Best tips to wash your hair properly, cleanly

Washing your hair the right way is sure to maintain the quality of the same. However, you have to do the needful in order to help the hair be in the right state. In case you are unable to take care of the hair there can be unnecessary tangling of the same and this is sure to cause severe hair damaging. For the reason it is necessary that you use the right methods and apt process to keep the hair in the best of state ever.

Washing the hair doesn’t means rinsing off the hair with shampoo and pat dry with a towel. It consists of series of steps to follow to protect your hair from many corners of damage.


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Before the application of the shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly with water for a minute or two(Soak your hair with water for a minute). Get the lukewarm water to follow this step, lukewarm water helps to unclog the pores of the scalp.

Do not use shampoo in direct

It is one of the most recommended hair wash tip from many experts. Do not use the shampoo directly on your hair and scalp because the high concentration of the shampoo may damages your hair, mix the shampoo with sufficient amount of water and dilute it. Now use this mixture to wash your head.

Use cold water

Use only cold, cold, cold water on your hair to rinse it, the usage of hot water tends to make the hair strands rough. Though if you take your complete rinse off with lukewarm water, try to end it up with cold water or normal water. Especially make use of the cold water up to a point to remove the conditioner and shampoo by rinsing off. The advantage of rinsing off with cold water is that it aids to close the cuticles and to lock the moisture in each strand.

Do not brush hard

This is one of best hair wash tip from any expert, do not treat your hair harsh with a towel or brush. This way damages the hair and turns it dull and life less. To make it dry, squeeze out the excess water from your hair and leave it for the air to dry naturally or make many small partitions in your hair and smoothly rub each of it with towel, you can make this process while you are free but not in the hurry period.

Oil massage before shampooing

Oiling the hair is a very essential step every must follow before planning the hair wash. Usually hair wash strips out the essential oils from the scalp, so in order to protect the natural oils apply oil at least before an hour. You can choose to apply any oil: coconut, olive or mustard oil.


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Who would love to have detangled and knot-free hair. Detangle your hair before or during shampooing but before rinsing off. It will become tough to remove out the knots when the hair is wet. On the top of that wet hair is more prone to damage and breaks. Divide your hair into few partitions and detangle it. It is one of the important but ignored hair tip.


Massage your scalp in the circular motion with the fingers for several minutes inorder to stimulate the scalp.

Brush your hair

During the hair wash brush your hair to boost the blood circulation in the scalp. It is amazing yet easy tip to control the hair fall and restrict the pore clogging.


When you are done with shampooing,the very step you need to do is conditioning your hair. Apply conditioner to the scalp with the help of a comb for the even application.

Don’t wash the hair everyday

There is no need of over washing the hair. This can indeed spoil the quality and make the hair appear so dull and shine less. In most cases there is no need that you wash your hair everyday. Everyday washing can indeed make the hair feel so rough and lustre less.

Use the right product

At the same time it is even necessary that you make use of the right products to wash the hair. You must be specific about the brand that you are using. The right brand with the apt chemical inclusion will not let the hair get damaged. In the way you can maintain the bulk for years and there would not be unnecessary hair fall and hair damaging.

The shampoo should be done appositely

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The shampoo that you use should be applied only on the scalp. The massaging of the shampoo should be done using a gentle method. Please do not take all your hair on top and keep on scrubbing it. Rough handling of the hair can be damaging. When you pile your hair at once place knots are formed and this will spoil the quality of the hair. You should take the strokes of shampooing down to the ends. In the way the method will work for the hair and help the same stay in the best of state.

It is enough to shampoo the hair once

When you are shampooing your hair there is no need to form the lather. You can cause their rinsing and then repeat the process. Doing shampoo once is enough to make the hair clean. Some people have the notion in applying more shampoo and hair is sure to become so clean and perfect. It is right that you have that clean feel when you shampoo your hair more than once. However, it is good if you can make use of a natural agent. This will help the hair remain clean and at the same time prevent the hair from being damaged.

Only conditioner for curly hair

If you have curly hair there is no need for you to make use of a strong cleaning agent for the hair. You can avoid the process of shampooing the hair completely. This is something unusual but it is important for you to know that curly hair is often very dry. However, in order to fight this dryness you can just wash the hair with conditioner. There is no need of using shampoo in this case.

Please be careful with the conditioner

In case you feel that your scalp is itchy after you have used the shampoo please make sure that you don’t apply the conditioner to the roots of the hair. You can apply the shampoo in the middle part of the hair strand. Then it is time that you comb the hair gently in order to let the conditioner settle down. It is best that you give time to the conditioner to work. This will help the hair get the necessary nourishment. In the way the hair is sure to become clean and soft both at the same time.

Check with the temperature of the water

When washing the hair it is important that you soak the hair completely. Rinsing the hair with water is an essential part of washing. Check with the temperature of the water. The water should not be to hot or too cold or else there are chances of the hair being damaged. In case the water is hot it can really cause stealing of the natural oils. If this happens then the hair is sure to become unnecessarily dry and this will also make the hair shine less.

Egg is a natural hair cleaning agent

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It is also possible that you wash your hair without using shampoo. For this you need to make use of homemade cleaning agents. These are sure to work right for the hair and this way the hair is sure to stay so clean and healthy at the same time. You can simply clean the hair with an egg. This sounds strange but the egg is the best hair cleaner you can use. An egg contains minerals, vitamins band proteins. It also includes other wonderful ingredients and these are components to help the hair become completely clean and beautiful.

Baking soda can clean the hair completely

You can wash the hair with baking soda as well. You should make sure to clean the hair with baking soda at least two times in a month. The soda helps in removing complete dirt from the hair. It also helps in cleaning up the excess sebum. In fact, this is the homemade agent which allows the hair become healthy and shiny both at the same time. You can make a shampoo with baking soda in so many different ways. You just have to know the processes to let the hair stay in the best of state with the usage of the same.

Cleaning the hair with gelatine

You can even clean the hair using gelatine. For this you need to mix the powdered gelatine with water and then you can leave the same for thirty minutes. Within the time the gelatine is sure to get melted. However, make sure to cool the stuff and then use it on the hair. Then it is time that you add two egg yolks to the gelatine agent. After the mixing has been done it is time that you retain the ingredients for at least ten minutes to make the hair appear oil free and shiny.