How to read a woman’s body language for flirting

Someone has said it correctly that “women are hard to decode”. So, if you are single and open to a relationship it might actually come as a challenge to you to understand who is interested in you and who is not. The most problematic thing in this aspect is that, it can cost you very dearly if you read a woman’s body language for flirting wrong. For all the single men out there interested to be in a relationship before their hairs start to turn grey, being able to read the body language of a woman right is vital.

If a woman is interested in you and is open to flirting, she is most expected to show some particular signs. It is important that you are able to read these signs correctly so that you can make the advances towards the right woman and do not simply waste your time focusing on someone who is already engaged or not looking. This article will give you the basic code for decoding the body language of a woman when she is interested about flirting with you or to take the relationship further.

Her gaze, the first point to start with

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If a woman is interested in you she will definitely check you out and if she is open to flirt, she will also let you catch her gaze. So, if you find a woman making frequent eye contacts with you, with a smile on her face, it is the time when you should let her know that you are open.

In case you see that the woman moves her gaze or looks down nervously once you have caught her eyes, while smile on her lips, it is also a positive sign telling that she is interested. Making repeated eye contacts or holding your eye contact when talking to you are the other positive signs that you can read from her gaze.

However, if she breaks eye contact or do not make eye contacts at all or if she looks around but avoids making eye contact, you should know that the lady is not open to flirting or interested in you. Reading her gaze perfectly can be the first step of reading her body language.

Check out other facial signs

If she is interested in you, it is not only her eyes that will tell you about that. If you are able, you can read the signs on her lips, eyebrows as well as in changes of her breathing pattern. When a woman is interested in flirting you are most expected to note her raised eyebrows. If she is smiling at you with a raised eyebrow it certainly means that she is interested in you.

If she raises her eyebrows right after making eye contact with you, it means that she liked what she saw. Dilated pupils and over reactive eyelids are some of the other positive facial expressions that might indicate about her willingness to know you more.

If she shows any sign of fidgety lips, take it as a positive note. Licking or biting her lips, touching her lips with her fingers, can be considered as positive signs implying that she is open to flirt. According to studies, excitement causes drying of the lips in women and it might be a sign that she is excited to see you or to talk with you.

Flared nostrils with a change in her breathing pattern can also indicate that she is interested in you. Flared nostrils are an involuntary movement related with arousal or excitement in women. A change in breathing pattern or if she is trying to control the change in her breathing pattern, both can indicate that she is aroused by you and ready to flirt.

Considering her stance is important

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The stance of a woman can say a lot about what she might be thinking. If she is sitting and her hands or legs are pointed towards you it is certainly a positive sign. On the other hand, if her feet points towards the door, she might be planning to leave shortly without taking things any further. Open shoulders, open arms and legs give positive indication about her willingness to mingle with you. On the other hand, crossed arms and legs and a more closed shoulder posture can indicate just the opposite.

If she leans her shoulder towards you while talking with you or smiling at your words, she is surely interested about flirting. However, if you find that she is withdrawing her posture in order to keep herself in control, she might be interested in you but not open to flirting.

Check out the position of her hands

If a woman is interested in you, she will check and change the position of her hands frequently. You might see her fingers becoming active on her erogenous zones like her collarbone or lips when she is interested in you and ready to flirt. She might be caressing or touching her neck, lips or collarbone subconsciously or fiddling with her jewelry.

Playing with objects kept on the table is the other thing that you can point to know if she is interested. If she is keeping her hands close to you, it gives a positive sign. On the other hand, if she keeps her hands close to herself she is not really comfortable with you or you might be making her less interested.

The distance does matter

According to the researches while approaching a woman always leave 4 feet of distance in between. This space is a socially acceptable distance. However, if the woman is ready to flirt, she will close this distance and get closer to you either subconsciously during talking or through any other means. Once you notice the woman closing up the personal space, be sure that she is interested in you and flirting.

If you do not see her closing the space on her own, you can just move a bit closer reducing the in between distance and if you find the woman taking a step back to maintain the in between space, she is not really open to flirt. On the other hand, if she covers the distance or moves towards you, as you approach to close the gap, it can be taken as a positive sign from her.

Touches are always special

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If a woman is trying to flirt with you, she will surely look for ways to touch you. She might do that unconsciously while talking, or she might actually find a socially acceptable way to touch you. If a woman do not know you well, she will always make it sure to not to touch you, but if she touches you in some way, even though you two are not well known to each other, it simply means that she is interested to flirt and to know you more. She is most expected to touch or try to touch your hands or shoulder if she is interested about flirting with you.

Take a note of how she touches her hairs

When a woman is interested in you, you can most probably find her touching her hairs in a soft and caressing manner. If she touches her hair to make sure that she is looking fine, it indicates her willingness about you. In case you find the woman playing with her locks or just running her fingers slowly through her hairs it is also a positive nod.

If she touches her hairs but the movements of her fingers are not smooth rather quirky or jerky, then she might not actually like the way you are approaching her. At this point, step a little back because you might be over dominating the conversation or things might not be going the way she wanted it to go. It does not mean that she is not looking for flirting, but it certainly indicates that something is making her uncomfortable or she is feeling the need of being more dominant.

How she listens to you is important

To understand if a woman is interested to flirt with you, the way she listens to you can be a good way. If she is listening to you attentively and showing interest in your every word, she is interested but you still don’t know if she is ready to flirt. If you find that she giggles or laughs very often even when you are not saying anything that is outright funny, it is a certain sign that she is willing to flirt. When a woman is ready to flirt, she will let the man do all the talking and show him her best interest even tough something else might be going on in her mind.

Body mirroring is a sure sign of her interest

When a woman body mirrors a man, she is most probably looking for a good time with him. If she place her hands just the way you are placing yours, or if she tilt her head just like you, it might be unconscious body mirroring indicating her interest in you.

Some important note

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While the above body languages can be very helpful to know if a women is interested to flirt with you or not, it is also vital to consider the relation as well as the social set up in which you two are meeting before taking the signs as positive. If you are meeting in a social environment, like a funeral, that is not suitable for flirting, it is best to keep the idea out of your mind even if you think someone is exhibiting the signs.

Also, if you two already know each other well then her actions, like covering the personal space, touching your hands might be only because she is comfortable with you and nothing more. However, if she has just met you, the same signs directly indicate that she is ready to flirt. So, before judging the cues do not miss to consider your relationship with the woman and the social set up.