Reasons to stop drinking diet soda & how to stop it

In a very short while diet sodas manufactured and marketed by popular international brands have been well accepted not only among the youngsters but also the people of all ages. The diet sodas; as they term it, is meant to be containing less calorie and other elements that are pretty much threatening for people in a weight loss regime. This is one of the most viable reasons behind the growing popularity of the diet sodas. Not with standing the fact, it also tastes great!

But under this pretty picture, something serious lies beneath. There are various health issues that can be caused with the over consummation of the soft drinks. After a constant research, we have successfully jotted the reasons for stop drinking the diet soda, which is threatening to your health. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons and justify,

Weight gain

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Those of you having the diet soda with the hope that it contains balanced calorie and that would help you best during the weight loss regime, you are living in a trance. As a matter of fact, the soft drinks or sodas contain the elements that are enough to increase the waistline of the people having it at a regular rate.

In a recent research, at the American Diabetes Association, it has been confirmed that diet sodas are increasing the waistline at around 70% than those who don’t consume the soft sodas. For them, the diet soda is on top of the list of “metabolism death foods”.

The visceral fat in the center of the human bodies led to serious health issues gradually. This often attacks the cardiovascular systems and diabetes 2. Women with larger waistlines often suffer from breast cancer and gallbladder syndromes. Things can get worst and can lead to surgery as well if the weight is not controlled in time.

Weakening of bones

Diet soda has the ingredients to weaken the bones. From a recent research, it has been known that a section of the people suffering from brittle bones or osteoporosis has a craving for the diet sodas.  A study says that a certain section of diet cola fans are suffering from the osteoporosis more than that of the non-cola soft drink lovers.

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But this doesn’t mean that no chances of threats remain in the non-cola products. So, beware of the drinks and protect your precious bones by avoiding the soft drinks claiming to have dietary ingredients in that.

Exposure to BPA and high blood pressure

According to a recent analysis, people of all ages drinking the soda from cans and plastic bottles are increasing the syndrome of BPA or Bisphenol A. the industrial chemicals containing in the cans and plastic bottles are responsible for scattering health issues such as cancer, prostate gland enlargement of fetuses, affecting the brains of infants and kids and causing equal health troubles to the adults as well.

The blood pressure of the people can also increase, unlike the usual rate because of the daily consumption of the soft drinks. Many people with the habit of taking the diet sodas are now suffering from severe hypertension and high blood pressure problems.

Cancer issues

Though the brands selling the sodas claim to use the caramel color for the drinks, but reality is something different. Despite claiming for using the natural colors in the diet sodas, the manufacturers are actually coloring the drinks by heating ammonia and sulfites in the form of compounds known carcinogens.

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From different lab tests, it has been concluded that the artificial and chemical based colors in the diet sodas can lead to liver and lung cancers, tumors in the stomach, thyroid and even cause skin diseases if not properly treated. Many have already suffered from acute pancreatic disorders lack of appetite and sleeplessness. To a certain extent, the chemicals can also affect the hormones that maintain the body systems.

Fast aging

To preserve the shelf lives of the both regular and diet sodas, many phosphoric acids are used. But the consumers have to suffer the worst as the phosphoric acids have the capacity to affect the liver, kidney, heart and loss of muscles. Thus, this can reduce the brightness of the smile and gradually make you look old if you are drinking the diet sodas daily and at a large volume.

Diabetes type 2

Though the companies claim that the diet soft drinks have a limited amount of sugar contents and they use all natural ingredients, but in reality, it has been tested that many people are suffering from diabetes type 2 by trusting the manufacturers. From the artificial sweeteners, the consumers are suffering the worst.

How to stop it?

Try coffee or tea instead

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If you are willing to stay away from the diet sodas, don’t be drastic from day 1. It is the caffeine that charges you up and you need that. Therefore, instead of choosing the diet colas or soft drinks, opt for green or herbal teas. Black coffee with a pinch of sugar in that can also solve the purpose without any doubt.

Opt for a medical checkup

If you have developed a habit of drinking the soda daily to feel energetic, you might be suffering from serious low blood sugar problems. Opt for a medical checkup and ask the doctor for a diabetes test. Make sure that the sugar level is balanced so that you may not have to suffer.

Look for alternative refreshment which is natural and healthy

Instead of having fresh lime soda in the canned or bottled packs, opt for the natural lime juice at home. Add a pinch of mint leaves and a spoonful of sugar, you will definitely find it relaxing and detoxification.

These are some of the reasons that you should consider if you are consuming diet soft sodas or drinks daily. Check out the ways to stop the habit and live a fabulous life ahead!