How to ask your mother that you need a Bra?

A girl’s life keeps changing according to their age groups. Their behaviors, attitude, their looks, everything can change any time when they have their hormonal changes happening in their body. Asking for a bra to your mom is nothing to be ashamed of. For a girl who’s getting to their teenage life, their mom or their sisters can be good friends who can share about changes in a girl’s body. During your puberty stage, you breasts grow and that might be hurting as well. But you should never worry about all these. If you are close to your mom or your sister, you can freely go and talk to them and them all the doubts you have, regarding the changes in your body. You can directly go and ask any doubts to your mom regarding your menstrual cycle or to ask for a bra. But still there are girls who are ashamed or shy to talk to their mothers about such changes in your body. There are many ways to approach your mother to talk about things like this. If you are comfortable and close to your mother, the best way is to go directly to her and talk about the issues that you are facing at this age. Be confident, do not feel embarrassing – you are a girl and you now growing as woman, so be happy and be proud.

You suddenly feel and experience the changes in your physical body after your 10th birthday.  You find the changes in looks, behaviour, and attitude and there are also several hormonal changes that take place during puberty. Breasts begin to develop with the flat area around the nipple getting enlarged. There are also some formation of tissues under the nipple.  You are constantly concerned with the changes taking place in the body. This is the time you should not be shy and discuss matters with your mom or elder sister. Consider them to be their best guide as they are the closest persons to you. In most cases moms are aware of the changes and talk about them with you. But in some cases when mothers are busy or fail to do so you must move forward find a suitable time and talk to your mother in a relaxed manner.

When to ask?

If you feel uncomfortable wearing tops or t-shirts as your nipples are slightly protruding out or of the breasts jiggle, then immediately tell your mom about it. You moms might be definitely noticing the change in your body, but incase if they are away from you, yes, you can talk to them about it.

For girls who are really shy to ask directly to your mother can drop some hints like, this top is way too tight for me or you can wear a small top and show it to her, so that she’ll recognize that you need a bra.

Talk to your mom about it when there is no one else listening to your conversation. Moms were also girls long ago and they will definitely know what you need and when you need. So do not worry about such things in your life because these changes are meant to occur in every single girl’s life. Start using cami bras or sports bras because you might start wearing it during your schools days you would not want to feel uncomfortable wearing it. You can even ask your aunts or sisters regarding this matter, if your mom is out of station or busy. If you are staying with your dad, you can ask him take you for girls shopping and once you are done with shopping you can go meet him at the other end. Always be comfortable in talking to your parents or sibling about this and be happy and comfortable to walk with utmost comfort and style.

Time to ask your mom for a bra

The greatest anxiety I can understand can be the growth of the breasts which keep changing and you may also experience some pain in them. Sometimes exercising also becomes difficult. Your breasts may be larger or smaller than your friends. You may be feeling that the nipples are protruding out of the dresses. Friends and classmates have already started using bras and is a common topic of discussion with them.  In these situations you must be bold enough to ask your Mom to buy you a suitable problem which would give support to your body and make you feel comfortable.

How to ask Mom for a bra?

Keep in mind that your mother knows you well and will understand your problems and find solution to them easily. Hence find a free and time and put your complaints and inconvenience before your mother in a polite manner. Show her some dresses which make you feel awkward as they may be slightly tight and you feel that a bra would be a good option.

Discussion with mom

Discuss with your mother that most of your friends are using bras and you would also like to buy one.  Request her to take you to a lingerie shop.

You can also do some online search and find a website that would sell cheap and good quality bras. Show her the pictures and discuss the pros and cons of different brands and order them online. I am sure your mom will give you the best suggestion.

Mom is your friend

Do not forget that your mom knows what’s best for you.  You should not feel awkward to talk to your mom about your problem. Trust me you will get the best advice from your mom for your genuine problems.

Confrontation with mom

You can also confront to your mom that you feel uneasy in changing clothes for sports and swimming in the school without a bra as most of the other girls are wearing bras. Your mother will understand your embarrassing situation in the school and will help you to buy the beginner bras at the earliest.