Reasons to stop soft sodas and how to stop them

Soft sodas are loved by all. It is sweet and very tasty, thus allure people of all ages to quench their thirst especially on hot summers for while making mocktails, cocktails etc. But consuming a high volume of soft drinks can usher serious health issues including kidney damage, weight gain, diabetes stage II, and more.

According to a recent study, Americans consume around 57 gallons of soft drinks in a year which is life threatening. The growth of consuming this tasty drink has increased over the past years withstanding the awareness campaigns and propagandas often arranged from the medical clinics and camps.

Let’s have a quick look at the viable reasons to stop drinking soft sodas

Save your health

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Those of you passionate about drinking a bottle of soft sodas soon after reaching back home from the sun or during the lazy moments- make sure instead of cooling down your body, you are actually welcoming serious troubles. In future, this habit of consuming the sweetener and phosphorous acid added drink will take a toll on your health.

Premature aging, excessive weight gaining, damaging teeth and many more threatening apathies are associated with the over consumption of the soft sodas.

Avoid the sugary drink

Minimum 10 teaspoons of sugar are equivalent to a single can of soft soda. Thus, consuming a single can skyrocket the sugar level in your body. Those of you who consume such drinks daily and more than one can are easily weakening the insulin power inside your body. In the near future, there will be chances when you will be detected with diabetes. In many worst cases, such as in Diabetes II, people have to inject insulin directly as all oral medicines fail to control the raising sugar levels in their bodies.

Besides diabetes, excessive intake of sugar reduces the body immunity hormones created by our various glands. Thus, doctors always suggest staying away from taking excess sugar in tea, coffee or even for adding food while cooking. Sugar also increases body weight, which is very easy to put on but very challenging to shed. Thus, if you are in a health regime or thinking to lose weight, stop taking soft sodas whether regular or diet right now.

Artificial sweeteners are harmful

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Diet soft sodas contain aspartame as a sugar substitute. This is an artificial element that can cause harm to your health. From a recent study, it has been found that aspartame can cause seizures, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, emotional disorders, diabetes, blood pressure and more. The element breaks to form

In diet sodas, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar, and can actually be more harmful. It has been linked to almost a hundred different health problems including seizures, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, diabetes, and emotional disorders. It converts to methanol at warm temperatures and methanol breaks formaldehyde and formic acid when kept in warm. This element also causes various health hazards. Along with all these apathies, soft sodas increase the metabolic issues and responsible for health issues like high blood sugar, cholesterol and tummy fat layering.

Contains phosphoric acid

For the bubbles, phosphoric acid is added in the soft sodas during manufacturing. But this element absorbs the calcium drastically causing to serious issues like cavities, bone softening, osteoporosis and more. The acid also hampers the digestive system, causing stomach acid and by blocking the nutrient supply in the body.

Caffeine is added to soft sodas

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Along with different ingredients mixed together while preparing the soft sodas, a certain amount of caffeine is added to the drinks. Many women suffer from breast lumps and cancers because of this element which may not be that refined to sustain. Along with that, both men and women can be diagnosed with cancers, respiratory problems, high blood pressure and so on-if they are attacked by the crude caffeine elements from the soft sodas they are consuming daily, without knowing it.

So, if you are allergic to caffeine or strictly want to stay healthy, avoid drinking the soft sodas whether cola, orange, mango, lime or in whichever flavor they are bottled and sold in the market.

Non-filtered water

You never know whether the company manufacturing the soft sodas is using filtered water or not. Mostly, tap water is used in the soda manufacturing process that contains chloride, metal particles, and fluoride. Therefore, consumption of the excessive amount of soft sodas daily can cause serious stomach infection problems. After a certain time, this can mess up your bowel systems. So, beware of drinking cans of soft sodas to freshen up quickly.

Teeth are at risk

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You may suffer from plaque and teeth cavities for consuming the soft drinks of any flavor. The sweetening ingredient and phosphoric acid used for the fizz are responsible for destroying the teeth bases. Always wash your mouth after drinking the soft sodas to protect your teeth from these serious issues.

A few tips to stop soft soda consumption

If you are convinced about stop consuming the soft drinks then we have a couple of tips to share. You can try these pointers to step out of the habit drinking the canned soft sodas to quench your thirst and freshen up. There are some healthy ways of hydrating whenever you feel like opening up a fizzy bottle or can of soft soda.

Opt for healthier alternative

There is always an alternative way of everything. So, you can also get a better alternative to the soft sodas, if you can accept it for the sake of your health. Opt for a glass of fresh, filtered and chilled water to quench your thirst. If you drink a lot of water instead of the soda, you can definitely please your thirst equally.

Lemon water

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Try lime water instead of the soft soda made with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Fresh lime water is very good for your health. It makes you fresh and keep you abstain from increasing weight. At the same time, the metabolic system is highly supported by the lime water. You can add a pinch of salt or and a half teaspoon of sugar while having it after coming from the sun. if you have an excessive sweating issue, the water will help you as a glucose substitute and make you feel fresh instantly.

Made up your mind

When you have decided to stop soft soda, made up your mind to do it in reality. Prepare a routine and follow it stringently. But don’t make it very strict for you. Give it some time you will possibly reach the goal of quitting soft sodas gradually.

Drink minimum 2-3 can per week

Initially, don’t torture yourself for not having a single sip of the favorite soft soda. Ever since you have decided to quit soft drinks, try it slowly. Instead of taking a can seven days a week, choose three days and don’t exceed it.

Thus, by trying these rules you can possibly stop consuming the viscous soft sodas which have nothing to do in contributing to your benefits rather than its enticing flavor and fizz.