How eating of okra or ladys finger or bhindi is useful for health


Bhindi helps to fight against diabetes. The fiber it contains aids in stabilizing blood sugar level by delaying sugar absorption from the intestines.

Stops anemia

The iron content in okra helps the to hemoglobin in the body and stops anemia. Vitamin K assists in body-fluid coagulation.


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Okra or lady finger’s  is one of the best vegetable sources of dietary fiber which is absolutely vital for the digestive system. Dietary fibers in okra help avert and ease constipation. The soluble fiber in okra absorbs water and adds mass to the body thereby preventing constipation.

Weight decrease

The dietary fibers contained in this  vegetable are best for those who are on their weight reduction regime. Lady’s finger comprises of no calories, therefore is good for weight loss.

Colon cancer

By cleansing out the intestinal tract, Lady’s Finger is able to advance colon health by permitting the organ to work at a higher rate of effectiveness and decrease the risk of colon cancer.

Heart disease

Soluble fiber in lady’s finger or okra helps to reduce serum cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Having okra helps to effectively control the body’s high cholesterol level. Okra is furthermore high in pectin that helps in lowering high body-fluid cholesterol by changing the output of bile in the intestines.

Good for immune system

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The high Vitamin content in Lady’s finger helps battle cold and improves the overall functioning of the immune system. The Vitamins and numerous minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron in lady’s finger fights against harmful free radicals and enhances the functionality of the  immune system.

Hair problems

Okra or lady’s  finger can furthermore help get your hair back to its original state, free from dandruff. For bouncy hair, boil water and add okra in it, allow it to get to room temperature, squeeze half a lemon and use this solution as a hair rinse. Professionals say that it can even help in getting rid of lice.

Good for eyesight

Vitamin A and beta carotene discovered in okra’s are absolutely vital nutrients for sustaining good eyesight. In supplement, these essential nutrients furthermore help stops eye associated problems such as cataracts. The Vitamin A promotes health of the eyes and defends against age associated eye disorders.

Fetus development

The high allowance of folate contained in lady’s finger or okra is beneficial for the fetus during pregnancy. Folate is an essential nutrient which advances the development of the fetus body. The high allowance of folic acid in lady’s finger or okra plays a significant role in the neural tube formation of the fetus through the 4th to 12th week of pregnancy.


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Antioxidants in Bhindi or Okra helps in fighting the tendencies of asthma or breathlessness. The vegetable also contains a lot of vitamin C and your asthmatic tendencies lower in frequencies and severity when you take this regularly.

Bone strength

Okra contains folate that helps in building bone density and gives you field to fight osteoporosis. The stronger bones give your body more agility.

Mental function improvement

The Vitamin B9 that is present in the Ladies Finger helps your brain to function in a better way. Folate and B9 vitamin helps improve your mental strength and keeps away old age symptoms to set in mentally.

Consumption of okra

You must find the right way to consume this vegetable. The okra comes in various sizes but you need to choose the smaller ones that are soft and easy to bend. The tender ones are better equipped to keep you healthy. The ones that are not very fibrous and are fresh will bring the desired effects on your health. Buy organic okra as it can be affected by the pesticides. If you cannot find organic ones then you must soak the vegetable in water for 10 minutes. Add some apple cider vinegar and salt to take off any chemicals present in them.

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Cut the top portion that is hat like in shape and then cut them in circular pieces. Make the length at 2 – 3 inches. You can steam them, blanch or stir fry to reduce the mucilage effects. Add these healthy veggies to any salad or mix with sauce to eat them after stir frying. These low calorie food has got no cholesterol or saturated fat. The mucilage part within Okra helps in better peristalsis of the digested food. You will find Okra is eaten stewed or mixed with other vegetables and meat also. Okra is prepared as a soup and eaten with fish in Caribbean Islands. Stew of beef and okra is popular in Egypt.

The pods of Okra give you folates and are good when you have conceived. This helps in defects that often seen in the offspring. This vegetable is a rich source of B-complex vitamins like niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and thiamine. It also contains vitamin K and minerals like iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. The vegetable is good for many health benefits and you must keep this in your diet to keep fit in a simple way.