How to keep your baby healthy during this winter

Winter has got variety of benefits as it brings relief to us by driving away the heat from the environment. During winter we get variety of fresh vegetables which is not available in other season. Human being must consume such vegetables on a regular basis but this might not be available in all seasons. Only winter is the particular season when you can get all types of great leafy vegetables that is good for your health. But, the extreme cold during winter can also affect human being especially kids and small babies. Thus, parents must be really cautious and avail the ways through which your baby can stay healthy during winter. During winter seasons your baby can suffer from various airborne and water born diseases due to the bacterial effect. Parents must ways to keep their baby protected always.

Ways to keep babies healthy in winter 


You need to stay clean and content during the winter season and also keep your baby clean. You have to wash both yours and your baby’s hand on a regular basis. It is mandatory to wash hands before having meals and off course when you have come from outside. You should also change your baby diapers on a regular basis so that he does not get the effect of germ and cold. You must use anti bacterial soap to wash your hands and your kid.

Child should avoid touching nose and eyes 

You should also teach your child some healthy habits such that do not allow him or her to touch nose and eyes.  Your child might have a tendency of rubbing eyes and nose repeatedly which gives rise to transfer of germs from hands to nose and ears. These germs will then be rapidly absorbed in your blood streams and your child can easily suffer from diseases spread by germs during winter.

Use the humidifiers 

Your kids must be within a comfortable atmosphere whenever winter approaches. You must put humidifier at your baby’s room so that your kids can sleep in a healthy atmosphere. Winter is the climate when your kids will be suffering from cough and cold which may give rise to the breathing trouble as well. This is the situation when your kid may not have a sound sleep. But setting up the humidifiers will help him get a sound sleep as it will thin the mucus secretion of your child. This will help him get relief from nasal congestion.

Vitamin C 

Your child should always require vitamin C in his body as this will help him stay away from cold. It is better to go for natural food that contains vitamin C rather than taking medicine. The symptoms of cold will be less severe after vitamin C intake on a regular basis. You can take advice from a pediatrician about the dosage of vitamin C which your child can intake.

Strengthening immunity level 

Whether or not your child is strong with regards to his immunity depends on his birth procedure and any other health conditions. Some child has strong immunity level whereas other have low. But you can always try and boost the immunity level of your child by increasing his or her resistance power. Do not always feed them with high dosage of medicine whenever they have viral of bacterial effect. Instead wait for some days till the time the virus will move away automatically. In the mean time you can also avail some homemade and natural remedies that do not have any chemicals and is no more harmful as well. For example make use of tulsi leaves, neem leaves or other spices that helps in fighting cold.

Lots of physical activity 

Do not allow your child to sit idle or sleep all the time. This is not a very good habit. Rather make him go ahead with lots of activity throughout the day. These days kids are becoming lazy as they have got the facility of staying back at their home and practice computer game. It is important to increase the blood circulation in order to stay away from all types of health issues. Thus, going ahead withoutdoor games with friends or routine exercise will be preferable. Let your kid do his own work as this will also help him stay active and free from all types of diseases.

Keep your baby away from cold affected people

You must come across many people including your family, friends and neighbors coming forward to hold your baby. But you need to check whether they are physically fit and fine such that they are not suffering from cough and cold that is communicable. If you can find such person holding your baby, it is the time to restrict holding your baby in such condition. You should only allow people to touch your baby if they are totally fit and they have clean hands to hold your baby.

Healthy diet for babies

Always make your baby consume healthy diet without much oil and junks. Go for homemade food that will contain rice and cereals along with vegetables. Also adequate amount of protein is essential within the diet chart. You can make your child have eggs and chicken for supplying adequate protein in the body. But remember to avoid red meat as very small baby cannot digest the red meat and can be really harmful for health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for your baby’s bones to get strengthen. This is the reason why you should make your baby intake good amount of vitamin D in his body. For this you have to allow your child stay under sunlight in the morning when the rays are not very strong. The sunlight should be such that your child can withstand on his skin. Thus, you must make a routine everyday and allow your child to get adequate amount of vitamin D by keeping him under sun as this will make his bone health really secured.