How to understand men body language for flirting

Understanding male body language for flirting might not be as complicated as that of the women. According to studies, the signs exhibited by women are more in number and more complex compared to the men. Usually, when men are trying to flirt, they will let you know or will at least try to give you some indications about his intentions and hence catching if a man is interested to flirt or not is much less complicated. So, if you are on a first date or you are just checking out someone at the party, if you can decode the body language of men, you can easily know who is actually interested in you. So read on to know the decoding tricks of male body language for flirting,

Check his gaze

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If a man is interested in you, you can tell that even from a distance, just by looking at his eyes. An interested man will always try to make eye contacts to let you know that he is interested. He might not hold your gaze for long, just to not make it look very adamant, but he will surely check you out repeatedly and let you know that. If he makes eye contact and then shifts it slightly and again looks back with a smile on his face, be sure about his intentions. He is just waiting for a positive sign from your end to make his next move.

Men willing to flirt might also raise their eyebrows after taking a look at you. It indicates that they like what they see. If he looks at you and raises his brows right after an eye contact with a light grin on his face, he is totally onto you.

How he stands can tell you a lot

When a guy is trying to impress you or is ready to flirt he is most expected to stand with his legs apart or try to achieve a pose like a mannequin, unconsciously. If the guy has a good walk but he seems to find something to lean on or to take support from when he is standing near you, he is certainly trying to flirt with you or to get closer. Placing his legs at different positions, folding one leg or leaning are all signs that he is more than interested in you and is actually waiting for some positive signs from your part.

The direction of his torso and legs are vital

When a man is interested in you, he will always make sure that his torso is pointed towards you. Even if he is looking somewhere else or around, he will always make sure that his torso is directly facing you. It is the same with the position of the legs as well. When men are interested to flirt with someone in particular, they are often found to place their legs in the direction of that woman. So, yes, when you are trying to decode the body language of a male for flirting, you need to check out his legs as well, which you might not have considered before. If the man has placed his torso or leg in some other direction, know that your chance is really less with him.

He will try to look better

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This is a general trait that you can easily point in a man if he is trying to flirt with you or if he likes you. Once he is interested about you, he will feel the urge of looking better. Moving his fingers through his hairs to ensure that he look his best, smothering his shirt or taking a quick glance at something shiny just to be confident that everything is in place, are some of the common gestures that you can notice in a man who is interested in you.

Trying to look different

In order to present himself as the best prospective match for you in the room, a boy who is interested in you will always do things that will make him stand out in the crowd. He might take a unique stance or add a special grin on his face or simply look more attentive towards things to make sure that you take note of him. When it comes to flirting, getting the attention is considered the most critical and important thing. So, a guy trying to flirt with you will do everything that he can without making it look odd, to get your attention even in a room full with men.

Watch his hands

To read his body language for flirting, the other cue you can use is how he places his hands. When a guy is trying to flirt, you will see that suddenly he will find no place to keep his hands comfortably. He might keep his hands at the side of his body once and then again put them at the back. He might just put his hands in the pocket and then back again on the holster of his belt. He might also continue moving and pointing his hands around the pelvic area, which is often considered as a primitive gesture amongst the males of all the higher species. So, if he seems to be at unease with his hands suddenly or if he touches or moves his hands towards his hips or pelvic area you can be sure about his flirting intentions.

Check out his posture around you

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This tip can come specially handy in case of first dates. If the man has a good body posture but he seems to be slouching around you, it is a sign that he is interested in you. Slouching towards you can be a nice way of closing the personal space and it also indicates that he is interested in you. So, when he is around, check out if he changes his posture. A tilted head towards you also indicates that he is interested in you. However, if the tilt is to the opposite direction, it might signal just the opposite. If his posture or slouching takes him away from you, it is certainly a negative sign and you might actually need to wait for some more time before taking any decision.

Is he interested to make you talk?

If a guy is flirting with you or interested in you, he will always try to make you talk. He will make sure that you get the right topic on which you would like to express your ideas and will always pay or will at least look like paying maximum attention to your every word. Making you talk makes it much easier for a guy to check you out. It also gives him the time to make their mind and arrange their thoughts. So, if the guy is making you talk and laugh and is paying interest in your every word that might not be actually that interesting for a guy, there is surely something cooking in his head.

He will try to come close

2 feet is considered as a socially acceptable distance between two people when they are talking standing in front of one another. When a guy is interested in you, he will always try to close in this space. Either he will casually move into your personal space, if he is confident about your intentions. Otherwise, he will slouch towards you, place his feet closer to you or move his hands to this personal space to reduce the distance. So, if you find that a guy is looking for ways to eliminate the space between you two, he is certainly willing to flirt or interested in you.

Mirroring your movements

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This is a body language that can be noticed in both men and women when they are prepared to flirt with someone or likes someone. If he mirrors your activities, such as tilting his head just the way you have or placing his hands, the way you have placed yours, it can be noted as body mirroring, which is considered as a very positive sign when it comes to flirting or a relationship with a guy.

He will try to touch you caringly

A caring touch from him is all that you need to confirm that he is willing to flirt or even to take things further. If a man is onto you, he will look out for ways to touch you caringly as he knows that touches can convey all the unspoken words. A caring touch can change the mood of a woman and a boy interested to flirt will do anything to make the right mood for his prospective female partner. So, if he touches your hands lightly while talking or pats on your shoulder as a way of congratulating even though you two do not know each other well, it certainly indicates his interest in you. He also might make the touch look accidental, particularly if he is shy but a body contact always gives a positive indication.