Best pulse points to apply perfume to last it all the day

You can’t think of always refreshing your body with good smell while being at a party, a get-together or even a formal meeting.

Neither can you splash that expensive brand of your perfume all over to make it last all day. What to do then? Is there an ideal way when it comes to applying a perfume? Yes, surely there is and it will take few minutes for you to learn it!

What are pulse points?

It is generally said that when you apply perfume on the pulse points of the body it is supposed to stay for much longer.

These pulse points can be described as the areas where the blood vessels are closest to the skin of the body. These veins might also be visible through naked eyes, just like it is on our inner wrists.

There are many other pulse points on our body, if you want to emit good fragrance then do spray these areas!

Inner elbows

Pulse points to apply perfume

This one of the most effective pulse points to apply perfume. Generally, it is thought that there is no use of putting the scent at the jointing areas.

As, these portions are more likely to sweat and the perfume will not work on them! However, the truth is that the perfume makes that odor coming from sweat less effective.

Inner wrist area

Pulse points emit heat that helps in making the fragrance of the perfume spread in the air. And wrists are one such point that can make the fragrance keep revolving around you.

No matter whether you extend the hand to greet someone or to just pick a glass or water, you will smell as good as before!


There are two reasons that support the fact that you should spray the perfume on your strands. One is that that the hair fibers hold the fragrance for long, it doesn’t get worn off so easily.

Secondly, whenever someone meets and greets you, it is more likely that they come close to your hair while hugging or kissing. Hence, your scent will directly reach them through this route.

Around the calves

Diwali decoration lights It’s very clear that heat allows the scent to spread more. This is why calves also turn out to be good effective points to spray perfume that lasts long.

Mainly because as you walk there is friction between the legs creating some sort of warmth making the scent flow around.

Behind the knees

How to use perfume to make it last

The back of the knees are very soft and smooth. Especially in summers, this area does wonders when sprayed with perfume if you are wearing short dress or any other knee length garment.

How to apply?

  • It is very important that you keep the perfume bottle 5 to 6 inches far from the body to start spraying.
  • Liquid perfume can be dabbed and applied by gentle rubbing over the plus points.
  • The key is not spraying too much at a single time. You can spray on right points first and re-spray after sometime if you feel the need to do so.

How to make it last day?

  • This is a common problem that the perfume’s effect goes out with passage of time experienced by women with dry skin often.
  • You can overcome this problem by properly moisturizing the skin in advance. Make sure that you use an unscented moisturizing cream before damping the perfume onto the body.
  • The scent should never be rubbed roughly over the skin. Basically because rubbing breaks the molecules of the perfume, ultimately making it get away in air easily.
  • Always store your perfume at the right place and never in a bathroom. Placing it there makes it vulnerable to damage caused by humidity and heat.
  • Another trick to make it last long, apart from applying it on the plus points is putting Vaseline cream before putting on perfume. It will help in holding on the scent for long.

People often come across the situation when their expensive perfume bottle gets emptied after only few uses. You can follow these tips and make sure you cover the pulse points like writs, behind the ear area and elbows too.

After having checked all the areas, you can think of just making a spray around the cloths as well. But keep a check you have kept the bottle at a good distance; so that it does the spoil your clothes while making you smell perfect!