Best things to do before taking bath for a baby

If you are planning to provide your baby with a systematic bath, first of all make an arrangement of variety of things which are important during the process of bath. You need to take a tub where your baby will be placed. If you are willing to provide your kid with the sponge bath, it will be essential to keep a damp and wet cloth. If he is too much susceptible, try out sponging his body with a wet cloth over his face, hands and other genital areas. You need to keep your baby clean even if he is not ready to take bath.

Babies feel really happy when you take them for bath. But, before making him bath; there are some factors to consider. You cannot treat your baby as an adult. They are very tiny and very sensitive in nature. While taking bath, if any mishap takes place, you won’t be able to forgive yourself ever. Thus, it is always important to go ahead with some precautionary measures. There are also some rules and regulation which you need to follow while making your baby bath. It is an ultimate fun when your baby gets splashes of water. Let us explore some important activities that must be taken into account before making your baby touch water.

Bathing in tub

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Some babies likes to take bath in a tub with the water surface all around his body. If you have a new born baby, immediate tub bath is not allowed. But, as soon as the umbilical cord stump attached to the baby dries off, you can start giving him tub bath. A small plastic bowl will be appropriate if you are dealing with the new born baby. Standard tub will be too big in this case. Thus, you need to choose the tub according to the side of the baby. If you have a spare sink in your kitchen which is clean, you can also use it for your baby to take bath.

Know facts before washing your baby

If it is your first child, you would be hardly inexperience in washing your baby. It is important for you to get the help from someone who is experience in this field. According to the experts, bath might not be really necessary for the baby at the initial phase as they are quite susceptible to the nature. If you take a step to engage your baby in bath too often, this may also lead to drying the skin.

All babies are not alike. They have a different likes and desire and also different psychology. Some babies enjoy throughout the bathing process splashing water on you whereas others cry a lot during the whole bathing process.

While taking him for bath, do not keep your baby too long inside the water. Period of 3 to 5 minutes will be appropriate for a baby bath. lukewarm water bath is also quite appropriate for the baby as it will help maintaining proper blood circulation of the baby.

When you are initiating bathing process for your new born, it might be quite scary for you as you might not know how he will be harmed. Also putting soap of the baby and making him slippery in the bathing process will be really complicated. You need to be very spectacular when you are trying out with the bathing process of the baby. You need to have confidence in yourself, keep yourself calm and try to maintain a good grip throughout the whole process. Try not to get her slip away when your hand is slippery with soap.

Safety in bath

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You must ensure that the bathing process that you have adopted is quite safe as this is the question of your baby and not anyone else in this world. You should not leave your baby unsupervised. There must be always someone beside him when he is taking bath. Even for a minute you should not move away from him. If you have an emergency keep your baby outside the water and accomplish your task.

You should not put your baby in a tab where the water is running. This will be really dangerous for your baby. Be a very good parent as far as your child is concerned.

If you are using warm water for your baby bath, take care of the temperature. You can set the water heater to the temperature of 120 degree Fahrenheit. You must have a look that your child does not get a third degree burn at all.

Getting all the necessary bath supplies handy is important before thinking of getting your baby bath. Some of the necessary supplies which your baby would need just after the bath are a small towel, clothes and clean diapers. You must place your baby in such a room which is necessarily warm as well as comfortable for your baby.

Best things to do before taking baby for a bath

Temperature of bath water

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You cannot just allow your baby to take bath in any temperature of water. Rather too much cold or too hot water will be really harmful. Always go for a moderate water temperature. It is better to make your baby take bath in lukewarm water. You must take care and see that the water is comfortable for your baby. It is better to measure the temperature of water before making it use. Keep the temperature between 37 degree C and 38 degree C.

Supporting baby in water

Your baby is so young that he cannot sit properly in a tub. Rather there is a tendency that he can lose his balance and fall down. So, you must give proper support to your baby when he is taking bath. After you have put the baby into the tub, you must hold him with one hand from the back by placing your arm at the back of the baby and holding his neck till the thigh and with another hand, use water for his bath.

Depth of water

If you are using a bath tub or a tumbler for the baby, it is very important to see the depth of water. You must measure the depth of water before making your baby take bath. The normal recommended depth is 13 cm. Do not pour more than this depth of water for baby’s bath.