accumulated over your upper lips and T line. This is the time to remove such oil and this can be done easily with the help of a cleanser.

Moisturize your skin without oil

There are different types of moisturizers in the market. People with dry skin need to choose moisturizers that have enough oil content whereas people with oily skin must go for oil free moisturizer. This is a particular type of moisturizer which will not make your face oily rather will create a perfect blend of your skin tone.

Use waterproof foundation

Applying a base makeup is an important and very preliminary step when you are going to apply a fully fledged makeup over your face for an occasion. But, during the summers, the makeup tends to melt out. Thus, it is really an important step apply waterproof foundation before going for a full-fledged makeup. You can easily get waterproof foundation in all the cosmetic stores.

Blush when required

After completion of your makeup, you can use blush over your face if you really need it. But, in most of the cases it will be better to keep the face without a blush. During summer, always try to keep your makeup very light. It becomes really uncomfortable if heavy makeup is applied over the skin.

Light tone eye shadows

During summer, when you are making up for a visit to a grand occasion, applying eye shadow will be important as without this your eyes will not be highlighted. Thus, to keep the makeup light and refreshing, it will be preferable to apply a light color eye shadow. Try to avoid the smoky and metal tinge of eye shadows as this will make you feel really hot on a hot summer day and even it is not suitable for the season. But, do not forget to choose the shade that matches your skin tone.

Mascara with waterproof formula

In order to avoid smudging eye makeup when seat fall down through the corners of eyes, it is important to apply the mascara that is having waterproof variation.  This will retain your eye makeup for a long time without making you bother several times on the sweat effect.