Superfood to get that lovely, long and lustrous hair

Lovely long lustrous Tresses is a sign of beauty in Women. How about knowing that it’s a sign of perfect Health too. However if you have good  thin hair by birth its natural and could be Hereditary.

You can still maintain and improve the texture by eating right and for sure NOT by using anything external. so beware of any supplements in the Market  that offers growth or thick hair.

Our Hair Grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch every month  but it would only shine and give  you that luxurious look when the Nutrients you intake are right. Shampooing regularly and conditioning is not enough as the market offers wide range of expensive Beauty Products.

We believe it’s the food that matters or is a reason behind the crowning glory and gives a picture of perfect Health. So  to get rid of dull, dry, or greasy hair, fill  your plate with food we suggest.

Though it has become really hard to get long, beautiful and lustrous hair in this environmental degradation, people has found out variety of natural ways to get back that shine in hair.

Once again dust and pollution are always bothering you that exist in the environment. Many women consider shine over the hair to be healthy hair.

Since products available in the market are not always useful and rather it becomes a drain towards your pocket, home remedies would be better with regards to the budget as well as side effects.

You also need to have combination of protein, vitamins, iron and mineral that is very essential for your body. If you can consume right kind of vitamins and minerals within your body, enhancing hair health will be possible.

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  1. Eggs : Eggs contain  high Protein biotin and Vitamin B. Biotin keeps  your hair lustrous and shiny and is very good for the maintenance of healthy hair.
  2. Seafoods like salmon fish, Oysters and shrimps: Shrimps and  Oysters helps  prevent loss of hair ,treats Dandruff, helps  growth and maintenance as it contains Vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Salmon fish is a great source of protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. To keep your scalp and hair shaft very well hydrated omega-3 fatty acid is  essential because healthy hair means a healthy scalp.
    Seafoods like salmon fish, Oysters and shrimps
  3. Carrots: It has vitamin A that helps in formation of sebum in the scalp which moisturises scalp and hair. Also improves good vision.
  4. Sweet potato: It has beta-carotene which changes to Vitamin A after consumption . Vitamin A helps in proper circulation of oxygen to the hair follicle preventing dull scalp and hair and promotes growth.
    Sweet potato
  5. Prunes: Its rich in iron, helps in proper bowel movements and improves hair texture.Prevents Hair loss/ discolouration / thin/ dull hair.
  6. Greens: Adding spinach, broccoli and lettuce to your regular diet does a world of good to your hair as well as skin. Its rich in vitamin A and C also a great source of calcium and Iron too. This produces an oily substance from your body called Sebum which acts as a natural conditioner helps in maintaining hair and skin moisture levels.
  7. Nuts: All the nuts are helpful  for healthy Hair. Nuts like almonds, walnuts are the wonderful sources of zinc also contains Omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid. Walnuts are good for Hair nourishment, they protect the Hair from damage when you go out in the Sun it acts as a shield,maintains  rich colour and lustrous tresses.
  8. Green peas and beans: this is recommended specially for vegetarians since legumes like lentils and kidney beans are rich in protein which promotes hair growth also contains  zinc iron and biotin. Brittle hair means deficiency of biotin. Green peas is a source of minerals. This helps in health hair and scalp.
    Green peas and beans
  9. Whole grains: its natural fiber and nutrients not only helps in digestion but avoids  ailments like diabetes, constipation and obesity. Hair also receives some amazing benefits when taken as whole grain bread or cereals.
    Whole grains
  10. Bell peppers: colourful Bell peppers are super sources of vitamin C. It helps in Collagen formation prevents breakage and promotes hair growth. Also provides oxygen to the follicle for stronger roots.
    Bell peppers

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Eating a balanced diet with proper nutritional value always helps us stay fit and healthy  also adds beauty to hair and skin. so its not only your inside but the outer beauty also defines your Health.

Food necessary for lustrous and healthy hair

Dairy products

Dairy products

Eggs are rich in protein and can be consumed easily at any part of the day. Whether you like it to consume it with salads or with curry will be dependent on you. But, you will not get a wonderful solution once egg is added to your meals.

With the consumption of egg, you can get the right dose of biotin which will add luster to your hair. You must have heard that, applying raw egg over your hair will also bring back shine.

Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans

You can consume this food in variety of ways either keeps it as an element in salad or eat it as it is. Garbanzo beans also works effectively in bringing natural shine in your body that you have almost lost.

Since protein keratin is present in the natural ingredient, wonderful trend in your hair health will be noticed. Even adequate quantity of manganese is present in it that will easily help your hair from getting pigmentation.



Fish is also an important food that will help your body to get proper nutrients. Even for appropriate hair growth, this will be important as well. The fishes that work better are the sea fishes such as mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon etc.

It is true that nearly all fishes contain some amount of nutrients. But, the sea fishes are much more effective. If you want your hair to gain a perfect shine, omega 6 as well as omega 3 fatty acids is really important.

Now, these varieties of fishes will absolutely have such vitamin D and B12 which will further help enhancing hair health.



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For number of reasons vegetables will be good for your health. Since it is really rich in vitamin B and folic acid, strengthening hair root will be quite easy in this regard.

Vitamin B rich food is really effective for your body ingestion and protein accumulation would work still better. You can also get an improvement in increased strength and growth within your hair.



Lentils has high amount of iron which makes ideal for bringing out shine in your hair and stretches it long with health benefits. Since mineral is provided within your hair follicles, hair will bring out effective shine and beauty benefit.