How and where to use perfume to last longer for men

It is often said that a man’s perfume is an extension of his personality. Nothing can beat the charm of a well-groomed man and his perfume plays a great part in this.

Over the ages men have shared a special bond with their fragrances. Fragrances boost confidence and lift mood. Perfumes often play the role of a catalyst in the game of attraction.

It is a fact the women find their men most attractive when they smell amazing and thus stands out of the crowd.

It is said that fragrances have a strong connection with memories and a precise scent can instantly bring back a sweet memory – similarly it adds a special touch to any man – woman relationship.

Usually men’s fragrances are termed as cologne to give it a masculine touch. The term ‘perfume’ is mostly used for feminine use.

A refreshing smell can make a way to the heart of your special woman. Your cologne is your identity.If you want to smell great throughout the day, make sure you follow these simple guidelines.

Pulse points to apply perfume

  • Never store your cologne bottle in the washrooms. Too warm place is not good either. Perfumes evaporate if they are exposed to sunlight. Humidity and high temperature can diminish the quality of your pricey fragrance. It is best to store them in cool dry corners of your room. Storing them in your wardrobe or in its original packaging keep the aroma in its best form for long.
  • Well-moisturized skin holds back the fragrance for a longer extent. So, next time when you put your favourite perfume on, do not forget to moisturize your skin first. Also, make sure that your moisturizer has no smell of its own.
  • Rub Vaseline on your wrists before you put your cologne. The petroleum jelly is occlusive in nature. It can keep the fragrance locked for a longer duration.
  • It is best to put your wear fragrance on the warm areas of your body. The warm areas of the body diffuse the scent all over the body. The pulse joints, neck, temples, ankles and calves help to rise and spread the scent all over. But never spray your fragrance to all the areas at once.
  • Apply your cologne right after your shower. Your body moisture holds back the freshness of the fragrance better. A relaxing shower and a soothing smell can instantly energize you.
  • Put some drops of your favourite perfume on your hairbrush. Then simply brush your hair. The fragrance will spread into your hair. But spraying the alcohol-based cologne directly on your hair is not good. It can eventually dry out the scalp.

How to use perfume to make it last

  • A simple cotton ball can also make you smell amazing all through the day. Dip the ball into your scent and spread it across your body. The essence will remain incessantly. To show off your style and individuality you can put a few drops on your handkerchief. It can peep out from your blazer and spread the masculine scent all-over.
  • Rubbing the wrists after spraying is the wrong way to make it last longer. The high-notes of your cologne will fade faster. Let it settle down on your skin naturally. Spray your fragrance from at least 15cms away. In this way,the perfume creates a mist near your body and it is spread all over the body.
  • Colognes are inclined to get locked in linens. To make your fine ensemble smell awesome drop a little amount of perfume into the steamer of your iron box. When you press your clothes, the fragrance will spread into your shirt or suit. But avoid spraying the fragrance directly on the apparels as they stain your fineries.
  • You need to choose the right kind of perfume to suit your personality. The common fragrances which lasts better are musk, pine, cedar, woodsy, vanilla, patchouli and frankincense. The more intense the notes, the more long-lasting they are.
  • You can layer your fragrance to create your own. But try mixing only two or three. Too intense fragrance can be a turn off. The intensity of your fragrance should be balanced and not overpowering.
  • Never discard your near-empty cologne bottles. The remaining proportions can be used to freshen up your bedspreads and pillows. A fragrant bed is always inviting after a tired day.

A gentleman’s personal grooming remains incomplete without his signature scent. Men who smell well are most desirable. Keep it light and appropriate with the place you visit. Hope now you are ready to use your fragrance as a weapon to reduce the woman of your dreams.