How to grow taller for boys at 18 – How to grow taller for boys at 19 – Exercises, Foods to grow taller for 18 Year boys

Having a certain height is determined by one’s genes. This is the prime factor which is followed by some more factors like growth and nutrition. It is a common belief that height halts when someone reaches adulthood since our body stops having the natural ability to develop.

18 is an age which marks to be the transition period between childhood and adulthood. During our adolescence period we go through hormonal changes.

You would be happy to know that you can grow 2 to 6 inches more when you are 18. Scientists have proven that there are possibilities of development, though it needs external help.

Methods to choose for improving height at 18

Grow taller activities for teenagers

Our growth stunts by the time we are 16. So now, if you need to improve your height, you have to buckle up and take some speedy measures for your development.

Researches do admit that there are possibilities of growth post adolescence period even if that isn’t quite visible.

  • There are some surgical methods to improve height artificially. Bones are cut and special orthopedic devices are used for extending limbs. The method is expensive, painful and needs time to recover from.
  • There are some herbal methods which are shown on TV and are promised to improve height but FDA doesn’t recommend such herbal medicine as they surely come with side effects.
  • Thus, the best way to improve height is by following some natural methods which include eating healthy, sleeping properly and by following some strict rules like a better lifestyle, exercising, cutting down on addictive substances, etc.

How to improve height at 18?

It is possible for having at increased height at 18, but it surely needs some additional efforts. It is inevitable that proper nutrition is important for further development and that also means improving natural height gain than what we’d have to put efforts for.

Some more factors have to be taken care of when you want to have an improved height at 18. There are some tips to follow which have been jotted down below. Go through them and help yourself get a few more inches in length!

Healthy breakfast

How to grow taller for boys at 19

It is the most important meal of your day. You should fill your stomach and have ashealthy as possible.

Even while packing for gym, carry some nibbles in your bag. Never exercise with an empty stomach, so you must have some fruits or protein bars.

Skipping breakfasts aren’t healthy for your height gain process. Having a healthy breakfast improves metabolism which leaves a positive effect on height.

Start your day with food like Oatmeals and cereals. Make oat porridges with milk and add some dry fruits, raisins, cashews, to make it tastier.

Sometimes have juice, whole grain bread and eggs to switch over. Eggs have vitamin D which improves bones due to their calcium content, while bread and juice are healthy for your body.

Choose cornflakes as it has fiber. Have fruits like bananas and apples, and strawberries would be great too! Oats can be combined with some yogurt and berries, which make another tasty breakfast combo. Remember to have vitamin D and calcium as they improve height.

Proper nutrition

This surely is vital for a healthy body. Maximum amount of people fail to get a proper height due to inadequate nutrition.

You have to have a balanced diet which includes the essential nutrients, as then only your body can be stimulated to have a better height.

Include some zinc, phosphorus and manganese in your routine. Minerals like calcium, zinc and manganese helps you to have build bone tissues and improve blood circulation.

This alternatively improves growth naturally. Include broccoli, spinach, cabbage, prunes, grapes, peaches, carrots, pumpkins, legumes and peanuts in your diet.

Beetroot, carrots, chicken, spinach, papaya, milk, apricots, peats, tomatoes are known to rich with vitamin A, and are essential for overall health.

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Proteins deficiency also leads to irregular body growth.

This might hinder your genetic gain and lead you on having a short height while your parents are tall.

Have food which are rich in protein and let every cell in your body absorb them to function better. Proteins are also known to improve metabolism and even help in DNA replication. Include lentils, beans, tofu, peas, eggs, fish and chicken in your regular diet.

Proper sleep

Adequate sleep plays an important role for overall development. With increasing pressure of education an 18 year old often hinders their sleep regime. But you have to consider this as important as the other methods to grow tall healthily.

If your sleep is disrupted, your body feels fatigued, which alternatively disturbs the secretion of growth hormones. Have some carbohydrates to improve sleep.

These regenerate tissues while you sleep. Make sure you sleep early and wake up too. Human growth hormone, which improves our height, is produced while our body is at rest.

Small meals

Your metabolism is boosted when you replace 3 meals with 6 meals. It is better to have smaller meal at proper intervals, than to have three big meals, which is commonly practiced. Your height is determined by what you eat along with what time you eat.


It is one of the key reasons to improve one’s height. Exercises like skipping, hanging, stretching body by balancing on your toes can be included in your daily workout regime.

Some sport activities like basketball, swimming and football improves height. Yoga is also another alternative when you want improve height at this age. Sprinting at a high speed produces an excess in human growth hormone.

The more you run, the more hormones flow through your body. While sprinting, you have micro fractures in bones, and they heal within a week while your bones go through remodeling and further growth. Stretching is known to increase height by 3 inches if practiced regularly.

Ideal body weight

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excess body weight exerts pressure on our bones and joints.

Thus, obesity can lead to hindrance of a proper height along with other health hazards. Try to exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet to cut down on your fat.

Water consumption

Drink lots of water since it helps you get rid of the toxins and aids digestion. Drinking around 8 glasses of water daily can let you have an improved health.

Avoid smoking and drinking

To have a proper height and an overall health, reduce habits like smoking and drinking. These bring in numerous health problems which includes hindrance of a healthy height as well. 

Post 18 your body starts having lower chances of growth. You have to follow the abovetips healthily in order to see an improved growth. You are also advised to visit a physician for external help if needed.

Once you start following these remedies and yet do not see improvements within 6-12 months, you are asked to visit a doctor who could give you more acute reasons for such a condition.

How to cope up with your height at present

How to grow taller for boys at 17

  • If your height is the aspect which is pulling you back, it is probably also something that it special to you. Every time we feel insecure and inferior about something we lack physically, we should think that it is what makes us different from the rest.
  • There are going to be people who will speak badly of you and make fun. You might also be deprived of joining the basketball team as school, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do other things. That also doesn’t mean that you cannot play basketball on your own, as that too, is game which stimulates your height.
  • Concentrate more on the fact that you need to try and get things in order, rather than sulking about the fact that you have a short height. If you sulk a little longer, you are going to stop all probably chances of getting taller.
  • Learn to stand up for yourself when people try to get to the bad side of you. Talk it out and know how to carry the words you say. Confidence is sexy and it weighs more than anything else.
  • Do the things that define you so that you can have the best of you. Try to look into things which make you amazing and not on things which you physically lack.
  • Talk to a counselor and see what he has to say. He will give you the accurate way of how to love yourself more than criticizing some things we are taught to take up negatively.
  • Finally, learn to hustle. Work hard on the remedies and know that you have tried your best. If they don’t workout, you will be satisfied that you tried. You should also appreciate how God has created you, just like everyone else.