How to grow taller for boys at 19 – Exercises, Foods to grow taller for 19 Year boys

Height plays a very important role in the overall appearance and confidence of a person. Be it a male or a female of the species, having a good height, above the average, is always considered as a plus point. A good height can also impact one’s personality helping him/her to become more successful with personal relationships and professional life. If you are a boy standing at the age of 19, worrying about your height, and if you will grow even taller is quite usual. Boys can grow till 22 years of age, and hence if you are at 19, there is still enough time to add a good few more inches to your height before you reach the upper bar. In fact, if you think that you are shorter compared to the other members of your family, 19 is the high time when you should become cautious and take the right care to reach the best possible height.

However, height of a person is regulated by a number of factors, some of which cannot be controlled or regulated; and genetics is the top most of them. So, your ability to grow taller is restricted by your genetics, and you can hardly do anything to change that. At the same time, even if you have taller genes a number of other physiological factors can hinder the expected growth. In this article you will get to know about how to control the physiological factors to support the maximum growth potential of your long bones, which can help you to grow taller at 19.

The secret of growth

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A normal human newborn has a height of approximately 18 to 22 inches; and over the years as the baby grows his/her height increases. The “long bones” of the legs that is the femur, tibia and fibula plays the most important role in adding up to your height. These bones carry growth plates at their ends which provide the space for bone elongation. With age these plates are closed as the bones reach their maximum length. For boys the closing generally occurs by the age of 22, and hence if you are at 19, there is still enough to do to ensure you gain the maximum height.

The Human Growth Hormone regulates the height in humans by controlling the growth of the bones and cartilages. HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland and any problem of this gland can hinder proper growth in both male and female.

For growing taller at the age of 19 taking the following measures can be actually effective as they ensure a good physical health. These measures include a balanced diet rich in protein, proper sleep and physical exercises.

Diet for growing taller at 19

For growing taller having the most nutritious food is vital. It is necessary to ensure that you take in adequate amount of calorie on a daily basis and fill the daily quota of vitamins and minerals sufficiently. Your diet should include sufficient amount of the following


Protein serves as the primary building block of the body and if you are trying to grow taller at the age of 19, ensuring that your daily diet is rich in protein is vital. Meat, fish, beans and eggs are some of the richest sources of protein and ensuring that your daily diet includes a sufficient amount of these is essential.


Best calcium rich foods

Calcium is a major constituent of the bones and to grow taller it is vital that your bones are strong. Hence ensure that your daily diet is able to provide you sufficient amount of Calcium. The foods which can work as the primary supplier of calcium to the body includes, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, fishes like Sardines, grains, soybeans, soymilk, and leafy vegetables like Spinach, turnips and kale.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for absorption of Calcium in body. Hence even if you take sufficient amount of Calcium rich foods you might be actually getting none of the goodness of calcium if you miss out on sufficient amount of vitamin D.Fishes like Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna, Milk and other dairy products, egg yolks, cheese, cereals and orange juice are some of the richest sources of Vitamin D. Spending some time under the sun can help your body to synthesize Vitamin D on its own and thus supporting better growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps in production of new cells and thus aids in growth of bones. It preserves calcium in bones and leads to height increase. Eggs, meat, poultry and dairy products are rich sources of Vitamin A. Fish oil and vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, Broccoli, Kale and Lettuce are also great sources of Vitamin A and its precursor.

B Vitamins

Vitamin B complex plays vital role in the production of healthy red blood cells from the bone marrow; they promote the growth of the bones and thus the overall height growth. Dairy products, whole grain cereals, eggs, nuts, poultry, beans, lentils, potatoes and banana are the best known sources of B Vitamins.

Vitamin C

How to grow taller for boys at 18

It encourages collagen synthesis and helps in fighting infections, improving blood circulation. It enhances the growth of bones and thus height gain. Broccoli, Kiwi, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, avocado, Guava and Banana are some of the common Vitamin C sources.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F includes a bunch of Essential Fatty Acids that are vital for production and maintenance of cells thus promoting growth. The main types of EFAs are omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, and they need to be taken with food as the body cannot synthesize them on its own.  Sea fishes like salmon and mackerel are rich in Vitamin F. Olive, canola, grape seed, sesame seeds, flax seeds, avocado, nuts and legumes are rich natural sources of Vitamin F.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K regulates excretion of calcium through urine and thus helps in maintaining proper level of calcium in the body. Leafy green vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, dairy products, egg yolks and green tea offer Vitamin K to the body.


According to a bunch of researches Zinc deficiency can work as a hindrance to grow taller particularly in men. So, it is essential to ensure that you include rich sources of zinc like poultry, beans, whole grains, nuts and dairy products into your regular diet. Oysters contain maximum amount of Zinc compared to any other food.

Other minerals and salts

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A bunch of other minerals and salts like phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, fluoride, Iodine and manganese are also vital for bone growth and height increase. Though these minerals are needed in the body in trace amount, they are indispensable for proper metabolism and growth of the body. Sea fish, nuts, beans, broccoli, banana, strawberries, eggs and dairy products are rich sources of these minerals and salts.

Sleep, a sound sleep is all you need

Getting adequate and sound sleep every night is vital to ensure proper growth at 19. While you are sleeping, your body involves in building and growth activities. So, having the right amount of sleep daily is vital to ensure that your body is able to get the maximum potential height. Getting regular sleep of 8 to 10 hours each night is vital to ensure the best growth. During sleep, Human Growth Hormones are produced in our body, and sound sleep in adequate amount encourages HGH production. So, if you are trying to get taller at 19, first ensure that you are having adequate sleep daily along with the right diet.

Exercises for increasing height at 19

Height increasing exercises can be the best thing that you can do at 19 to grow your height. At this age simple stretching, yoga and free hand exercises can be best for your growth. Do the following daily for adequate time to become taller



Grow taller exercises for teenagers

Lie on your back and bent your knees at 90 degrees placing your feet firmly on the floor. Now pull your Hips and back up with your head down to make a slanting posture. Hold your feet with your hands. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax before repeating. Do this exercise for a minimum of 5 times a day.

Leg stretches

Leg stretches

There are different types of leg stretches and they can be actually effective to ensure the best growth of your long bones. Lie with your back on the floor. Fold one leg up to your stomach as far as possible and hold with your hands. Hold the posture for 5 seconds then release and repeat with your other leg. Do it in a set of 3 for a minimum of 5 repetitions. Another simple leg stretch exercise that can be quite helpful is to stand with your feet more than shoulder apart. Now bend sidewise to touch the thumb of the feet of that side with the hand of the opposite side. Touch and get back to the starting position before repeating for the other side.

Forward fold

Sit on a plain surface with your legs stretched forward. Join your hands above your heads. Now bend from your waist to touch the thumbs of the feet with the help of your hands. Once you touch hold for 1-2 seconds and get back to the starting position. Do this exercise for at least 8-10 times daily.


Yogasanas can be highly effective for boosting growth. For best results they are suggested to be performed under the supervision of a yoga instructor. The following are best suitable for boys at 19.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

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Lie flat on the floor with your face and stomach down. Now try to bend your upper body while taking support with your two hands placed at two sides. Try to keep your hips and thighs as low as possible. Hold the posture for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this asana for at least 5 times a day.


Stand straight on your feet. Now bend straight from your waist to hold the thumbs of your feet with your hands. Hold the posture for 10 seconds and get back to your starting position. Repeat for a minimum of 8 times daily.


Lie flat on your back on the floor. Fold your knees. Fold your elbows and bring your palms beside your ears. Now push your upper body and hips up with the help of your palms and feet. The final posture should look like a half circle. Breathe normally while holding the posture for 15 seconds and then release.

Other exercises

Rope jumping

Rope jumping


How to grow taller during teenage

Rope jumping is a great exercise that can be highly effective in adding a few inches to your height. If you are 19 and wishing to get more height, do rope jumping as much as you can.


Swimming can be a wondrous sport to gain height. Swimming for over 5 hours each week can ensure the best growth for any boy. It not only helps in growing your height but also helps in building and toning your muscles giving you a perfect figure.

Bar hanging

Bar hanging

Bar hanging is a tried and tested method of growing height. Just try hanging from fixed bar with the help of your hands. Once you are comfortable with hanging try to pull your body up as much as possible.



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Running also can be good for increasing height. It stimulates blood circulation in the body and helps the bones to grow to their maximum potential. So, if you cannot opt for the above exercises on a particular day, go running to get the best height.

Lifestyle changes

Apart from having a healthy and nutritional diet, adequate sleep, regular exercises and sports activities as mentioned above, in order to ensure the best growth at 19, boys also need to ensure that they are not subjecting their body to any of the growth stunners. Steroids are proven to work as a growth stunner in teens. However, if you have asthma and you need to take inhalers on a regular basis, discuss with your doctor first if it can have a negative impact on your height. Caffeine is not considered a growth stunner, but it can hinder a good sleep and thus affect growth. On the other hand, smoking has not been found to be a growth stunner, but according to studies, teens who smoke are generally shorter than the non-smokers.

While the above mentioned diet, exercises and activities can actually be highly effective to ensure the best growth in height for boys at 19, it is also important to stay away from some of the things that might affect the growth negatively. As already mentioned, smoking can be counted as a factor that might have a negative impact on growth, apart from smoking, there are also few other things that might affect the normal growth in boys at 19. So, stay away from these factors to ensure the best growth in height,

Weight training can stop your growth

Challenges of being short

While free hand exercising can actually boost your growth at the age of 19, weight training can have a completely negative effect on your growth. Weight training builds muscles which can result into less growth in height. So, when you are 19 and still hoping to grow taller, do never opt for weight training. Also avoid carrying any heavy weight for long, which might have a negative impact on your growth.

Maintain the right weight to ensure the best growth at 19

Being over-weight can affect your growth in height negatively. While it is really important to have proper and nutritional diet to ensure the best growth, it is also important to ensure that your daily food habit is not making you fat. According to studies, boys who are over-weight during their growth phase are generally shorter than the boys with a healthy body weight throughout.

Do not over strain, trust your genetics

Exercising can be really helpful to ensure better growth in height at 19 for boys but over straining your body can actually work negatively in this matter. So, do not over strain yourself and keep in mind that proper diet and exercises can support you best growth but ultimately it is the genes that determine your height.