How to dress yourself skinny

Wearing the clothes that fit your body is the only way that you can look your best. You may thing that wearing loose clothes will cover your curves. Sometimes you may also find that squeezing into smaller size of clothing makes you look thinner. These are not the right thought process. You should know that you should go proper sizes so that you do not look plump. Bigger size will give you added bulges and the smaller size will emphasize the curves.

Define your waist

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Clothes that cover your body and sits beautifully on your curves without accentuating them are the ones that you should select. The waist should be well defined when you want to look slimmer. Add a belt so that your waist becomes thinner than the upper and lower part. This gives you an hourglass figure and the upper portion and the lower ones adjust in their proper sizes.

Go for longer visuals

Garments that have stripes in the front or in the sides will give you a slimmer look. The piping, panels or stripes on your dress will give that longer look to your figure and give the desired effect. The people looking at you will find their eyes travelling along the length of stripes or piping’s and you will appear skinnier.

Pointed toe ends of shoes

When your legs continue to look longer, your figure will look slimmer. The people who wear flat heels or rounded toed footwear helps the long legs end abruptly. The onlookers will look at your figure to find their eyes travelling along the legs to the pointed toes or the heels. This gives an idea of longer legs that makes your figure thinner than bulged out.

Geometry in right proportions

If you have a larger chest, you can make your dress so that it makes the shoulders broader. This gives you a figure of a triangle with the base at the shoulders. The small waist and broader upper region makes you look slimmer. Again flare the hips so that the dress falls away from your body. The triangular shape of your lower part again takes the slimmer waist and the broader lower region to make the illusion of a skinnier figure. Perfect geometry of two triangles with the pointed end at your waist will make the right impression.

There are different types of clothes that you can wear to accentuate your figure in the right areas. This will give you a skinny look. These clothes can be an asset for your wardrobe.

  • Jeans in boot cut style: The jeans that are not figure hugging will bring more softness to your curves. The dark colored jeans with boot cut flared at the end brings length to your figure and gives you a lean shape. You can wear a longer top and layer with shorter jacket for taking the bulge off from your waist.
  • Structured materials: Dress in structured materials so that the imperfections are taken care of. Bring a criss cross visualization with the jacket and make the waist defined with the length of the coat and its proper cut at the middle. The jacket or coat that drapes out will give that perfect shape for you to cover the figure and bring a thinner look.
  • Avoid pleats in skirts: The pleated skirts will give a visualization of bulky figure at the front of your lower portion. Try to go for skirts that are trimmer in the middle and sides and falls at your lower legs in a wide curve. Flat designs of skirts or dress are better. Choose dark colors for the skirt and you can go for charcoal grey, mosey green or dark blue with a touch of the night sky. Dark colors cover the extra proportions and brighter colors highlight the figure.

You have many ways up your sleeves now to look thinner and you can dress in fashionable clothes at the same time. Choose the right size of inner garments so that your body does not get more space to sit back and do not wear too short inner garments so that the bulges and back fat show through your outer clothes. High heels are better for your type if you want to look skinnier and accentuate the positive assets.