Symptoms of baby girl during pregnancy

Let me tell you that we have our grandma tales and beliefs or myths with which we can always predict if it’s a baby girl whom we should welcome. However, these are mostly myths and happens to few of the to be moms and doesn’t connect to few others.

That is basically because of the hormonal balance or imbalance during the pregnancy that differs in every individual woman.

Also the nature of the body of the woman as its unique for everyone. But still, I am sure most of us always love to connect ourselves with our elders assumptions in this matter. Let us see the signs and symptoms of baby girl here:

Signs during your pregnancy that proves you are going to have a baby girl.

Skin and body signs that show you are going to have a baby girl

Symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy

There are a number of things that your body undergoes when you conceive a baby. If it is a baby girl, you would probably have the following body transformations:

  1. Spotty and dull skin: When you conceive a baby girl, it is said that you develop skin acnes and spots. You might experience thinking of hair and deteriorating skin texture.
  2. If you look at the mirror and your eyes don’t dilate: Look at the mirror for one minute and see if your eye is dilating. If it doesn’t, you are going to give birth to a baby girl.
  3. V shaped nerve: Pull your eyelids down and see if find a v shaped nerve. If 8t is there, you are going to have a baby girl.
  4. Stretch marks: Carrying a baby girl means getting more number of stretch marks towards your lower abdomen.
  5. A baby girl feels heavier: Hence, carrying a baby girl would mean a more weighted mother during pregnancy.

Next, we talk about food habits

  1. Not the crust: If you see that the pregnant woman is going for the slice in between and not the crust of the bread or cake she is about to eat, she is going to welcome a baby girl.
  2. Sweet cravings: If you like eating sweets while you are pregnant, you are going to have a baby girl at home.
  3. If smelly foods don’t smell anymore: They say that when you are carrying a baby girl, food that generally is smelly to you doesn’t smell so much anymore. If the smart happens to you, you are pregnant with a girl child.

Other sayings that prove that it is going to be a baby girl

Apart from some of these scientific reasons, there can be other indications that prove that it is a baby girl:

Symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy

  1. Your husband takes more interest in your pregnancy: When you see that your husband takes more interest than you in your pregnancy, it is going to be a baby girl. Dad’s love their daughters the most. This shows from the very first day.
  2. You feel warm in general: You don’t feel dry or cold. You feel normal and warm at times. Baby girls tend to bother mommies a bit more when they are in the womb. If you feel regular kicks, it might be your angel.
  3. The palm theory: There is an old and popular saying that when someone asks to show your hands during pregnancy, and you show them your hands with the palm on the upper side, it is going to be a baby girl.
  4. Shoe size: While you are pregnant, if you notice a change in your shoe size, your feet seems bigger, it is a probability that you are going to have a baby girl at home.

Position of tummy

It is said that the girl babies tend to be growing in the upper part as mostly it is seen the upper tummy to be grown.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is also very high when compared with the pregnancy with boy babies. There is a saying that this also happens because of the hormones that the girl baby carries.

Chinese calculation

Adding the age of the to be mom, to the number of month she conceived in, if the number is odd, decorate the room for a princess.

Food craving signs of baby girl

If the to be mom gets more craving for sweet dishes instead of any spicy foods, it can be predicted to be girl baby.

Heartbeat speed sign of baby girl

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During the ultrasound scanning, when the doctor examines the heartbeat of the baby from the womb, if it’s more than 140 times a minute, chances are more to welcome a pretty girl baby.

Skin acne

If you may find blisters and rashes on your skin, you may expect a baby girl. They also say that the girl baby steals all the beauty from the mom.

Mood swings symptom

Yes, you read it correct. There will be high amount of mood swings for the lady during pregnancy with girl baby. Usually, there are always mood swings for a woman because of the hormonal changes on a daily basis. However, these are said to be more and quick mood swings with all kind of moods.

Sleep position

If you feel like sleeping more towards your right side, it is said to be a girl baby who may be positioned towards the left side of the tummy.

Hair texture symptom

As I early mentioned that the old moms say that the girl baby in the womb steals the beauty of the mom, the hair will become thin and dull. This indicates a girl baby carriage.

Size of the boobs

When you see a drastic change in the size, it is expected to be a girl baby inside. While for a boy baby, it is not even noticeable change in the size.

Clumsy or Graceful

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If the to be mom is going to be graceful during the entire pregnancy, it can also be a sign to assume a girl baby into the world.

Urine colour sign

If the urine color is a dull yellow color, it is also added to the signs or symptoms for a pretty girl inside.

Well, all the above mentioned baby girl symptoms symptoms are just myths. However, they really worked well with most of the women. Same time, they also did not work for few of them. After all, most of these changes causes due to the hormonal changes that every woman undergoes during pregnancy.

It is just that the frequency or the tendency can be more or less, which again depends on the nature of the body. So, dear beautiful ladies out there, and the relatives and the friends who read this article, you can always predict whom should you welcome on the delivery date.

Yet, please be ready to enjoy the surprise visit of that new family member. And the ladies, please be healthy and happy imagining all you can, to welcome the new surprise into your life.