How to make your hair curly naturally overnight

Permanent curling of hair is usually achieved by using curling iron or other heat based tools. But there are several other methods to get curls naturally. Here are some methods to get curls overnight. These curls do not last for a long time and will need some gel or spray to fix them.

You definitely must have used the artificial techniques of making your hair look attractive. Yes, the artificial hair curlers and irons have been used by many teen age girls and college going girls these days to create a stylish look over their face. But, this is going to harm your hair on a long term basis. Primarily you might not understand the fact. But in the long run this is going to hamper your hair. Let us speak about some techniques that will help making your hair curled in natural way.

Method to get curls naturally overnight

Get curls by using a sock bun

How to make hair curly naturally

An old sock which is stretchable and has some elasticity can be used for this purpose. Convert the sock into a long tube by cutting off the toes of the socks with a pair of scissors.  Now roll the sock into a ring that is about an inch wide. It will look like a sock doughnut.  Make a ponytail of the hair right on top of the head and tighten it with hair tie. Spray enough water on the ponytail to make the hair damp and apply a little hair spray or hair styling cream on the hair. Push the sock ring in the ponytail and take it close to the head.

Tuck the ring on the head with pins. Spread the hair evenly around the ring. Roll sections of hair all around the ring and secure them with pins. The hair will go round the sock by holding the sock with both the hands and rolling it downwardly. The elasticity of the sock will make the bun secure. Another sock can also be used to cover the bun and keep it secure for the night. Sleep overnight and remove the sock bun in the morning and unroll the hair gently.  Open the hair by pulling out the tie and separate the curls with the fingers. Apply a hair spray to fix the curls.

Get curls by using a headband

Hair curling can be achieved overnight through this method. Apply hair spray or hair styling cream on damp hair for better results. The hair needs to be free of tangles and parted in the desired manner. Use an inch thick headband around the head. Take small section of hair from the front and twist it away from the head tucking it under the headband. Twist sections of hair and wrap then all over the headband.

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Continue the process of gathering and wrapping the hair till the back of the head. Now the longtail that will be leftover has to be twisted into a rope and tucked up in the headband if there is place or it can be rolled into a bun and secured on the head with bobby pins. Adjust the headband to stay on the hairline. Sleep overnight and carefully remove the bobby pins in the morning. Slide off the headband and unwind the hair slowly. Comb the fingers to separate the waves. Apply a styling gel to fix the curls

Curls made by twisting the hair

This style of curling or waving gives best results when done on damp hair. The hair should be parted in two sections—one on the left and the other on the right side. Take one section of the hair and twist it away from the face up to the end till it looks like a rope. Secure the end of the twist with an elastic band and place the rope around the head like a headband with the ends just above the forehead. Clip the hair with bobby pins to make a secure hold.  Repeat the same twisting process on the other section of the hair. Join the two ends like a rope and secure them with bobby pins in front or back of the first rope.  Keep the hair in position overnight. Unravel the hair in the morning and comb them with fingers. Apply a hair spray or gel for the waves to remain for a longer time.

Curls made by making mini buns

Start making the curls on damp hair by dividing the hair into four sections –two on the top and two at the bottom. Tie each section separately. Divide each section into two ponytails that are placed up and down. Twist each section and roll it into a bun roll the other part and twist it around the previous bun and secure it with bobby pins.  Make similar buns on the bottom side towards the left and towards the right. Sleep over and remove the buns and pins carefully in the morning.  Brush the hair strands separate with the fingers. Apply a small amount of styling gel.

Avail braid style

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You can make your hair get a braid hairstyle. If you want big curls making one braid at the back of the hair and folding it with rubber brand will be fine. But, if you are looking out for smaller curls over your hair, it will be easily done if you make two separation of your hair and make two braids at the either portion of the hair. Now fold both the braids and bind it with rubber band. Wake up next day morning and see how wonderful you look with the curly hair.

Hair rollers

You can easily get the hair rollers in any of the stationary or the cosmetic store. Those are the heat free rollers which won’t damage your hair at all. You can bring some rollers and wrap your hair strands around it. Sleep overnight and once you get up in the morning you can easily view wonderful hairstyle with curls. In order to get tricky and beautiful curls you can easily use the hair rollers in different layers of your hair.

Old socks for hair curling

The elasticity of the socks will be really advantageous when you are going to make curly hair in a natural way. For this you have to take an old socks and cut the toe portion of it. Now roll it from inside so that a rubber band is form. Now use a simple rubber band to make a ponytail on your hair. Let the socks inserted from the tail of hair. While doing it you need to roll your hair and make a bun. Sleep with this bun at night. When you get up in the morning you will find a wonderful hair with big and attractive curls. Try this today and make your hair wonderful.